Goodbye Kennels, GA

Orvis-Endorsed Hunting Dog Breeder in Newton, Georgia

Goodbye Kennels, GA


Goodbye Kennels has been in business since 1969, beginning with horseback field trial dogs, and currently breed foot hunting and flushing dogs—Boykin and French Brittany Spaniels. They are selectively bred for the hunting experience and companion factor. Goodbye Kennels has spent years improving these genetic lines in order to make the training experience easy and pleasurable. Our dogs thrive on both family socialization and time in the field. Most of our dogs are purchased with both in mind. Boykins can be used as flushing and retrieving dogs on land and water. French Brittany Spaniels are mainly pointing dogs, but they can also retrieve on land or in the water. This kennel is willing to assist in any way possible to ensure a successful and rewarding experience to owners and their dogs. These dogs are easy to train, as many of our owners have never trained a dog before and have produced some very talented hunting dogs.

Our Location

We have a 40-dog kennel that houses pointing and flushing dogs. All dogs are members of a hunting string. A hunting string consist of two flushing and retrieving dogs (Boykins), three close-working pointing dogs, (Brittanys), as well as three wide-ranging pointers which are required in south Georgia. We have exercise areas that are used during the non-hunting season. Our training grounds are completely developed for hunting and training. Our whelping house is climate controlled, and is not near any older dogs to ensure a disease-free environment.

Our Guarantee

Goodbye Kennels guarantee all Boykins and French Brittanys for one year on health issues. We also provide assistance with information to help with training and other problems that may arise during your ownership. All Boykins and French Brittany puppies are provided with the appropriate registration papers. Each puppy is microchipped before leaving the kennel.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do parents hunt?
Yes all parents must hunt or they are not in our breeding program. Our dogs are genetically bred to almost train themselves. After generations of hunting parents, the outcome is very positive.

What size are your dogs?
Boykin Spaniels are about 30 pounds for males and 20 for females. They come in wavy, curly, straight, and kinky hair. French Brittanys average 25 pounds and come in many colors: black and white, orange and white, liver and white, as well as two tri-colored variations (liver, white, and black; or orange, white, and black).

When do you start training your puppies?
We walk puppies once they reach 6 weeks old. They are exposed to birds, the gun, and water on all walks. They are also given every opportunity to retrieve on these walks.

What is provided with the dog?
When you purchase a dog from Goodbye Kennels you are getting the Orvis guarantee that you are being provided the best dog or puppy possible. Boykins are UKC, AKC, and BSS registered. They come with copies of parents’ certifications, three generations of pedigree, imbedded microchip, and a health certificate. French Brittanys are UKC registered, come with three generations of pedigree, an imbedded microchip, and a health certificate. All shots are kept up to date. All puppies come with a complete puppy kit that provides a comprehensive coverage from puppy to adult, along with the parents’ background. If dogs are picked up at kennel, enough food is provided to last for the changing of brands. Puppies are also provided accessories to help prevent chewing while they are young.

What should I bring when picking up a dog?
When picking up dogs, please bring a towel and crate for transporting the dogs. All dogs will be given a bath at pick up time.


    Goodbye Kennels
    Orvis-Endorsed Hunting Dog Breeder
    John & Nancy Alderson
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