Dog Rocks®

Protect your green grass with this pack of dog urine lawn savers.


We were skeptical until we tried them. An all-natural solution to the problem of pet urine burn marks on lawns and in back yards, Dog Rocks are hassle free and easy to use. Simply place the rocks in your dog's water bowl, and the problem fades away. Nothing leeches into your pet's water-the rocks purify the water, removing harmful trace elements, and thereby lowering the amount of nitrates that are expelled in the dog's urine. Thoroughly tested in the gardens of Europe and Australia, more than one million packs of Dog Rocks have already been sold worldwide. Each bag provides approximately 2 months of lawn protection. Australia.


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  • 5/5

    Can't believe this works!! - 6/23/2015
    By: from Pocatello, ID

    I have three dogs and urine spots build up fast on my nice green lawn. Incredibly, this product works!!

  • 4/5

    It Works! - 6/15/2015
    By: from NC

    In a bucket of water I only used two rocks as four rocks prevented my dogs from drinking. The product has definitely worked, my yard is already showing signs of improvement.

  • 5/5

    No new yellow spots! - 6/11/2015
    By: from Phoenix, AZ

    I was skeptical as it seemed to easy...put rocks in the dogs water. Since we put the rocks in about 2 weeks ago, no new yellow spots. I will be purchasing more!

  • 3/5

    rocky rocks - 6/7/2015
    By: from chicago suburb

    I was pleased with the first bag of rocks - it seemed the grass was in much better shape than it had been - 3 stars because as soon as i replaced bag1 with bag 2 rocks, yellow grass returned. I think maybe a quality control issue? I'm reordering because I loved having ALL green grass, and am hoping I just got a couple of duds in bag 2.

  • 1/5

    Threw them out - 5/28/2015

    We put these in our Lab's water bowl, in different positions in the bowl, and she refused to drink. Had to throw them out! We left them in for over 24 hrs., and were afraid she would get dehydrated.

  • 1/5

    Oops! - 5/18/2015

    Sounded like such a great idea. Our lab took one look at the rocks in his water...barked...and ate them. Didn't work for us :)

  • 5/5

    Rocking Rocks! - 5/11/2015
    By: from South western Ohio

    I too was very skeptical, but ready to try anything. Our yard was being burned terribly. The rocks started working in the first week! Thank you Orvis!

  • 5/5

    it really works - 5/7/2015
    By: from Williamsburg VA

    I could not believe I was paying for rocks to put in a dog bowl, but they have made a difference for our grass that was always burned by our dogs' urine. It said to replace every two months. I waited four and have my second set in use. Grass looks great, dog is happy, we are happy. The only thing that looks weird is the dog bowl with rocks in it!

  • 3/5

    Dog Rocks - 5/7/2015
    By: from Pensacola FL

    I am not recommended this because I do not know at this time if they work as described. I just received them and the product says it takes 5 weeks for them to take effect. The other aspect is the Rocks leave debree in the water and this was not described in the use. It says to keep refuilling the water bowl and not to wash the bowl out. The product needs to have a more complete explaination of their use.

  • 5/5

    These rocks ROCK! - 5/4/2015
    By: from Malvern, PA

    Easy to use, simply rinse first, then put the Dog Rocks into your pet's water bowl. No brown spots, just as promised!

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