Glen Arbor, Michigan 2-Day Fly Fishing School

Enjoy a relaxing weekend retreat at our Michigan fly fishing school.

Glen Arbor, Michigan 2-Day Fly Fishing School


A world-class fly fishing school with Northwoods beauty and classic elegance converge on the banks of mighty Lake Michigan. With the famed Manistee, Boardman, and Platte Rivers beckoning nearby, there's no shortage of places to wet a fly at this Orvis fly fishing school. Professional instructors welcome both beginners and seasoned anglers, and cover everything from setting up your fly rod, to fly selection and knots, and how to safely release your catch.

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You'll cover it all at the Glen Arbor, Michigan Fly Fishing School:

  • Fly casting techniques
  • Essential knots
  • How to choose your gear and tackle
  • Stream entomolgy (the science of insects)
  • Proper fly selection
  • How to read water and currents
  • How to play, land, and safely release fish

For more information about an Orvis Fly Fishing School, call 866-531-6213.


Fly-Fishing School Class Program
Glen Arbor, Michigan

Time Activity & Description
8:30 am

Student registration at the Stoney Brook Lodge at The Homestead.

9:15 Introductions and discussion of class program.
9:30 Classroom presentation on lines, rods, and reels.

Video presentation: The Orvis Progressive Fly-Casting Method Part One: Basic casting stroke.


Casting field - demonstration on basic casting stroke, students casting.


Classroom presentation on entomology, fly selection, and how to choose and fish flies.

12:00pm Lunch at The Homestead - Cavanaugh’s.
12:45 Classroom presentation - knot tying.
1:30 Video presentation: The Orvis Progressive Fly-Casting Method Part Two: Shooting line, false casting, and roll cast.
1:45 Casting pond - demonstration on shooting line, false casting, and roll cast; students casting; video tape of students casting.
2:45 Video analysis of student casting. Video presentation: The Orvis Progressive Fly-Casting Method Part Three: the double haul.
3:15 Casting pond - demonstration on the double haul, students casting.
4:00 Demonstration on hook setting and fish-fighting techniques; tips on photographing and releasing fish.
4:30 End of first day.

Time Activity & Description
9:00 am

Students meet at Streamside Orvis in Traverse City.

9:15 Presentation on creating a fly selection for trout, steelhead, bass, and panfish. Choosing the proper leader and tippet.

Presentation on equipment and accessories.


Discussion on fly-fishing opportunities around the world, Orvis-endorsed fishing vacations, and useful tips on fishing with guides.

12:00 pm Lunch in Traverse City.
12:45 Boardman river trip - discussion on reading water. Demonstration on wading safety. Demonstration on fishing dry flies, nymphs, wet flies, and streamers; students fishing.
4:15 Students meet at Streamside Orvis for graduation, presentation of certificates, and question-and-answer period.
4:30 End of school.


Orvis Fly-Fishing School - Glen Arbor, Michigan
2015 School Dates

April 2015 25-26 Saturday-Sunday
May 2015 2-3 Saturday-Sunday
  14-15 Thursday-Friday
  16-17 Saturday-Sunday
June 2015 13-14 Saturday-Sunday
  22-23 Monday-Tuesday
  27-28 Saturday-Sunday
July 2015 18-19 Saturday-Sunday
  25-26 Saturday-Sunday
August 2015 6-7 Thursday-Friday
  15-16 Saturday-Sunday
  22-23 Saturday-Sunday
September 2015 5-6 Saturday-Sunday
  12-13 Saturday-Sunday


Lodging & Reservation Information
Glen Arbor, Michigan

Please contact The Homestead for lodging and reservations:

The Homestead
1 Wood Ridge Road
Glen Arbor, MI 49636

Please mention you will be attending the Orvis Fly Fishing School.


