Deep Water Cay, The Bahamas

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Deep Water Cay, The Bahamas


Deep Water Cay was created in 1958 as a fishing lodge. Numerous upgrades, additions and improvements over the years have made it what it is today, an intimate upscale resort, appealing to discriminating travelers from around the world. With a wide variety of activities, upscale accommodations, and expertly prepared local cuisine, anglers and non-anglers alike can both enjoy themselves at Deep Water Cay. Despite also being an ideal vacation destination for divers, snorkelers and beachcombers, the owners, managers and staff have continued their tradition of providing visiting anglers with a world class fishing experience. The fly fishing in the Bahamas program is better now than it's ever been, and is one of our favorite picks for serious anglers, that also like to be comfortable.

The East End of Grand Bahama Island is renowned worldwide by well-traveled anglers as one of the best bonefishing destinations in The Bahamas. Deep Water Cay is the only upscale, full service Orvis Endorsed lodge on the East End, with access to 250 square miles of flats. Many of the flats are hard bottomed, making them ideal for wade-fishing.

If your traveling companion doesn't fish, they will enjoy the vacation lodge's full range of available activities and comfortable waterfront accommodations. There is something for everyone to enjoy at Deep Water Cay, making it the perfect choice for mixed interest groups, and couples.

You can expect comfortable and well appointed accommodations, world class cuisine, top of the line boats operated by seasoned, expert guides, and a management & staff committed to providing the utmost in service and attention to detail.

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About Grand Bahama Island and Deep Water Cay

300 hundred years ago this part of The Bahamas was home to several well known pirates, who preyed on Spanish galleons transporting gold and silver from South America. Names like Blackbeard, Black Sam, and Calico Jack, are regularly used when recounting the history of Grand Bahama. It was the number of cays, or small islands, and shallow flats that made The Bahamas so attractive to these outlaws. The British, French and Spanish ships simply couldn't navigate the shallow waters, so law and order took a long time coming to The Bahamas.

Tourism is the number one industry in The Bahamas. The weather is always warm, and there is a real sense of relaxation in the Islands. Virtually, every town in the country is on the water, and most residents genuinely love the marine environment. The buildings are a combination of Mardi Gras, and an Easter parade. They're brightly colored and represent nearly every hue of the rainbow. Everyone and everything is relaxed, including the shrubs and the tropical flowers.

The Weather

The average temperatures in the Bahamas follow familiar patterns. The temperatures peak in August, with an average daily high of 89.3° and low of 73.8°. January is the coolest month of the year with an average daily high of 77.3° and a low of 62.1°.

Rainfall varies throughout the year. The months of November through April experience the lowest rainfall (between 1.6 and 2.2 inches). June and August yield the highest rainfall, between 8.5 and 9.2 inches. May, July, September, and October vary from 4.6 to 6.9 inches per month.

The average humidity hovers around 78% year round -- a touch lower in March and April, and a touch higher in September and October.

Getting There

Most guests fly into Freeport through one of the several US cities offering direct service. American Airlines, Bahamas Air, Delta and US Airways all have direct non-stop service from the US. You are free to make your own flight arrangements, or have our air desk assist you. Once you arrive in Freeport you will be met by a Deep Water Cay representative, and transferred to McLean's Town, were a water taxi will be waiting to take you to the resort, about 5 minutes away.

Deep Water Cay also has a 4,000 foot paved jet airstrip, and can arrange for guests to clear Bahamian Customs and Immigration upon their arrival. Please contact Orvis Travel for specifics if you plan to fly directly to the resort by private or charter aircraft.


Arrival Day

You will be met at the Freeport, Grand Bahama airport (FPO) and transferred directly to the resort. The drive, and short water taxi ride, will take approximately 1 hour. Check-in time is 2 PM. If you arrive earlier you can relax in the main lodge until your room is ready, or it may be possible to add an optional half day of fishing to your package. Drinks and appetizers are served in the Blue Hole Bar and dinner will be served in the main lodge at a set time each evening.

Fishing Days

The day starts early with a traditional breakfast served in the lodge dining room. After breakfast guests meet with their guides and develop a plan for the day. By 8:30 AM all guests are in their boats and on their way to the flats. Depending on conditions and angler preferences, anglers may be casting within 10 minutes of leaving the dock. On occasion, the trip to the flats may be longer, but seldom takes longer than 30 minutes. After a full day on the water, all boats will return to the dock by 4:30 PM.

Once you get back to the dock you can relax at AJ’s Tiki Bar with a Kalik (The Beer of The Bahamas) or a cocktail before dinner.

Appetizers and dinner are served in the dining room at a set time each evening.

Departure Day

Check-out time is 10:00 AM. If you leave later in the day you can arrange for a tour of the island, or relax in the main lodge while you wait for your airport transfer. It may also be possible to schedule an optional half day of fly fishing on your departure day. Regardless of your schedule, you will be transferred to the airport about two hours prior your flight departure. You may also choose to visit another destination after your stay at Deep Water Cay. Orvis Travel has a wide variety of options available in The Bahamas, and we will be happy to make a recommendation and handle the arrangements.


