Go, Oso, Go!

Written by: Daryl Kenny

Oso tries out his new wheels
Photo by HSPPR

Talk about a dog’s life! Little Oso has met with more than his share of bad breaks. His hind legs were paralyzed as the result of an accident. His family couldn’t deal with his health problems and left him at a shelter which lacked the resources to care for him.

But this is where his luck began to change. Oso was taken in by the Humane Society of the Pike’s Peak Region, where a grant from the Petfinder Foundation (funded by Orvis and their customers) helped to get Oso a wheelchair and other special equipment he needed. Soon he was tearing around like any other high-spirited pup!

Oso meets his new best friend
Photo by HSPPR

And here’s the best part: HSPPR has a special screening process for dogs with disabilities. Oso was adopted by a family with another wheelchair-bound dog, Shayla. Now Oso not only has a loving home, but a best bud to race up and down the halls! That’s what we call a happy ending!

Oso and Shayla race down the halls of HSPPR
Photo by HSPPR

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