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Generally the best hunting is in the toughest places, and we design our gear with that foremost in our mind. Bogs of Oregon is world famous for warm, waterproof boots. We've combined our best hunting wader with their boots to offer the finest waterfowling bootfoot wader ever built. We took their boot and built it around our Orvis exclusive EcoTraX studded outsole. Ankle-fit construction and 5mm neoprene liner make this one of the most comfortable and durable boots on the market. Boot comes pre-installed with our exclusive tungsten-carbide screw-in studs for added traction. Advantage Max4HD camo pattern. Removable suspenders allow the wader to be worn as a waist-high for early-season hunting. Bootfoot hunting waders include a wader belt for added safety. Imported.


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  • 4/5

    Finally a nice Boot - On a Bootfoot Wader - 10/4/2013
    By: from Traverse City, MI

    For me the comfort of a pair of waders begins and end with the actual boot. The reason I bought these was for the comfy boots and I am not disappointed there. The uppers could be thickened or toughened up a bit. Waterfowl waders should always be thicker and reinforced in the typical wear areas. Theres no reason to skimp on the uppers when you have a high class boot and a high class price to match. The price didn't scare me off, but I am worried about how the breathable material will hold up. I will re-review these waders after my season has ended in December.

  • 5/5

    By: from Hardin, Montana

    Waders are everything as advertised. Love the boots, super comfortable and warm. Wader material seems durable. My normal shoe size is 10 and I am about 5'9". I ordered size large in a size11 boot, they fit perfect.

  • 2/5

    Boot sizing to snug - 1/28/2013

    Ordered the Large with size 11 boot. Too snug particularly on top of foot and ankle. This was with one sock on....not good for cold weather layering. Asked Orvis for a custom order with larger boot - they could not accomodate. Had to return.

  • 5/5

    Hunting waders - 12/29/2012
    By: from Wyoming

    Without guestion the finest bootfoot waders for all conditions of hunting in gold weather.

  • 4/5

    Great Product - 12/28/2012
    By: from McLean, VA
    Top 1000 Contributor

    Orvis waders are top of the line breathable technology and that is one of the reasons why I purchased these waders. They are far superior and more versatile than Neoprene. Neoprene is heavy, bulky, gets uncomfortable and produces a wet, damp, sweaty feeling all over. These waders are light weight, comfortable, flexible, easy to get on and off and give you the dry all day and clean feeling I have been looking for. I actually returned the SonicSeam waders for the bog waters because my SonicSeam boots were having some issues. I was hoping the Bog boots would fix the problem. The Bog boots are incredible and worth the higher price paid. They are tough, warm and comfortable. I would prefer if these waders came in a 11.5 L or 12 L as the 11 boot size is too small and the XL material size is far too much.

  • 5/5

    Great Great Great! - 7/18/2011
    By: from Roanoke, VA
    Top 250 Contributor

    I bought these waders when I was sick of worn-out camo neoprenes and kept getting flare offs from ducks spotting my khaki fishing waders. I wore them all season, dozens of hunts, in the coldest weather we get. While I never wore them above 40 degrees, I can attest that the performance of the waders in temperatures ranging from -5 to 35 is great. The boots are warm and soft, just like your favorite comforter. But! They're tough like tanks, too. I broke thick ice, stomping through shallows to get my spread out, and they still look brand new. The waders have been tough and never once wetted out while I paddled my Native Ultimate out to the sloughs to bust the woodies or sat for hours in a lay out waiting for the geese. Busting through thick, thorny underbrush to jump that old farm pond? No problem! I would recommend them over the many other waders I've worn to shoot ducks. They are warm when you layer up good and well, durable, and comfortable. My only complaint is that they do not have size 14 in anything smaller than XXL. I am 6'3", 250lbs, and I needed a size 14 but the XXL is significantly too large for my 37" waist. I guess that's what the belt is for though, right?

  • 5/5

    THE BEST - 2/14/2011
    By: from ARKANSAS

    I hunted hard all season long in the flooded timber and rice fields here in Arkansas and these waders never missed a beat. I am hard on my equipment and these waders still look like new and don't have even the slightest leak. It is like hunting in your favorite khakis or jeans and a pair of comfortable boots. In 70 degree weather dress light underneath and when it gets in the single digits fleece up underneath and be toasty warm. You'll never get wet and clammy like you will when wearing neoprenes.

Size Chart

Wader Sizing Chart: Stockingfoot
Body Size Chest Inseam Range Bootie Options Height Range Weight Range
Small 34-36 28-30 7-9 5'5"-5'8 130-160
Medium/Short 38-40 28-30 7-9 5'5"-5'8 140-180
Medium 38-40 30-32 8-10 5'7"-5'10 140-180
Medium/Long 38-40 32-34 9-11 5'10"-6'1 140-180
Large/Short 42-44 28-30 8-10 5'7"-5'10 180-220
Large 42-44 30-32 9-11 5'10"-6'2 180-220
Large/Long 42-44 32-34 10-12 6'1"-6'4 180-220
XL/Short 46-48 28-30 9-11 5'7"-5'10 210-240
XL 46-48 30-32 10-12 5'10"-6'2 210-240
XL/Long 46-48 32-34 12-14 6'1"-6'4 210-240
XXL/Short 50-52 28-30 10-12 5'7"-5'10 220-260
XXL 50-52 30-32 12-14 5'10"-6'3 220-260

Care Instructions

Care Instructions for Bootfoot Breathable Waders
  • Hang, do not bundle damp waders after use or cleaning to prevent any       damaging mildew.
  • Hand wash only, do not machine wash. 
  • Do not dry clean. 
  • Do not use fabric softeners. 
  • Do not use chlorine bleach.   
  • Use a powdered detergent with no harsh additives or bleach. 
  • Do not use liquid detergents unless specially made for waterproof, breathable fabrics.
  • Air dry only.
  • Avoid  contact with chemical products such as insect repellent, sun screen, petroleum products or gasoline as these may contaminate the waterproof / breathable membrane and cause leaking.
  • Store in cool dry place.  

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