Orvis Tempur-Pedic® Wraparound Dog Bed

This indulgent dog bed boasts a Tempur-Pedic® insert in an oval shape your pet will love.


Our exclusive Tempur-Pedic® dog bed is now available in the customer-favorite oval Wraparound style. Ultra-supportive, world-renowned TEMPUR material reduces pressure on joints and relieves muscle stiffness. This supreme cushioning combined with a supersoft upholstery-grade sleep surface and a polyester-filled, supportive oval bolster promise to provide unparalleled comfort for your dog. A water-resistant, breathable liner keeps the odor-resistant TEMPUR clean and dry. In red, graphite, putty. 2" thick TEMPUR® over a 2" thick supportive foam base. Polyester/cotton cover. Cover is removable and washable. Imported.

  • Small 28" x 21" outside dimensions, dogs up to 40 lbs.
  • Medium 36" x 29" outside dimensions, dogs 40-60 lbs.
  • Large 42" x 33" outside dimensions, dogs 60-90 lbs.

    Allow 2 additional days for assembly.
    Shipped to all US states. (US territories not included.)
    Express shipping/gift packaging not available.
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    Memory Foam

    All memory foam is not created equal

    Our memory foam is engineered specifically for dogs.Orvis memory foam dog beds are simply the best therapeutic dog beds you can buy. Our memory foam has been engineered specifically for dogs, whose weight is distributed over a much smaller surface area than humans. All Orvis memory foam dog beds incorporate the following features:

    • High-Density Foam allows your dog to sink in just enough to achieve optimum support.
    • Open-Cell Technology provides optimum comfort while helping maintain your dog’s body temperature.
    • An ENTIRE slab of memory foam is used in every Orvis memory foam dog bed—not simply a thin layer glued to poor-performing conventional foam.

    Our beds feature a full slap of memory foam - not simply a thin layer.These combined features ensure that your dogs will experience maximum comfort when sleeping, and feel better when they’re awake.

    Memory foam beds can ease the discomfort and stiffness associated with joint and muscle pain, whether from age, arthritis, hip dysplasia, or injury. By conforming to your dog's individual body shape, less stress and pressure are put on the joint and muscle pressure points. Excessive callus irritation over joints is also minimized.

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