Millbrook, New York 2-Day Fly Fishing School

Enjoy over 400 acres of lush landscape during this 2-day fly-fishing school in Millbrook, New York.

Millbrook, New York 2-Day Fly Fishing School


Nestled in the heart of upstate New York, Sandanona's famed sporting grounds beckon anglers with more than 400 acres of lush landscape and placid casting ponds. Experience isn't required as our expert staff of fly fishing school instructors helps you master everything from setting up the rod, to fly selection and knots, to how to safely release your catch. Fly fishing classes are held in comfortable classrooms and on the sporting grounds.

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You'll experience it all at the Millbrook, New York Fly Fishing School:

  • Fly casting techniques
  • Essential knots
  • How to choose your gear and tackle
  • Stream entomolgy (the science of insects)
  • Proper fly selection
  • How to read water and currents
  • How to play, land, and safely release fish

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Fly Fishing School Class Program
Millbrook, NY
Time Activity & Description
8:30 am Registration in Sandanona clubhouse. Students fill out license applications.
9:00 Instructor introductions and brief overview of school program.
9:15 Classroom presentation - lines, rod, and reel. Video presentation: The Orvis Progressive Fly-Casting Method Part One: Basic casting stroke.
10:00 Caravan to casting pond.
10:15 Students casting with instructors. Emphasis on basic cast, rod control.
12:00 pm Lunch.
1:00 Students report to the clubhouse. Video presentation: The Orvis Progressive Fly-Casting Method Part One: Shooting line, false casting, and the roll cast.
1:15 Caravan to casting pond.
1:30 Students casting with instructors - emphasis on shooting line, false casting, and roll casting. Videotape students casting.
3:00 Break and return to classroom.
3:15 Knot-tying seminar. Students will learn essential knots, hook sizes, and leaders.
4:30 End of first day.

Time Activity & Description
8:30 am Entomology presentation. Students will learn basic fly selection and strategies for the river trip. Video presentation: The Orvis Progressive Fly-Casting Method Part Three: the double haul.
9:30 Caravan to casting pond.
9:45 Students practice casting with flies in still water, learn hood setting, and how to land and release fish.
11:30 Return to classroom for video analysis.
12:00 pm Lunch.
1:00 Students report to front deck with all gear for river trip. Students will learn to read a trout stream and fish different flies in moving water.
3:45 Classroom presentation - Orvis-endorsed fishing vacations and closing remarks.
4:00 Graduation, end of school.


Orvis Fly-Fishing School - Millbrook, NY
2015 School Dates

April 2015 2-3 Thursday-Friday
  11-12 Saturday-Sunday
  18-19 Saturday-Sunday
  20-21 Monday-Tuesday
  25-26 Saturday-Sunday
  30-1 Thursday-Friday
May 2015 2-3 Saturday-Sunday
  7-8 Thursday-Friday
  14-15 Thursday-Friday
  16-17 Saturday-Sunday
  23-24 Saturday-Sunday
  30-31 Saturday-Sunday
June 2015 4-5 Thursday-Friday
  6-7 Saturday-Sunday
  13-14 Saturday-Sunday
  15-16 Monday-Tuesday
  25-26 Thursday-Friday
  27-28 Saturday-Sunday
July 2015 9-10 Thursday-Friday
  11-12 Saturday-Sunday
  18-19 Saturday-Sunday
  25-26 Saturday-Sunday
  30-31 Thursday-Friday
August 2015 1-2 Saturday-Sunday
  6-7 Thursday-Friday
  8-9 Saturday-Sunday
  15-16 Saturday-Sunday
  20-21 Thursday-Friday
  22-23 Saturday-Sunday
  29-30 Saturday-Sunday
September 2015 12-13 Saturday-Sunday
  26-27 Saturday-Sunday
October 2015 3-4 Saturday-Sunday


Area Activities - Millbrook, NY
Orvis Sandanona

Sporting clays
Private wingshooting instruction

Other Activities in the Area

Horseback riding
Hudson River kayaking
Rail Trail
Tour historic homes of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Vanderbilts
Dine at and tour the Culinary Institute of America


Orvis Fly Fishing Schools
Frequently Asked Questions

: When does the fly fishing school start and end? What will we be doing during the day? How long will we be fishing?

