Wooden Mariner's Box

Any sailor will love this marine navigational tools desk set.


This charming rosewood box contains everything a master mariner would have needed on a long sea voyage. A brass plate on the lid lists the different tools including compass, small telescope, scale, levels, sight vane, and clinometer for determining angles and slope. These marine navigational tools make a unique desk ornament for any landlocked sailor.


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  • 3/5

    Ok - 11/19/2012

    Was a nice gift , but not made we'll enough Compass was off needle had to shake it

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  • 3/5

    Nice but not exactly what I had pictured - 1/2/2012
    By: from Massachusetts

    I ordered this item for my husband, an avid sailor who wishes his family loved it as much as he did, for Christmas. I wrapped the box it came in and the biggest laugh was that it was packaged in about 5 consecutive boxes inside...sort of like a nesting doll. Although I checked the dimensions when I bought it, it really is quite small in real life and none of the items come out of the box for inspection. I am not sure most sailors want something they cannot hold in their own hands!!! Good enough desk ornament but not what most sailors want.

  • 4/5

    Mariners box - 12/30/2011
    By: from North Carolina

    The mariners box was a special Christmas gift for my son because it reminds him of the beauty of the tools used by the men who came before us. He has placed it on his desk next to his computer to contrast the technology of then and now. He is now studying how the mariners navigated and how the instruments were used.

  • 1/5

    It's a nice box, that's all. - 12/25/2011
    By: from Maine

    It isn't any more than that. I bought it as a functioning desk ornament for my husband who has sailed for years. The compass didn't work at first, the Clinometer did not unlock. These 2 negatives cancelled the functionality of the other functions. He was disappointed and so was I. I will be sending it back after Christmas.

  • 1/5

    poor quality - 12/24/2011

    overall, very poor quality. Not up to Orvis standards. Box is roughly finished. "brass" internal parts have rust on them. (did not think ferric rust occurred on brass). Compass has a cheap sticker as a background. Parts are nearly rusted in place. Compass was relatively accurate, however. My first impression was "junk". My parents thought it would be a nice gift, since I am a naval officer and they thought it would look nice on my desk. Instead, I will be calling orvis!

  • 1/5

    Disappointed - 12/23/2011
    By: from Wilmington, NC

    This was my first purchase from Orvis. Sad to say, I was most disappointed. The only good thing to say is that the box arrived quickly. Upon opening the box, however, I literally said out loud " you've got to be kidding".I could hardly believe that I had paid $100 for this! The box is very small and the items toylike in looks. I bought this for my husband who has been boating for years and I would have been embarrassed to give it to him as a gift. I returned it the next day.

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