Area Activities - Glen Arbor, Michigan
Homestead Ranch
Par 3 golf course
Dave Petz Golf Scoring School
Clay court tennis
White, sandy beach
Hiking and biking

Other Activities in the Area
Visit/shop Fishtown in Leland, Michigan, an historic fishing village
Wine tours of Leeanau peninsula
Signature golf courses
Sailing, boating, and swimming on Lake Michigan
Fine dining, shopping, and symphony in Traverse City

Ruffed grouse and woodcock hunting
     Sept. 15 - Nov. 15 & Dec. 1 - Dec. 31

National Cherry Festival
     Around July 5-12

Traverse City Film Festival
     July 29 - Aug. 5


Orvis Fly Fishing Schools
Frequently Asked Questions

: When is the best time to go?

Answer - There is no “best time” per se. The school season is during the nicest part of the year weather-wise. Chances for warm weather increase as the season goes on.

Question: When does the school start and end? What will we be doing during the day? How long will we be fishing?

Answer - Refer to the school itinerary for the schedule.

Question: What is included in the price of the school?

Answer - Use of Orvis fly rods/reels, leaders, flies, and where necessary waders, vests, and fishing licenses.

Question: Is lodging included?

Answer - No. Lodging arrangements are made separately by the students.

Question: Are meals included?

Answer - Lunch is the only meal included in the school tuition price.

Question: Where can I stay?

Answer - At the hosts’ lodging, or nearby lodging of your choice.

Question: How many people will be in the class?

Answer - That depends on the school. The range is 12 to 36 students, always with a ratio of one instructor for every four students.

Question: Do we stop the school because of weather?

Answer - No.

Question: How much time is spent in the classroom vs. casting and fishing?

Answer - See school itinerary.

Question: Can you bring your own equipment?

Answer - Yes.

Question: Is this class for intermediate anglers?

Answer - Yes. In casting, we adjust our instruction to the individual student’s level.

Question: How old do my children have to be to join me in this fishing school?

Answer - At the Santa Rosa Beach School, youngsters should be at least 14 years old (because of the heavier tackle used). All other schools we recommend 12 years of age.

Question: What is the cancellation policy?

Answer - Should you need to cancel the school within 30 days prior to the starting date, we will issue a gift certificate in the amount of the cancelled school. That gift certificate may be used toward another school date of your choice.

Question: What other recreation is available near the school?

Answer - See information on specific school page.

Question: Will I be able to attend the same class as my son/wife/etc, even though I am an intermediate and they are a beginner?

Answer - Yes. In casting, we adjust our instruction to the individual student’s level.

Question: Are there opportunities for guided fishing afterwards?

Answer - Yes. See information on specific school page, school itinerary or inquire directly to your fly fishing school instructor.


Overall: Show Rating Distribution 5.0 / 5 based on 13 reviews


13 of 13 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

  • 5/5

    Top Notch - 8/19/2014
    By: from Lansing, Mi

    I'd like to start by stating "I was not a fly guy". I worked many years as a trip coordinator for an outdoor production company. I dealt with many A+ outfitters all around the world from Jaco to Ciaro. The attention and enthusiasm I received from our guide was among the best in the World. I have now grown into a "river rat" and I blame Michael every weekend I leave to "slay some trout"!! I would recommend Streamside to any level flier. Two thumbs up! Thanks again for burning a passion!

  • 5/5

    Great Introduction to FF - 5/17/2014
    By: from Torch Lake, MI

    Instructors Mike and Greg were very articulate instructors and clearly passionate about fly fishing. I was a total novice to the sport before the class. I HIGHLY recommend buying and reading Tom Rosenbauer's "The Orvis Fly-fishing Guide" before taking the course. The Homestead is a terrific location with some phenomenal restaurants very close by. I live nearby and will definitely be hiring these guys as guides as I get to learn the local rivers.

  • 5/5

    couldn't B better - 10/15/2013
    By: from Glen Arbor MI

    I had done a "little" FF in the past and dedcided to get serious. This was the right school to do that. All instructor, Dave, Jim and Craig were very helpful to keep me on the right track and practice what I had learned. Their knowledge is superior . This school(Glen Arbor) is a must for anyone thinking of trying FF. I have already recommended the school and Dave to serveral friends and have no reservations in doing so.

