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Photos of the Day: Banging the (Red) Drum in Florida

Written by: Scott Graham, North Park Anglers

That’s a big fish for a guy from Colorado.
All photos by David Mangum

I was recently in Panama City Beach, Florida, and looked up David Magnum of Shallow Water Expeditions to go fishing for a day. Dave had an opening and was able to put me on a few. . .


Photos of the Day: One-Piece Lone-Star Redfish

Written by: Phil Monahan

Capt. Bryan Robinson shows of a fine Texas redfish taken on the new one-piece Helios 2.
Photos courtesy Capt. Bryan Robinson,

The new Helios 2 one-piece rods are starting to make their way out on the water more and more, and the reviews have been nothing short of spectacular. Capt. Bryan Robinson—who guides for. . .


Photo of the Day: A First Permit in Mexico

Written by: Phil Monahan

Robb Scott, who guides for WorldCast Anglers, landed this beauty in Mexico last week.
Photo Courtesy Robb Scott

Working as a guide for WorldCast Anglers in Idaho and Wyoming, Robb Scott has plenty of opportunities to catch big trout, but he had his sights set on something more elusive when. . .


Photo of the Day: Of Young Men and Permit

Written by: Joseph Pinkard, Orvis Travel

Andrew fishes hard, and his dedication paid off with this Belize permit last week.
Photo by Joseph Pinkard

This is Andrew, who broke a couple rods and out-fished everyone on last week’s Belize Bonefish Bonanza at El Pescador. Andrew is already a hardcore angler at 15 years old, and he follows. . .


Photos of the Day: A Chance Permit of a Lifetime in The Bahamas

Written by: Jeremy Kehrein, Orvis Travel Sporting Travel Program Manager

Bob Cosgriff is all smiles after landing this incredible permit.
Photos courtesy Bob Cosgriff

Frequent Orvis Travel customer Bob Cosgriff was on the outer islands of the Bahamas looking for large bonefish and found this fish of a lifetime. Bob says they had tough weather the whole. . .


Pro Tips: Embracing Beach Fishing in Warmer Climes

Written by: Robert Morselli

Filmmaker RC Cone posted a great series of photos about beach fishing in Mexico.
Photo by RC Cone

There are times when you just can’t get to your ideal fishing spot. Travel constraints, time constraints, change of plans and so on. On those occasions, I hit the beach. Casting from a. . .