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Central Oregon Sporting Dog, OR


For over 20 years, Tim Curry has been professionally training pointers and flushers to be top producers in the field. He has been Wingshooting Manager at two of the nation's top wingshooting destinations, and has been involved in training and breeding of what many would refer to as the best dogs anywhere. As the owner of Central Oregon Sporting Dog, Tim has professionally trained a good number of dogs hunting the fields of Central Oregon and beyond. His passion for both the dogs and the sport of wingshooting are unequaled. His resume, including decades of experience, speaks for itself. The Curry family is also known throughout the Pacific Northwest for their German shorthaired pointers. Whether you're looking for help training your current bird dog or you're in the market for a new pup, give Central Oregon Sporting Dog a call.

What are the best ages for training?

From our Puppy Program to our Finished Dog Program we list approximate recommended ages for dogs to begin the training process. However, I would like to point out that dog training, from start to finish, is all about finding the right balance between giving the dog enough to learn and progress without overloading or causing confusion. Age can have a lot to do with this and, preferably, we want the pup or dog to be a confident, outgoing student. Some dogs can take more pressure at a younger age than others and advance quickly. Some are softer and may shut down using the same regimen that worked for the previous dog. Letting the softer dog have more time to age and get comfortable with the world around him is often the right thing to do.

This softer student may also require a completely different technique to get the same end result. As a trainer, you need to be able to read the dog, understand his body language and find that balance no matter the age of the dog.

Our puppy program

For our Puppy Head Start Program we recommend 4 to 6 months of age for the average pup. The program is built around birds, birds, and more birds! We also introduce your pup to basic obedience and commands. More importantly, this 30-day program is designed to make sure your future hunting companion gets off to the right start. It is all about building confident, outgoing pups that will advance rapidly later, when formal training begins.

Our started dog program

The recommended age for our 90-day Pointing Dog Program is six months to one year. We guarantee upon completion of our program that your dog will know and perform on command "Here," "Heel," and "Whoa," and to quarter. Your dog will also know all the corresponding whistles for these commands. Your dog will point instinctively, retrieve instinctively and will be introduced to the gun. If your dog comes to us a bold, confident individual that has been well socialized, he will also leave this program steady to wing.

Our finished dog program

Our finished dog program is recommended for dogs one-to-two years of age. It is designed for the dog that has been through our other training regimens and has had one or more hunting seasons of exposure. This program is more of a customized option, usually taking approximately one month's time. This is where we can take your dog to the highest level of training: steady to wing, shot, and fall. This one-month option is also where we address any small problems the dog has acquired or, in some cases, the owner has allowed to develop or created.

What is provided during training

We provide everything required while taking your dog to the next level of training. We ensure a positive, clean, and healthy environment. We feed high-quality food to make sure your dog can perform at his highest level. All birds, training tools, and aids are all-inclusive while your dog is here. All you need to do is bring us desire. We will grow, nurture, and increase that desire during your dog's time with us, as well as put a handle on it!

Specific breeds that we train

We train all breeds, and specialize in pointing dogs, but have decades of expertise in flushing and retrieving breeds. We also breed some of the finest Labrador retrievers you will find anywhere.

Dog evaluation period

The first two weeks your dog is here with us, we are getting to know and building a relationship with them. We are also taking a detailed look at your dog's instincts, desire, and personality. This is a period where we determine that your dog was born with all the right stuff required to sculpt them into a word class-hunting dog.


Central Oregon Sporting Dog
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Tim Curry
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