  • 5/5


    I just completed the two day fly fishing school with Streamside Orvis in Traverse City, Michigan. I had an amazing time! Dave is a wonderful instructor. He is so passionate about the sport and so patient with his students. He took great care in teaching me not only the basics - about which I feel MUCH more comfortable now - but also the particularized techniques he judged that I need for the type of fly fishing travel I intend to do and my particular skill set. The curriculum was great, the lessons learned were great, and the care Dave and his staff took with my class was great. I absolutely recommend the experience - I have been dinking around for months with fly fishing, unsuccessfully, and finally feel like I have a future in this sport!

  • 5/5

    Great Experience! - 5/28/2013

    Just returned from the two day fly fishing school in Glen Arbor, MI. I highly recommend this school to anyone. Dave and Jim are truly passionate about fly fishing and their passion is contagious. The instruction is well organised and there is alot of indivdual attention. If I were doing this again the only thing I would change would be to add a few days of guided fishing after the School. The Glen Arbor, Traverse City area is a beautiful vibrant area with great trout streams and also plenty to do -great restaurants, wineries and micro- breweries to visit when you get off the river. This would make a great vacation.

  • 5/5

    What's Hatching Dude? - 5/7/2013
    By: from Michigan

    My wife and I participated in the 2 day school offered by Streamside Orvis and we could not have been more pleased. Dave and Jim are obsessed with Fly Fishing and it is contagious! They stuck to the basics and gave us just enough to be informative yet fun. Even if you never wet a line on your own you will enjoy this school and the beautiful Northern Michigan location. CharminCharlie

  • 5/5

    Fun, Outstanding Instruction - 5/6/2013

    I have wanted to learn how to fly fish for over two years. Due to a busy schedule and true lack of confidence in what I was doing out there, I hadn't given the sport any time or energy. That all changed last weekend when I took the 2 day course through Streamside Orvis In Traverse City. The instructors are fantastic in all aspects and will equip you with the tools and the know-how to develop your new hobby or to tweak your current skillset. Most importantly, you will leave with the confidence to go out and attempt to master this complex sport. The equipment is great, the surroundings are beautiful, and if nothing else, it is a great vacation experience (even if you're a local). Thanks to Dave, Jim, and Kelly for all that you've done!

  • 5/5

    Great Instructor/Great Time - 9/5/2012
    By: from Northern Indiana

    Just completed the Flyfishing School at Traverse City, Mi, 25-26 Aug 12. Great time, and only 3 in class. Lots of personal attention and correction when needed. It was well worth the time and money spent. Nice area at Sleeping Bear, Homestead Resort was great also. Plan to go up again for Steelhead and Salmon with reccomended guide. Orvis fly shop very helpfull in selection rod/reel package for the Steelhead. Thanks everyone. Jeff

  • 5/5

    Never Too Old To Learn - 9/9/2009

    When I was in my 20s and 30s I thoroughly enjoyed fly fishing. For whatever reason, I laid my stick down. Now in retirement, I am again enjoying the sport immensely. I have been considering taking the Orvis fly fishing course in Glen Arbor for several years now. I knew that I needed additional help to refine my casting technique. Proper knot selection, knot tying, and entomology were also not my strongest “suits”. This past Thursday I conducted a live chat with Orvis, and Dan was able to get me registered for the class that started on Saturday in Glen Arbor. The Homestead is the perfect resort for conducting such a class. The surroundings, as well as all presentations, were very professional. The teacher to student ratio was low. Every question that I had going into the class was answered. Casey made the class easy to understand, and it was fun to learn. There is no way that I would have been able to “grow into” the sport more effectively or more rapidly than by taking this class. Dave (at Orvis Streamside in Traverse City) is a most gracious host and will do all within his power to make sure that your needs are fully met. My only regret is that I waited so long to take the class. Dave – Casey: Thank you!

  • 5/5

    Great! - 6/2/2009

    What a wonderful two days. Casey, Greg, and Mike were very patient and focused on making sure we were improving our skills and knowledge as we progressed over our two day learning adventure. Dave, as always. is very entertaining. We are looking forward to our next "guided" adventure in beautiful Northern Michigan.

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