Gel-Spun Backing

High capacity fly line backing puts 60% more line on your reel.


Use this high capacity fly line backing for big game angling. Maximum strength fly line backing with up to 60% more capacity than Dacron. 35-lb.-test Gel-Spun Backing gives you more capacity than using 20-lb. Dacron, which is why it is the backing of choice for big-game angling. Braided from gel-spun polyethylene, this incredible fly line backing is 10 times stronger than steel in equal diameters. A very small diameter for higher yardage on the reel means slower spool rpms on runs and faster pickups. Gel-Spun fly line backing has virtually no stretch, is extremely abrasion-resistant, yet has a very low coefficient of friction so it will not damage your fly rod guides, and retains 100% of its strength while in the water. Unaffected by UV, gas, oil, salt or detergents. Fly line backing comes in 35- and 50-lb. test.


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  • 5/5 stars 5/5

    Looks good, havent tested yet - 8/7/2013
    By: from Newfoundland Canada

    Unfortunately I cant comment specifically on how the gel spun backing works with a fish on yet, however the line feels very strong and is wound on the reel nicely, I purchased 200 yds of the backing, which I anticipate will suffice for the 30lb Atlantic salmon I plan on catching at the Flowers River in Labrador Canada next week. I ordered this fly-line backing based on a recommendation from a friend. The backing arrived within 5 business of ordering, professionally packed. Thank you ORVIS, I look forward to future orders.

  • 5/5 stars 5/5

    It works great - 3/27/2013
    By: from North Ga
    Top 50 Contributor

    I like buying from a company that helps the fishing world so much. The Gel spun is a great product.

  • 5/5 stars 5/5

    Can't wait to get this wet! - 12/29/2012
    By: from Portsmouth, NH

    Santa brought me this, a new sinking tip line, and a new extra spool for Christmas. It was just what I need in addition to my floating line for chasing the striped bass up here near Portsmouth, NH. This addition should help me go from the surf to the rocky shores. I can't wait for spring!

  • 5/5 stars 5/5

    Backing Favorite - 12/28/2012
    By: from Eastern Oregon

    Good strength and compact on the spool. I like the white for visability when lining out on a run. Knots have been tight without any worry. Considering he lower price than the other colors this is a good value.

  • 5/5 stars 5/5

    Best backing - 3/13/2012
    By: from Central California

    I really like how much backing can be added to smaller capacity reels. It is also super strong and will not let you down.

  • 3/5 stars 3/5

    Gel-spun backing - 1/18/2012
    By: from Wisconsin

    This is rated at 35 lb test but on my testing it is about 18 lb. It is provided as a 600 yd spool. It would be nice if there would be a mark every 50 or 100 yards so you could know how much you were installing on a reel.

  • 5/5 stars 5/5

    Spool Bulking. - 8/30/2011
    By: from Stevenage

    Excellent for backing when you are constrained for space on your reel. Strong and thin, perfect for low volume backing.

  • 5/5 stars 5/5

    Great For Reels With Capacity Issues - 10/9/2009

    The thing that I find so great about this product is the ability to get plenty of backing on a reel when putting a line on the reel that is the upper limits of the reels ratings. For example I wanted to put a 8 wt Bass Bug line on a BLA III and using the gel spun I was able to get plenty of backing on the BLA III and the thicker diameter line. This allowed me to keep the better matched BLA III on my rod versus going to the heavier BLA IV. In addition, there is the greater lb strength, longer life, zero stretch, etc. Really nice product that is not a lot more expensive than dacron.

  • 5/5 stars 5/5

    The best backing there is! - 11/18/2007
    By: from Boynton Beach, Florida
    Top 50 Contributor

    I have this gel spun backing on every reel and extra spool I own except the smaller trout reels that I know will never need more than 150 yards of backing. On those I use dacron. This backing is super strong and takes up very little space on your reel. I've gone into my backing in saltwater with jack crevelles, snook, and a small tarpon and my gel spun kept all of them on the line and got them to the boat. I keep 250 to 300 yards on all of my 7, 8, 9, and 10 wt. saltwater reels, and I keep that much on them with plenty of room to spare. You can fit more gel spun than the manufacturer says so if your worried whether you should get 250 yd., or 300 yds, get 300 because it will fit and it doesn't ever hurt to have extra backing just in case.

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Fly Line Backing

Live ChatSome game fish, like salmon, steelhead, bonefish, tarpon, and many other saltwater species, will take a fly and run for up to 200 yards before you can slow them down. Since a fly line is only about 100 feet long, there has to be some kind of insurance beyond the fly line so you stay connected. Fly line backing is a thin, strong line that is attached to the fly reel at one end and the fly line at the other. For most trout fly fishing, 50 yards is plenty. When fly fishing for saltwater speed demons like bonefish or permit, the fish of a lifetime might take 200 yards of fly line so you need to be prepared.

To help you determine what backing is appropriate for your reel we have described the attributes of all Orvis backing below. If you buy an Orvis reel and line together Orvis can load your reel with the appropriate amount of backing and riggings for Free if you choose Dacron. $10 for Gel Spun, High Capacity Gel Spun and $24 for 50lb. Gel Spun.

Still not sure which backing is right for you? Chat online with one of our Fishing Specialist for instant advice.

High Capacity Gel Spun Backing

The backing you want for big game fishing.

• Maximum strength with minimum diameter  
• 60% more capacity than Dacron
• 35-lb.-test Gel-Spun gives 60% more capacity than 20-lb. Dacron
• More capacity means higher yardage on the reel, slower spool rpms on runs, and faster pickups
• Braided gel-spun polyethylene is 10 times stronger than steel in equal diameters
• Virtually no stretch
• Extremely abrasion-resistant
• Very low coefficient of friction won’t damage your fly rod guides
• Retains 100% of its strength while in the water
• Unaffected by UV, gas, oil, salt or detergents
• Comes in 35-lb. and 50-lb. test.

Hi-Viz Gel Spun

The Maximum capacity for the biggest and strongest of big game fish.

More capacity means higher yardage on the reel, slower spool rpms on runs, and faster pickups
• Braided gel-spun polyethylene is 10 times stronger than steel in equal diameters
• Virtually no stretch
• Extremely abrasion-resistant
• Very low coefficient of friction won’t damage your fly rod guides
• Retains 100% of its strength while in the water
• Unaffected by UV, gas, oil, salt or detergents
• Comes in 30-lb and 45-lb. test.


The choice for freshwater and light saltwater angling

• Braided white Dacron®, precision processed with uniform strength
• 12-lb. test perfect for light lines and smaller reels from 1-3-weight
• 20 lb. test for trout, bass, and most freshwater fishing
• 30-lb. test ideal for salmon and light saltwater

Gel Spun Tracking Backing

Tracks how deep a big fish has you into your backing.

Different colors in the backing measure how much backing is out and how much to loan on your reel
• Dyneema® material has all the merits of gel-spun—thin diameter for maximum capacity
• Resists UV, gas, and other corrosives
• Low coefficient of friction
• 312 yards of fly line backing.

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  • 35-lb., 100 yds. $12.00
  • 35-lb., 200 yds. $24.00
  • 35-lb., 300 yds. $34.00
  • 35-lb., 400 yds. $45.00
  • 35-lb., 600 yds. $69.00
  • 35-lb., 800 yds. $89.00
  • 35-lb., 1200 yds. $129.00
  • 50-lb., 400 yds. $65.00
  • 50-lb., 600 yds. $100.00
  • 50-lb., 800 yds. $130.00
  • 50-lb., 1,200 yds. $195.00
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