Wildrose Kennels, MS

Orvis-Endorsed Hunting Dog Breeder in Oxford, Mississippi

Wildrose Kennels, MS


Wildrose Labradors are bred from English and Irish breeding stock and are regarded among wingshooters and adventurers as the finest versatile sporting dogs in the world. For almost four decades, Wildrose has produced a classic "Gentleman's Gun Dog" of superb temperament and natural game-finding ability; a dog that is gentle in the home, dynamic in the field, and the perfect complement to any family's outdoor adventures from canoeing, fishing, and hiking mountain trails to leisurely afternoons by the lake. Through long associations in England and N. Ireland with some of the most successful trainers of the regions, Wildrose continues to offer the authentic English Labrador retriever, just as one might witness on the finest estate shoots in the United Kingdom.

Our Location

Wildrose Kennels is located in Oxford, Mississippi. The 143- acre facility includes seven water sources, one seasonal stream, and a variety of fields and woodlands ideal for the development of outstanding waterfowl and upland game retrievers. We offer exposure to a variety of game, including ducks, quail, and pheasant, in the most realistic hunting environments possible to meet our clients' expectations.

The 1,750 sq. ft. health care facility offers the finest care for our puppies, dogs in training, and mature animals. An on-site veterinarian technician, along with three healthcare assistants, administers our comprehensive health-care program and our special puppy development program—the Super Scent Series and the Super Learner program. Individual health records are maintained on all litters. The healthcare facility is staffed from 7 am to 9 pm each day in order to provide optimum puppy care and supervision.

Our Guarantee

Training services are offered to anyone purchasing a Wildrose Labrador. A detailed health record is provided and all puppies carry a guarantee against genetic disorders with hips, eyes, and elbows until 26 months.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is provided with the dog?
A two-hour puppy seminar is conducted on Puppy Selection Day along with a demonstration of started pups. A group tour of the grounds and facilities is completed and the parents of the litter are met. After-sales services are provided throughout the life of the Wildrose companion. All registration and healthcare information is provided for the pup and reviewed at the puppy seminar.

What to bring when picking up a dog?
You will need a crate to transport the puppy and pencil/paper to take notes in the puppy seminar. All training supplies are sold at our retail store located on site. Definitely, bring your camera!

Do you have medical staff?
Wildrose has a full-time vet tech and three additional healthcare workers whose primary function is to provide excellent care for our sires, dams, and puppies.

How do your learner and scent programs work?
Our Super Learner program and Super Scent Series is unique and includes extensive work with the puppies from Day 3 to delivery with each daily interaction documented.


    Wildrose Kennels
    Orvis-Endorsed Hunting Dog Breeder
    Mike and Cathy Stewart
    260 CR 425
    Oxford, MS 38655

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