Orvis Featherlight Shotgun

Lightweight construction for long days in the field.

Orvis Featherlight Shotgun


The Orvis Featherlight is the gun you want to be carrying if you are hunting long days where the terrain is challenging. The Featherlight was designed with this in mind. Although the gun is light in the hand 5-3/4 pounds or less, the balance is superb and the pointability is spot on. This was accomplished by having barrels made exclusively for this gun. In many cases a lightweight gun while a joy to carry, is not ideal to shoot as they become whippy and tracking the target is difficult. The Orvis Featherlight has eliminated this with proper design and manufacture. The Featherlight is available off the rack or to custom specifications.

Price: Starting at $6,300

Key Features

Orvis Featherlight Key Features:

- Available in 20 and 28 gauge, with barrels up to 28"
- Weighs between 5½ and 5¾ pounds
- Barrels are specially struck to insure that the gun is properly balanced in the   hands and swings smoothly
- Rounded-style action with accent engraving and case color

Full Specs

Orvis Featherlight Full Specifications:

- 5-pin rounded action
- Chopper Lump bar
- Bellota steel chrome-lined barrels (suitable for steel shot)
- Sidelocks with intercepting sears
- Double triggers with articulated front trigger
- Hand-oiled walnut stock and forearm


    John Rano: Orvis Gun Room Manager

    John Rano
    Orvis Gun Room Manager

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