Helios 2 14-weight 8'6" Fly Rod—Tip Flex

A bluewater fly rod that you can actually cast.


  • 5¾ oz. 4-piece
  • 8'6" 14-wt.
  • Tip Flex
  • 20% stronger than the original Helios
  • 20% lighter in hand
  • 100% increase in tip-impact strength
  • Fine-tuned tapers for unrivaled tracking, accuracy, and lifting power
  • Rod tube
  • Backed by our 25-year guarantee

The water surrounding the boat is as blue as the rod in your hands. How deep it is, you have no idea. A warm tropical wind races through the air, spreading around the crisp scent of the sea. Your fly looks like a dashboard hula dancer, a fluorescent wig tied to a hook the size of your palm. Primal beasts rise from the depths, slashing at the offering with pure anger, not an ounce of hesitation coursing through their muscles. A sailfish latches onto your fly, and with the high-pitched scream of your reel as a soundtrack, leaps to the sun in blue and gold flashes, its eyes focused on you. He's your Goliath. The 8'6", 14-weight Helios 2 is your slingshot. Proudly made in Manchester, Vermont. USA.

Rod outfit includes:

  • Helios 2 8614-4 Tip-Flex Fly Rod
  • Mirage VII Reel - Black nickel
  • Hydros Bluewater WF14 line
  • 600 yards of 50lb Dacron backing
  • Rod tube
  • Learn more about personalizing this fly rod.
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    Best in Class, as judged by the Gear Institute, 2012.
    Recipient of an Editor's Choice Award from Fly Fusion magazine, 2012.
    Winner of Fly Fisherman magazine's Best New Rod Series award, 2013.
    Winner of Men's Journal Gear of the Year Award, 2012.
    Winner of American Angler's Gear of the Year Award as one of the best new fly-fishing products chosen by the magazine's editorial staff.
    Trout and Salmon Recommends for 2013. Recipient of "Recommended for 2013" award from Trout & Salmon magazine.
    Gray’s Best is considered one of the most prestigious sporting product awards and is chosen by the editors and staff at Gray’s Sporting Journal.
    Winner of the Trident Fly Fishing Poseidon Award and the 2014 5-weight Shootout.

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