Never-Paint Adirondack Furniture

Our outdoor Adirondack chairs stay beautiful all year long. Made in USA.


Enjoy the classic look and texture of wood, without the maintenance. Our tough Adirondack chair is made of recycled plastic polymer that is every bit as solid as wood, but is unaffected by sun, rain, snow, salt water, or chlorine. It never needs painting; just hose off to clean. Heavy-duty construction with stainless-steel hardware. Folds for easy storage. Simple assembly. Adirondack chairs in white, green, slate. Made in USA.

  • Chair: 34"H x 29"W x 35"D
  • Ottoman: 14"H x 20"W x 18"D
  • Table: 18"H x 18"W x 18"D

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    • 1/5

      It exploded - 8/15/2014
      By: from Mount Shasta , CA

      After only a few years, I sat in my chair and it collapsed ! We have carefully stored our chairs in the winter so this was a complete surprise when it exploded. We paid extra for Orvis quality and ended up with a shock. Thankfully I wasn't physically hurt.

    • 2/5

      By: from Long Island , NY

      I would not recommend this chair. As previous reviews said, it is small and not very comfortable. I would have sent it back except for the trouble of disassembly and shipping hassle. We love not having to paint but not a good choice.

    • 1/5

      Very Unhappy - 9/28/2011

      My elderly father ordered and received this chair in a large box. I dropped by to help him put it out on the back patio and was disappointed it took a lot of effort to get the parts to fold correctly as in getting the (back to slant backwards). But it was not an easy "fold out and secure peg" as mentioned by the sales staff. It took a great deal of wrestling and it never did sit properly. Worst was the painted nuts and bolts which would not screw together at all. If they had been left unpainted, there would have been hope. In any event, it is being returned as inappropriately low seating for an infirm barely mobile octagenarian

    • 5/5

      Very Pleased - 7/20/2010
      By: from East Aurora, NY

      We purchased these chairs last year when they first became available through the Orvis catalog. I was initially interested because they are not made of wood, but of recycled plastic bottles which we found appealing for environmental reasons. The fact that no painting was involved was also a plus. We were not surprised that assembly was required, and found the chairs were very easy and quick to put together. Unlike the other reviewer, I do not find the chairs "kiddie chairs". They are comfortable for all sizes of adults, and are perfect by our fire pit! In fact, I'm ordering 2 more for my lake house in the Adirondacks!

    • 2/5

      Disappointed - 5/12/2010

      Before ordering I inquired if chairs were assembled, I was told they were. However there is some assembly and it was difficult to aline screws with holes and fit washers and nuts. Also the chairs(I purchased 2) are very short, look like like kiddie chairs. We also sold our old wooden Adirondacks chairs(4) to buy these. The old ones looked nicer, we will keep these, no painting I guess. I was going to order 2 more but now I won't.

      Response from: Orvis Customer Service Team
      Posted: 5/21/2010 12:58:20 PM

      Orvis Customer Service contacted this customer and apologized for the issues with the assembly of the chairs, offering a full refund or an exchange. We appreciate our customer's feedback and are currently reviewing the concerns raised by our customer. Our goal is to make sure these popular chairs are absolutely right. You can always shop with confidence at Orvis—everything we sell is backed by our unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Learn More

    Adirondack Furniture

    Folding Adirondack ChairsA Quest for the Ultimate Lawn Chair

    Our story begins in 1903 with a gentleman by the name of Thomas Lee. Lee had a beautiful summer place up in Westport, NY right on Lake Champlain, but he also had a bit of a problem. It wasn’t the house, or the view of the lake; the problem was that he didn’t have one decent piece of outdoor furniture. Now, as we all know, standing up while viewing a summer sunset is nice, but watching that sunset while comfortably seated with a cocktail at hand is always nicer. So Lee set out to build his family the ultimate lawn chair. But he didn’t want to make just any old chair. This chair needed to be comfortable and durable, have a solid surface to rest a glass, and above all, be sturdy when placed on the sloping terrain of the Adirondack region. Lee tried out several different designs and, using his family members as “test sitters,” eventually settled on a chair constructed from eleven pieces of wood all cut from one single plank. It was a low-slung, spacious design with a high back and extra-wide armrests for that all-important summer beverage.

    Now, things would have been just fine for the Lee family if the story ended here. They were comfortable, they were relaxed, and most importantly, they were off the ground. It was summer and life was good. But things were about to get interesting.

    A Tale of Two Friends—And One Patent

    One fine afternoon that summer, as Lee was relaxing by the lake in one of his new chairs, his good friend and hunting buddy Harry Bunnell stopped by to chat. Bunnell, who was a carpenter by trade, took an immediate liking to Lee’s new chair design. As the two men talked, Bunnell suggested he could build Lee’s chairs at his wood shop in the off-season. Bunnell could make a few extra dollars during those cold Adirondack winters; Lee’s chairs would get sold. It was a win-win. “Why not?” thought Lee. Bunnell was a stand-up guy, trustworthy, and above all, he was a friend. So Lee lent the plans to Bunnell and, with nothing more than a handshake and a smile to seal the deal, Bunnell set to work cranking out Lee’s chairs. That winter, Bunnell toiled away, building Lee’s chairs out of hemlock or basswood and staining them in green or medium dark brown. As soon as the Westport residents saw the new chairs, they snapped them up. Bunnell realized he had a huge seller on his hands and had to act fast. In early April of 1904 (and without asking for Lee’s permission) Bunnell filed for a patent (No. 794,777) on “his” new chair design naming it the Westport Plank Chair. We’re not sure how this affected his relationship with Lee, but we can guess Bunnell no longer stopped by to chat with his old hunting buddy. Harry Bunnell manufactured the Westport Plank Chair for the next twenty years putting his signature on each one. Today, original signed Bunnell chairs are extremely sought after, and can fetch thousands at auction.

    The Classic American Summer Chair

    Over the years, artists, carpenters, and weekend craftsmen have all created their own interpretations of this classic design and over time, these slant-back, low-seated, wide arm-rested chairs became officially known as “ Adirondack” chairs. Nowadays, you can get them in all sorts of configurations: loungers, loveseats, rockers, and gliders. You’ll find them down at the beach, up in the mountains and everywhere else in between. Like baseball, fireworks, and trips to the shore, this chair is American summer.

    Orvis Adirondack Chairs: Variety, LMstyle and Comfort

    Orvis pays homage to the original Westport Plank Chair with our exclusive line of unique, Adirondack furniture. They’re all here, and now when you look at each one, you’ll be reminded of how one man during one hot summer in 1903 created the perfect way to relax. So the next time you’re comfortably installed in an Adirondack chair gazing off at the surf, the sea, the mountains, or the next-door neighbor, remember to raise a glass to Mr. Lee and Mr. Bunnell. Because without them, summer wouldn’t be nearly as comfortable.

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