Answer - Refer to the fly fishing school itinerary for the schedule.

Question: What is included in the price of the school?

Answer - Use of Orvis fly rods/reels, leaders, flies, and where necessary waders, vests and fishing licenses.

Question: Is lodging included?

Answer - No. Lodging arrangements are made separately by the students.

Question: Are meals included?

Answer - Lunch is the only meal included in the fishing school tuition price.

Question: Where can I stay?

Answer - At nearby lodging of your choice.

Question: How many people will be in the fly fishing class?

Answer - That depends on the school. The range is 12 to 36 students, always with a ratio of one instructor for every four students.

Question: Do we stop the school because of weather?

Answer - No.

Question: How much time is spent in the classroom vs. fly casting and fishing?

Answer - See school itinerary on specific school page.

Question: Can you bring your own fly fishing equipment?

Answer - Yes.

Question: Is this class for intermediate anglers?

Answer - Yes. In fly casting lessons, we adjust our instruction to the individual student’s level.

Question: How old do my children have to be to join me in this fishing school?

Answer - At the Santa Rosa Beach School, youngsters should be at least 14 years old (because of the heavier tackle used). All other schools we recommend 12 years of age.

Question: What is the cancellation policy?

Answer - Should you need to cancel the school within 30 days prior to the starting date, we will issue a gift certificate in the amount of the cancelled school. That gift certificate may be used toward another fly fishing school date of your choice.

Question: What other recreation is available near the school?

Answer - See information on specific school page.

Question: Will I be able to attend the same class as my son/wife/etc, even though I am an intermediate and they are a beginner?

Answer - Yes. In casting, we adjust our instruction to the individual student’s level.

Question: Are there opportunities for guided flyfishing afterwards?

Answer - Yes. See information on specific school page, school itinerary or inquire directly to your fly fishing school instructor.


Overall: Show Rating Distribution 5.0 / 5 based on 10 reviews


10 of 10 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

  • 5/5

    Excellent experience - 7/16/2015
    By: from Long Island New York

    Attended the 2 day school at beautiful grounds of Orvis in Millbrook NY. Small class of only 6 with two well qualified instructors/guides (Bob and John). Classroom learning was sharp and to the point. Casting at the casting pond with constant supervision and critique was incredibly helpful. Video review of casting the next day also helped pinpoint problem areas. Fishing at the pond and river was not only beautiful but the one on one feedback from the instructors while you are fishing is a great help. Learned so much in a short time. Great amenities (lunches were terrific) and did I mention how beautiful the grounds are. Focus of Millbrook is clearly shooting but if you are there to fish, you are there to fish. Hoping they come up with an intermediate or advanced class. If so I am in! Can't recommend this school enough.

  • 5/5

    Excellent Instruction - 7/11/2015
    By: from Bronx, NY

    Not only did I learn a great deal in the Sandanona 2-day Fly Fishing School, and got the jump start I needed to begin pursuing fly fishing, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Our instructors, Bob and Sig, were incredible. So well prepared to teach us novices and so helpful. Thank you for an excellent, focused learning experience.

  • 5/5

    Couldn't have been better. - 10/9/2013
    By: from Westchester, New York

    I took advantage of the free fly fishing 101 class at my local Orvis retail store some time ago and decided that I needed to learn more. The two day Fly Fishing class at Sandanona was everything that I hoped it would be. Over the course of two days, our small group shared a great time, laughing and kidding and applauding each others success. John and Sig, our instructors were just what you would hope for; friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely interested in sharing their passion for the sport; hoping to encourage the same in us. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in a truly wonderful setting. After talking with the staff at lunch, I plan to go back soon for the wing shooting school as well.

