What are Some of the Best Gifts for Men from Orvis?

Written by: Phil Monahan

Web Content Specialist Sarah Snell likes to buy her husband the Flat Creek Shirt.

My wife is always complaining that buying gifts for men is really difficult. Unfortunately, she’s got a dad, three, brothers, and me to buy for.

“You can just get me jewelry, if you can’t think of anything else,” she argues. “There’s no equivalent for men.”

So I asked a few women in our office to see which Orvis products they’ve bought as gifts for the men in their lives, gifts that went over very well with the recipient. The answers ranged from snappy shirts and jackets to socks and even a holiday item. If you need to buy something for a man in your life, consider these woman-tested options.

Invincible Extra Boot Socks

I bought Invincible Extra Boot Socks for my husband in 2010 as a stocking stuffer. He is particularly tough on socks, and these have remained free of holes and wear. The only reason I need to buy more is to prolong the time between wash days; that’s my gift to me.

—Nancy P. Perkins,
Inventory Manager Home and Pet

Trout Bum Quarter Zip

I’m smitten by a trout bum and the whole Trout Bum Collection. Just about every piece is really handsome in a trout-bum kind of way, yet it is also work-appropriate and sharp. Since my husband works for Orvis and has stocked up on certain pieces on his own, I decided that my dad had to enjoy a piece of the Trout Bum Collection. My dad is an outdoor guy, and while his main sport is hunting and not fishing, I figured that the Trout Bum Quarter Zip is versatile enough for whatever he is getting into these days. And I was right. He loved it.

—Erin McEnaney, Human Resources

Cascade Bone-dry Jacket

My Dad showed up to Vermont (from Texas) a couple weekends ago with no coat at all. It was already pretty chilly, and raining off and on. Knowing I wasn’t going to drag him inside to shop, I took a chance and bought him the Cascade Bone-dry Jacket, and am so happy with how much he is enjoying my selection. He says it’s “simple,” “nice looking,” “warm,” and “keeps you dry.” That’s what you need in a coat, right? I learned later that I am now the THIRD one of my female friends to purchase this coat for my father.

—Kathleen Moore, Social Media Manager

The World’s Easiest Tree Stand

I think putting up the tree used to be my husband’s least favorite part of Christmas because it was always such a pain. Ever since I bought him The World’s Easiest Tree Stand, I can actually convince him to put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. It truly is an awesome product.

—Katie Bentley, Catalog Merchandising Analyst

Firehole Grid Fleece

Since I started working here, and especially since he started guiding for Orvis this past summer, my husband Dylan has been head-to-toe Orvis – clothes and gear. I literally can’t go wrong. Two of his favorites to layer up when he’s out on the river are the Flat Creek Shirt and the Firehole Grid Fleece. And he looks darn good wearing them!

—Sarah Snell, Web Content Specialist

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