A Passion For Grouse Limited Edition

This leather-bound edition of "A Passion for Grouse" is the perfect gift for the avid bird hunter.


Only 250 embossed and leather-bound collector's editions, complete with matching slip case, have been created. Orvis managed to exclusively secure numbers 50 through 65; each heirloom-quality book signed and numbered by the principal contributors. At more than 560 pages, this is the biggest book about Ruffled Grouse ever published. Overflowing with impressive photography and first-rate writing from today's renowned experts on grouse biology, dogs, guns, hunting strategies and tactics. Evocative regional essays cover the contemporary upland scenes from the ancient stone walls and apple orchards of New England, to the rhododenrons and grapevine tangles of the Appalachians, to the tag alders and poplars of the Great Lakes. Edited by Thomas R. Pero, introduction by Steve Smith, and featuring the photography of Dale C. Spartas and Timothy C. Flanigan. Leather and paper. Imported.


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