Catskill Kennels, NY

Orvis-Endorsed Hunting Dog Trainer in Long Eddy, New York

Catskill Kennels, NY


We are an all-breed gun-dog training facility, specializing in hunting companions.

What are the best ages for training?

This is not a simple answer; it all depends on the dog that is being trained, and is dependent upon drive, confidence, and maturity level. Most can start in the field around 8 months of age, but some much later.

Our puppy program

Our flusher and retriever puppy program is to encourage the dog to search out game and retrieve to hand in a fun manner. Basic obedience is also a must at this point. We also introduce the whistle in this stage, and encourage a soft mouth.

For the pointers, we allow them to point naturally by utilizing a lot of strong flyers. If you allow them to trap birds, it will hamper their point.

Our started dog program

We work on the turn whistle, we introduce the gun, work on line manners and patience, and range. We work on their marking ability and instilling confidence so that the dog is ready for its first hunting season and we reinforce all the training we introduced in the puppy program. In the latter stages, we lay the groundwork for steady to wing and shot. Pointing dogs are very similar to the flushers with the exception that we are going to work to make the dog more staunch to point and working in comfortable hunting range. Just as with the flushers, we are laying the groundwork for steady to wing and shot and the retrieve to hand.

Our finished dog program

Retrievers and flushers are going to be steady to wing and shot; we start to work on multiple and blind retrieves. We also like to work on the wind usage, teaching the dog to utilize the wind to their advantage. The retrieve is to hand, clean and soft at this point.

Pointers are going to be steady to wing and shot, they are going to hunt inside the hunter's range, be whistle broken, whoa broken, and will point with style. They will learn to utilize the wind and retrieve to hand.

What is provided during training?

All training packages are all-inclusive (board, food, birds).

What you need to send with your dog

We require a clean bill of health, updated vaccinations records to include bordetella as well as the name and contact of your personal vet, as well as an emergency contact other then you. We also require the current heartworm and flea and tick medication for the time the dog will be with us. If your dog requires special food (dietary, allergies) then you must also bring enough for the stay.

Specific breeds that we train

All pointing, flushing, and retrieving breeds.

Dog evaluation period

Evaluations can be made within 2 weeks but can take a month, depending on how well the dog acclimates to the new setting.

Our training grounds

Our training fields consist of various types of cover—natural and planted grasses, woods for grouse hunters, and ponds for retrievers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the dogs going to remember me when they come home?
Absolutely. It will be as if they never left.

Do you use an electronic training collar?
Only with permission from the owner and only used when necessary. We always start without one, but when necessary and used properly, it’s an effective training tool.

What do you feed?
We use only Purina Pro Plan performance for all life stages.

How long is the training?
We recommend 3 months. This allows for the trainer to build a bond and train the dog without excessive pressure. Rushing normally does not give you the best product.


    Catskill Kennels
    Orvis-Endorsed Hunting Dog Trainer
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