Davy's Skating Caddis

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Caddis typically thrive in slow-moving water, but on streams with a bit more flow or no hatching insects, a little creativity can sometimes result in massive takes. With Davy's Skating Caddis, forget about dead-drifting and let the current drag it across the surface. The more wake, the better. A perfect prospecting fly for those days when nothing else seems to work. In olive, brown.
Sizes: 14, 16.
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    Evening on Rock Creek - 7/19/2011

    It's early evening on Rock Creek in western Montana. The river is blown out from the snow melt, but here on a side channel a few trout are rising. An ovipositing caddisfly skates down the channel, and a big rainbow completely clears the water as it takes the bug. I rummage through my fly boxes for a Davy's skating caddis, tie it on, and grease up my line. I try a couple of practice skates, then cast above the trout and strip like crazy. On my third cast the water explodes, and I set the hook. It's no problem getting a big fish like this onto the reel. But playing such a fish in a channel you could practically jump across is another matter--the previous weeks' flood has deposited willows, alders, and cottonwood branches all along the channel. The rainbow dives, wraps the leader, throws the hook and is gone. Somehow I feel more exhilaration than disappointment.

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