Zeiss Polycarbonate Koolan Sunglasses Frames

These polarized sunglasses are terrific for fishing when there's glare on the water.


Polarized fishing sunglasses with a great frame choice for average face shapes, in polycarbonate lenses for lightweight comfort at a great value. Polarized sunglasses for fishing in dark blue frames with amber lenses, and black frames with rose lenses. Tri-Spectrum Polycarbonate sunglasses start with frames of the highest quality injected nylon with rubber nose pads and temple tips for a secure fit even in the wettest conditions. These glasses offer excellent coverage for harsh light and are extremely lightweight and durable. The polycarbonate lenses have a repel coating providing anti-static, anti-fog, and water repellent technology. 3-layer blue-violet anti-reflective coating providing maximum back glare protection that reduces internal reflection. 100% UVA and UVB protection. Optical quality lenses. 99% Polarization efficiency. Impact and scratch resistant.



How to Order Prescription Sunglasses

First, please choose single-vision or bifocal lenses. Then send us a copy of your order number (which you will receive upon completion of this order) and your prescription, which must include pupillary distance (PDs) measurement and be signed by your optometrist within the last 12 months. Send these forms to us in one of two easy ways:

  • Fax it to us at 540-343-7053 or scan it and send it by e-mail to orderimages@orvis.com.
  • You can also call in your order at 888-235-9763 and then send in your prescription forms via e-mail or fax.

Please allow three to four weeks for delivery.

Lens Color

How to Pick the Right Lens Color

Picking the right lens color for the fishing you do is an intimidating process for many anglers.  We’ve tried to make it easy for you by only offering those lens colors that offer superior vision when looking into water.  All the colors in Orvis sunglasses have been optimized and tested specifically for removing glare from the water’s surface and for seeing objects below the water.  They are not colors developed for snowboarding or golf or biking, although our sunglass colors are also superb for everyday wear and driving.

Amber - great for most fly fishing conditions

When in doubt choose amber.  Amber offers the best combination of visible light transmission and contrast enhancement for a wide variety of conditions from saltwater flats fishing to shaded trout streams.  It sharpens the edges of visible objects by selectively tuning the visible spectrum with very little loss of resolution.

Rose - for very bright conditions

Rose offer some advantages under very bright conditions, such as flats fishing on sunny days and fishing wide open rivers in bright sunlight.  Rose blocks slightly more visible light than amber, so it allows your eyes to stay rested after a long day on the water.  But even more important, rose blocks more infrared (heat) rays, so it keeps your delicate corneas from drying up after a long day in the hot sun.  It is especially advantageous for people with dry eyes or contact lens wearers as it helps prevent eyes from drying out.  The contrast enhancement of rose is as good as amber and some anglers wear the rose color under all conditions.

Yellow - best for lower light conditions

Yellow lenses (available only in polycarbonate lenses) are best for early mornings, cloudy days, and evenings.  Glare at these times can be overwhelming, but standard rose and amber tints can block too much visible light, resulting in a slight decrease in resolution.  Yellow polarized lenses allow more visible light transmission and high contrast enhancement while still eliminating most glare.

Why doesn't Orvis offer gray polarized lenses?

We design our sunglasses for the demanding conditions that fly fishing dictates.  Although some anglers swear by gray lenses, both our experience and our scientific testing of lens tints shows that gray lenses offer no advantage other than visible light blocking at all parts of the spectrum and removing glare.  They do not add any contrast enhancement, which is so important in spotting fish, rocks, ledges, and logs below the water’s surface.

Why doesn't Orvis offer mirror lenses?

Mirror lenses offer absolutely no increase in visual acuity.  They merely add cost and are 100% cosmetic.

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