Series of Beautiful Bulb Baskets to Brighten the Winter Months

Our deluxe basket of flowering bulbs makes a great gift for any occasion.


A delight to give or to receive, these lovely blooming bulb baskets arrive each month in your choice of a single month for December, or in three- or six-month series. The first month's shipment will arrive in a decorative basket. Simply keep the basket and use it each month when your next garden plant arrives. Every collection is carefully packed and shipped, ready to sprout with simple instructions. Note: The bulb baskets are shipped the first week of every month. Basket measures 5"H x 10"W.

Selections are as follows:

  • January—Orange Princess tulips, Ostara hyacinths;
  • February—Ben van Zanen tulips;
  • March—Woodstock hyacinths, Tubergeniana scilla;
  • April—Yellow Flight tulips, Cragford narcissis;
  • May—Gypsy Queen hyacinths, Frohnleiten tulips, Reggae narcissus, Armeniacum muscari.

This item ships directly from the manufacturer and requires a physical street address for delivery.
Shipped to contiguous 48 states only.
Express shipping/gift packaging not available.
Additional Shipping Charges may apply.


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    Spring Flower Bulb FAQs

    Spring Flower Bulb Gardens from OrvisWhat is the shelf life of the bulbs?

    Your bulbs will bloom in a sunny window in about 3-4 weeks after being unpacked and watered. To prolong the blooms, keep relatively cool (40˚-60˚). If your basket is placed in a warm (70˚-80˚) room, the garden might last 2 weeks or less. It’s all about temperature—bulbs love a chill and thrive in temperatures from 40˚ to 60˚.

    How do I store my bulbs, and how long will they last in storage?

    Should you wish to prolong the time until they are unpacked and watered, keep the protective ground cover over the soil and set package in a cool and dry, dark spot until ready to force the blooms.

    For post-bloom care until garden planting, remove spent blooms while leaving the foliage, which needs to die back slowly, sending strength back to the bulb for next year’s bloom.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that a bulb brought to bloom in higher home temperatures might take several years to recuperate. Plant bulbs outdoors as soon as possible in the spring in a sunny location. Do not leave bulbs for fall planting as they might loose their quality by that time. 

    How much water do I put in it?

    Bulbs love to be very moist and should never be allowed dry out while being brought to bloom and blooming. The best way to water is to take liner out of basket, place in sink, and water heavily until water is streaming out the bottom. Let drain and replace in the basket.

    Will my bulbs blossom again?

    It is not recommended trying to re-bloom in the liner but to plant outdoors in the garden. The garden blooms may be sparse the following year. Experienced gardeners and folks with a ‘green thumb’ have gotten the bulbs to re-bloom for many years. Please remember that these potted gardens are meant to be enjoyed when received, and there is no actual guarantee that a re-bloom will occur the following year.

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