Orvis Tempur-Pedic® Deep Dish Dog Bed Shearling Cover

Refresh your pet's bed with our Tempur-Pedic Dog Bed Cover.


Refresh your dog's bed. Our shearling cover is a perfect replacement for your Orvis Tempur-Pedic Deep Dish Dog bed.

  • Small 35½" x 25½" outside dimensions.
  • Medium 40" x 26½" outside dimensions. 
  • Large 50" x 37" outside dimensions.

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    • 5/5

      Dog Bed Cover - 12/2/2014

      I bought a replacement cover for our Orvis temperpetic dog bed. Our dog loves it, and as is typical of all Orvis items, of excellent quality.

    • 5/5

      Awesome Replacement Cover - 3/5/2014
      By: from Burlington, WI

      I was very happy when I received the replacement cover. It was even better than expected. It is an exceptionally high-quality cover and I am very happy I went ahead and paid the high-price for it. The one odd thing is, is that they also send you a replacement for the bolster part of the bad (nice and unexpected) but they don't send you one for the body. This aside, I'm still very, very satisfied with this cover.

    • 5/5

      Took our bed back to new! - 1/15/2014
      By: from Denver, CO

      We bought our Vizsla, Indy, the tempurpedic bed for his 7th birthday. After 2.5 years of him scratching around before he snuggled in, his old cover was getting threadbare. Imagine how excited I was to learn that I could buy a new cover versus an entirely new bed! For about a third of the cost, Indy's bed is like new again! He loves the new comfy fabric and I love that he is so happy with his bed again :)

    • 5/5

      Tempur-Pedic bed for golden doodle - 12/31/2013
      By: from Los Angeles

      While this was probably the most expensive dog bed ever, it is sturdy, well made and most importantly our cutest goldendoodle Rigley loves curling up on it. The medium was more than adequate in size for our 70 pound dog. Once we saw how easy it was for her to get in and out of the bed we ordered an additional cover so we can launder one and she is able to still use the bed.

    • 5/5

      Favorite Dog Bed anew! - 12/14/2013
      By: from San Juan Capistrano, CA

      My dog loves this bed so much he wore it out. This is the replacement cover. Great bed!

    • 5/5

      Great Cover - 9/18/2013
      By: from Chicago, IL

      This cover is great. We had the memory foam bed and the green/grey cover before but after a couple years it was time to be replaced. I talked to customer service who told me this cover would fit our bed to which was great because we liked the style and wanted to mix it up. No problems once the cover arrived getting it on. The new cover looks great and we're pleased.

    • 5/5

      Dogs scheme to get to use it - 4/9/2013
      By: from Sandy Creek, New York

      We have five German Shepherds. All love this bed. When Sage, our senior dog sees that someone else is in "her" bed she scratches at the door to go out. This makes all the other dogs run to the door. When they do that she hurries up and runs back and gets in "her" bed. We have had this bed for about four years and just this month bought a replacement cover as the original cover was getting worn from constant use of our five big babies.

    • 5/5

      By: from Internet

      Very easy to switch out old cover for new one. Interestingly though, the new cover came with a new insert cover for the bolster but not for the dog bed. It would have been nice to include both.

    • 5/5

      Got It Covered! - 1/24/2013
      By: from lodi, ca

      Our doberman puppy was very frustrated at being cooped up on our utility porch. She was able to gnaw a hole in her dog bed cover. Since we had purchased a very lovely Orivs bed, we were happy that we could simply reorder the cover and not have to replace the entire dog bed. Fits beautifully and puppy has since quit teething and chewing! Yeah!

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