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Photos: A Lunch Date with Some Woodcock in Vermont

Written by: Scott McEnaney, Orvis Eastern ELOG Director

Diesel (left) and Ghillie are all smiles after their first time out for woodcock this year.
Photos by Scott McEnaney

The dogs were looking at me with eager eyes on Monday morning. They watched me head to the field a couple of times over the weekend…but I wasn’t bringing them along. It was opening of archery season here in Vermont, and it wasn’t anything. . .


Photos: Gals with Guns in Montana

Written by: Phoebe Bean

The 2014 “Ladies’ Hunt” crew poses at Sharptail Lodge.
Photo by Brandon Boedecker

I cannot think of anything more rewarding than to hunt alongside exceptional guides, dear friends, and talented bird dogs. For five years now, my godmother has organized a three-day. . .


Photos of the Day: Lower Brule Pheasants

Written by: Paul Range, Orvis District Manager-Retail

Orvis District Managers Paul Range (left) and TJ Roy pose with the spoils of a great hunt.
Photo courtesy Paul Range

My fellow District Manager, TJ Roy, and I had a great pheasant hunt on the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe Reservation in South Dakota last week. Public land and. . .