The Fishing

Fishing has always been important at Deep Water Cay, from the time the lodge first opened its doors. In its illustrious fifty plus years, Deep Water Cay has hosted some of the most adventurous and distinguished fly rodders, as well as hundreds of novice anglers looking for their first bonefish on a fly. A true favorite among many knowledgeable anglers, Deep Water Cay is considered to be one of the crown jewels for fly fishing in the Bahamas.

Deep Water Cay guides and guests have access to over 250 square miles of flats, teaming with bonefish. Many of the flats are hard-packed white sand, making the bonefish easier to spot, and wading is the ideal way to approach them. The softer bottom turtle grass flats, and mangrove lagoons, are more effectively fished from a boat. The area’s unique geography and tidal cycles allow guides to fish different areas throughout the day, so there is little downtime, waiting for the tide to turn. In fact, there is a three hour difference between tides within a short ride to the north or south of Deep Water Cay, so when the tide is wrong in one spot, it is invariably perfect in a nearby spot.

Guided fly fishing excursions usually begin at around 8:30 AM and end at 4:30 PM. In the event you haven’t had enough, there is a productive flat right in front of the lodge, where you can spend a couple hours stalking bonefish, before joining the other guests for dinner in the lodge.

Deep Water Cay has a reputation for hiring and training some of the best guides in The Bahamas. Many of the current guides are veterans, having worked for Deep Water Cay for 10-15 years. Since all of the guides are hard working professionals, and pleasant to spend time with, guests are sure to have an enjoyable day on the water, even when conditions aren’t ideal.

Runs to the flats vary from 10 to 45 minutes. The bonefish average 3-4 pounds, with frequent shots at bigger fish. In fact, it is not unheard of for anglers to catch 10 pound bonefish on Grand Bahama Island.

December through February can be a good time of year, but the fishing can be negatively impacted by occasional cold fronts. These cold fronts can cool down the water, causing fish to take sanctuary in deeper water.

March through the middle of June is considered peak season for bonefishing in The Bahamas, with good reason. Although inclement weather is possible any month of the year, this period is traditionally very stable, significantly improving the chances for phenomenal fishing. The southeasterly trade winds associated with this time of year usually bring mild dry air, and clear skies. The mild weather keeps fish on the flats, and the clear sky improves visibility, helping anglers see into the water.

Late June through September is often considered “slow season” for bonefishing in The Bahamas. However, although water temperatures can be elevated enough to negatively impact the fishing, some of the best fishing of the year can actually be found in the middle of the summer. Permit are more readily available in the summer, and very large schools of bonefish are often spotted on the flats at this time of year. The biggest challenge is often poor light conditions associated with the afternoon storm clouds that are often encountered in the summer. Anglers that are willing to take a risk might be heavily rewarded for visiting in the summer, but they should also be aware of the impacts that weather may have on their trip.

October through November is a favorite time to visit for many veteran flats anglers. The largest fish of the year are often caught in the autumn, and this period between the summer storm season, and the winter cold fronts, often provides ideal weather conditions for bonefishing.

The Bahamas are primarily a bonefish destination and the waters around Deep Water Cay are no different. There are the occasional shots at permit, ‘cudas, jacks, and sharks, so we recommend you bring the appropriate tackle if you are interested in taking advantage of these opportunities. However, no angler should expect to have shots at permit, regardless of when they plan to visit.

Deep Water Cay has a fully stocked fly shop. As an Orvis Travel guest, you will receive a complete trip planner, including a detailed packing list, once you have confirmed your reservation. You will also receive an Orvis Travel VIP merchandise discount card good for 15% off of any Orvis merchandise you purchase from Orvis through the end of the year you travel. However, if you don’t want to invest in bonefishing equipment, or don’t want to bring it with you, Deep Water Cay will be happy to provide you with rental gear. You can even purchase terminal tackle (flies, leader and tippet) in the lodge’s shop.

Anglers at Deep Water Cay will fish from a fleet of modern and well maintained Hell’s Bay Flats Skiffs. These boats are known for their ability to maneuver in very shallow water, and their comfortable ride. Each boat is equipped with a leaning brace on the bow.


Deep Water Cay has a full complement of activities, and does a great job catering to all guests, whether they enjoy flats fishing or not. The lodge’s activity coordinator works with guests to help them select and schedule adventures that are perfectly suited to their individual interests and abilities. Guests can choose from numerous activities, including:

  • SCUBA Diving – Wall, reef, wrecks and blue holes offer divers a wide variety of options. Deep Water Cay’s full service dive program also features a dive instructor, making it possible for guests to obtain basic or advanced certification.
  • Snorkeling – Guided and unguided snorkeling opportunities abound. Guests can access a variety of habitats snorkeling from shore on their own, or with an expert guide from one of the resort’s boats
  • Off-Shore Fishing – Wahoo, sailfish, marlin, Mahi Mahi, and tuna can all be caught just a few miles off-shore. Guests fish from 33-foot World Cat center consoles using conventional gear
  • Reef Fishing – Less than a mile off shore guests can find fast and furious fishing excitement while targeting grouper, snapper, barracuda and other species with conventional tackle. This is a perfect activity for anyone, since no special skills are required
  • Kayaking – Explore the coves, mangroves, flats, blue holes and quite beaches on one of the resorts sit-a-top sea kayaks
  • Paddleboarding – A great way to explore, get into the mangroves, and get some exercise. Some guests even enjoy bonefishing from a paddleboard.
  • Exploring – Walking trails and golf carts are available to help guests explore the island, either on their own, or with a guide
  • Spa & Gym – Enjoy a massage, or use the gym’s elliptical trainers, treadmills, or weights
  • Bikes, Hobie Cat sailboats, and tennis courts – Available at no additional charge on a first come, first served basis


The Resort

The fly fishing resort is located on its own 2.2 square mile private island, about an hour’s drive east of the international airport in Freeport. The resort buildings and home sites are on the western tip of the island, while the eastern end of the island has been set aside as a mangrove preserve.

The lodge is the social center of the resort, and features a great room, game room, dining room, Blue Hole Bar, fly-tying station and infinity pool. While at the lodge guests can use the computer station to check in with the world back home, or bring along your own wireless device to use the resort’s Wi-Fi network.

Most guests stay in one of the resort’s newly updated one-bedroom cottages, overlooking a beautiful bonefish flat. The cottages are comfortable with two queen beds, air conditioning, ensuite bath and other amenities like coffee maker and refrigerator. The cottages are situated only a short walk from the lodge, Welcome Center, dock and infinity pool.

Groups or families may consider upgrading their package to stay in one of the resort’s guest houses. The 2, 3 or 4 bedroom guest houses are more spacious than the cottages, and include full kitchens, sitting and living rooms, dining areas, and wrap-around verandas. Those staying in the guest houses are treated to morning sunrises, evening sunsets, and unparalleled water views. An Orvis Travel expert will be happy to help you select from a variety of guests house options to suit your group’s needs.

Food & Bar

Deep Water Cay’s food and beverage director has no shortage of passion or commitment to his guests. He has worked with the resort’s dedicated kitchen staff to refine some favorite island dishes, and to expand the offerings to include some truly unique Caribbean offerings.

Breakfast is served in the lodge, and features a variety of fresh fruits, cereals, coffee and a selection of teas. Eggs are cooked to order and served with bacon, ham, or sausage, and fresh pastries.

Anglers that plan to enjoy lunch while out on the water will place an order the evening prior. Box lunches typically consist of a sandwich, fruit, snack and soft drinks. Since the flats are so close to the resort, anglers also have the option of returning to the lodge for lunch.

After a full day on the water guests are invited to relax with a cocktail or cold beer at AJ’s dockside Tiki Bar before getting ready for dinner. Join other guests at Deep Water Cay’s Blue Hole Bar for appetizers and a Deep Water Cay original cocktail like the Green Flash, or an ever popular Bahama Mama, while enjoying the sunset over the reef. The bar boasts an extensive wine list, several local beers, and a nice selection of liquors and mixers.

Dinner is served in the lodge’s main dining room. The chef prepares a menu featuring different items each evening, so there is always something new to try.

Pricing & Dates

Pricing & Dates for Deep Water Cay

Flats Fly Fishing Package Costs:
Rates are per person and exclude VAT taxes and resort service charges:

Valid through June 2017. Rates are subject to change.
Duration Double Occupancy
(2 per room, 2 per guide)
Single Occupancy
(1 per room, 1 per guide)
3 nights, 2 days of fishing $2613 $3978
4 nights, 3 days of fishing $3500 $5265
5 nights, 4 days of fishing $4311 $6573
6 nights, 5 days of fishing $5036 $7743
7 nights, 6 days of fishing $5710 $8826

*Closed July through September.
Custom packages, including non-angler packages, reef fishing, diving, remote beach excursions, and snorkeling are available. Please call for availability.


  • Guided fishing, 1 or 2 anglers per guide
  • Lodging in air-conditioned en suite 1 bedroom cottage
  • All meals at the lodge and boat lunches
  • Non-bottled beverages (water, juice, etc.) served during meals, bottled water in rooms
  • Wireless Internet and use of guest computer

Not included:

  • International flights to Freeport
  • Airport ground transfers to lodge
  • Bahamian 7.5 % VAT tax on all charges and 12% resort service fees.
  • Bottled or canned beverage (including bottled water at dinner, soda, and alcohol)
  • Phone calls
  • Fishing license
  • Fishing equipment (available for rent/purchase)
  • Guide tips ($80 per boat, per day minimum)
  • Laundry service
  • Special dining requests (private beachfront dinner, room service, etc.)
  • Non-angling tours and eco excursions, booked on-site

Orvis Travel Package Rate Guarantee:

When you book with Orvis Travel, you pay the same price as when you book direct. Unlike rates you may see advertised elsewhere, our packages include all taxes, service charges and transfers. If your booking qualifies for any additional discounts or offers, they will be extended to you when you book. Please contact us for more details.


Contact the expert at Orvis Travel:
Dan Davala
Deep Water Cay
Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm (ET)

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