DC Dodger Kit

This kit makes fly-tying poppers easy. Made in USA.


"Walkin' the dog" is one of the most effective actions for attracting fish, and up until now it has been tough to accomplish with a fly. This simple fly tying poppers kit is designed to tie "walk the dog" type poppers as well as additional convertible tube flies that can be fished on their own. Each fly tying kit has almost everything to tie these great surface poppers along with easy step-by-step instructions. Includes: 1 Large Dodger Disk, 1 Small Dodger Disk, Special 3/32" Hard Tubing, Silicon Junction and Cavity Tubing, Ballast Weight Wire, Tail Support Hollow Tubing, Tying Tube Mandrel, 5 dodger heads, white, black, green, orange, yellow. Use synthetic yak hair for tails and cactus chenille for bodies. Coat heads with Liquid Fusion. Made in USA.


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