  • 5/5

    Great experience - 6/24/2013
    By: from Brewster

    I recently attended the 2 day class, and thought it was a great experience. First the place is lovely, inside and out, and all the people staffed there were especially nice. I was also blessed with a small group, all beginners like me, and also good people and we shared some chatter and laughs. (hey guys if you ever see this!) We had a different instructor each day. The older gentelman Bob is great. You can just see the experience oozing off him, and he is extremely interesting, helpful, and right about everything he said. If you listen to what he tells you instead of doing what I thought seemed natural, you suddenly see big improvements. He knows his stuff, and I was happy he was how I was introduced to the sport. The next day we had a younger guy Ben, who at such an early age had a remarkable knowledge of fly fishing. You can tell it is passion, and I very much enjoyed his company, and his tips when we got out on the stream. Despite a generation of age between them, both had an obvious love for what they do that enhanced the overall experience. All in all I am very happy I did this and hope to be back one day for a guided tour. PS - the food and snacks were pretty darn good too.

  • 5/5

    Great Instructor and first class facility. - 6/16/2012
    By: from Sandanona Millbrook NY

    I was getting back into fly fishing after a long break from it, and I attended the two day class at Sandanona earlier this month mainly to brush up on my casting skills. I enjoyed the 2 days I spent with my excellent Instructor, Bob Meyen. He spent a lot of time working with me to clean up my casting stroke while we were at the casting pond, and gave me some great advice when we on the stream fishing the next day. Wish we could have made it over to Wappingers Creek! My lunches at the lodge both days, were great as well. Highly Recommended!

  • 5/5

    I never knew how much I did Not Know - 5/15/2012
    By: from Sandonia

    I am 59 have been fly fishing since i was in Boy Scouts. I attended an Orvis School this year to hone my skills before I retire. I had NO idea what I did not know! I loved my 2 days at Orvis Fly Fishing School. I have since gone out at caught trout with a confidence I never thought I would ever have!! Thanks to Orvis and my instructor (Bob) I am now the Fly Fisherman I always thought I could be!!! Thank You!!!

  • 5/5

    Surpassed expectations - 5/28/2011

    An old friend and I attended the school last weekend and were treated to a wonderful experience. Across the board the program at Sandanona is topnotch--the grounds, the lodge and facilities, the staff, the lunch, the equipment, and of course, the instructors, all far surpassed my expectations. Bob and Mark, our instructors, possess all the qualities of effective teachers--passion, knowledge, preparedness, humor, and patience. My only gripe is that since returning, my output at work seems to have dropped off as time and again I glance at the fly rod leaning against the wall in my office and my mind catapults me back to teasing wild browns out of the stream.

  • 5/5

    Great experience - 5/24/2011
    By: from Boca Grande, FL and Ridgefield, CT

    Instruction was excellent and my skills definitely improved. Private casting pond and stream right on the property with the Wappinger's Creek also nearby. Great operation from start to finish. EVERYONE at the Sandanona facility was extremely pleasant and helpful, they love being there and it shows. Absolutely beautiful location & lodge. Even lunch exceeded my expectations, food was outstanding. Glad I went to this school and plan to return to the location to shoot clays... or maybe just for a great lunch! Highly recommend.

  • 5/5

    Great experience - 5/14/2010
    By: from San Francisco Calif.

    My daughter who just turned 21 and I attended the school together and we had a great experience. We fish together in Canada for Salmon and this was a great introduction to fly fishing. The instructers were very knowledgable and patient and were able to get us out on the stream fishing on the second day of the class. I would recomend this class to anyone wants to learn how to fly fish.

  • 5/5

    superior experience - 5/10/2008

    I attended the two day fly fishing class two weeks ago and cannot say enough good things about it. I have fly fished for a few years but it was not long before I was learning many new things. my casting is simply much much so that last weekend's drift boat trip with orvis recommended lodge, West Branch Angler, was more successful than I had hoped. Thanks

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