Los Ombues Lodge, Argentina

This hunting lodge in Argentina offers a dove hunting experience to remember.

Los Ombues Lodge, Argentina


Los Ombues lodge is perched on a hill overlooking 37,000 acres of prime bird hunting land in the rich floodplain of the Parana River, with another 120,000 acres under lease for shooting. 20 million eared doves roost in native woodlands, an abundance of ducks inhabit marshes that rival anything in the world, and perdiz (partridge) rise over dogs in the rolling grassland.

Carlos Sanchez built the lodge for bird hunting and everything about it reflects his passion for the sport and an understanding of what makes a high quality shooting experience. Dove and duck hunting takes place on the property, close to the lodge; every bit of equipment - vehicles, boats, rental guns - is perfectly maintained; and the staff is organized to keep things running smoothly. After a day of memorable shooting, you sink into a comfortable chair at the lodge among a dozen other shooters.


Argentina is a beautiful country and Orvis Travel will be glad to organize a few extra days there for you before or after your shooting trip. Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city with excellent hotels, restaurants and music, and Iguassu Falls is a short flight from Buenos Aires and worth an extra day or two to visit the falls and adjacent forest preserve. Wine country, Mendoza, is also worth a couple days extension to enjoy the wineries and surroundings.

Let your Orvis Travel trip coordinator know you're interested in an extension and they will design a custom itinerary to suit your schedule.


Sample Itinerary

Sample of a four night, four day dove, duck, and perdiz hunt at Los Ombues.

Day 1 | Buenos Aires

You will arrive in the morning and have the option of going straight to Los Ombues, a four to five hour drive, or spending a few days in Buenos Aires. The choice is yours, but we recommend at least a day in the city. Buenos Aires is one of the most interesting cities in South America and it’s well worth spending a few days exploring it. With wide boulevards for walking, excellent restaurants and lively nightlife that lasts until dawn, it’s sometimes called the “Paris of Latin America.”

The hotels are well run and some of the best in the world, The Alvear Palace, is a favorite with Orvis guests. Located in the upscale neighborhood of Recoleta, it is near the city center and close to some of the best steakhouses in Argentina.

If you prefer to go straight to Los Ombues and bypass Buenos Aires, an overland transfer from the airport takes about four to five hours. A charter flight can be arranged from the domestic or international airports in Buenos Aires directly to Los Ombues, or in some cases to Rosario. Direct flights to Los Ombues take just over an hour; while flights to Rosario take about one hour, followed by a one-hour land transfer to the lodge.

Arrive at Los Ombues, unpack and have lunch. In the afternoon you will go shooting with your guides. There is shooting very close to the lodge, and you won’t spend a lot of time in transit.

Please note that flights within Argentina, hotels or sightseeing in Buenos Aires are not included in the trip price. Orvis Travel can take care of these arrangements for you and will quote a price based on prevailing rates.

Days 2 - 4 | Los Ombues

After an early, light, breakfast you leave the lodge and arrive to your shooting area the guides.

If you are shooting May-August for mixed bag, you will normally shoot ducks early in the day, come back to the lodge have a more traditional “American” breakfast and perdíz shooting normally follows a little later in the morning, with dove last.

If you are shooting for dove in October through April, you will go into the field after breakfast and shoot all morning until the lunchtime break. The break lasts long enough to have a good meal and rest your arm before resuming shooting for the afternoon. This is high volume shooting, so the mid-day break is appreciated. You’re usually back at the lodge around 5:00 pm.

There is also some golden dorado fishing on the property so you may be able to include some fishing as well. It's not unusual for someone to take their limit of ducks and perdiz early in the day, then take a break for some dorado fishing before going out for dove later. The lodge has some very basic gear you can borrow, but we highly recommend to bring your own fishing gear for the dorado. Any outfit you would normally use for bass fishing will suffice, but you will need some wire bite-guards to keep the fish from biting through your leader.

Day 5 | Morning Shoot, Airport Transfer, Flights Home

Shoot in the morning, eat lunch and then return to Buenos Aires International Airport (EZE). International flights typically depart EZE in the evening, so there is plenty of time to enjoy a final half-day of shooting before leaving.

If you want to avoid the four to five-hour drive, a flight may be arranged to either the international airport, or the domestic airport.


The Hunting at Los Ombues

Approximately 20 million eared dove inhabit the area around Los Ombues and is the primary reason shooters come to Argentina. They are so numerous that the local farmers and government consider them pests and there is no limit of how many you can hunt. The shooting challenges shooters of all skill levels. Beginners will enjoy the incredible number of birds, while expert shooters can pick and choose their shots opting to take only the most difficult shots or practice their most challenging swings. Non-stop dove hunting can be had throughout the day but the early morning, late afternoon and evening hours are best. There are no limits on dove in Argentina and the season is open year-round. Skilled shooters should expect to shoot 2-4 cases of shells each day.

For shooters that enjoy diversity, a classic perdíz hunt is offered during mixed bag hunts. The perdíz live in nearby grain, sunflower, corn and grass fields. Similar to and approximately the size of a quail, the perdiz are a wonderful bird to hunt. All hunts are done over trained pointing dogs, some bred especially for these fast and low flying birds. Driving time from the lodge to the shooting fields is approximately 5 to 15 minutes. Sometimes you literally walk right out of the lodge to shoot. These traditional upland hunts are normally done after you get back from your morning of duck hunting.

Duck hunting at Los Ombues is a real treat. A 10-minute boat trip from the lodge will put you in the midst of a duck-hunting wonderland. On an average day’s shoot over decoys, you may expect a mixed bag which can include brown pintail, white cheeked pintail, cinnamon teal, speckled teal, ringed teal, silver teal, southern widgeon, red shoveler, tree ducks and the popular rosy billed pochard. To put it simply, the number of ducks and the quality of shooting is unmatched anywhere. Most of the hunts use closely set decoys for passing and landing shots within 30 – 60 feet. Blinds are set up in potholes, marshes, river deltas and are accessible by boats or trucks in 10 – 30 minutes.


The Los Ombues Lodge

Sitting on a bluff overlooking the vast fields and wetlands of Entre Rios, Los Ombues is a beautiful 12,000 sq. ft red brick and yellow stucco building constructed in authentic Argentine style. The lounge and dining room look out across an endless expanse of the Delta and at night it is possible to see the city lights of Rosario over 70 miles away through the panoramic windows.

Los Ombues has nine spacious two bedded bedrooms with private bathrooms, a mudroom for removing and drying boots and clothing, a gun cleaning room, a large dining room and a large living room with overstuffed chairs and sofas arranged around a fire place. The walls are adorned with mounted ducks and paintings of hunting scenes. It also has most of the other facilities that any businessman may need while being abroad, such as telephone, wireless internet and a PC. Food and wines are of gourmet quality.

The newest addition at the lodge is a state of the art exercise facility with a sauna. There is also a new hot tub located on the deck overlooking the pool.

For operating in the field, there are four 4x4 vehicles and eight John boats with Go-devil engines to provide quick access to the marsh. During the hunt, each guest has a field assistant who will be counting the dove you shoot, calling and picking up the ducks you hunt in the blind, or handling the dogs for the perdiz shoot. For convenience and safety, every car, boat and guide has a VHF two-way radio for immediate contact with the lodge.

Pricing & Dates

Pricing & Dates for Los Ombues Lodge

Argentina Bird Hunting Season:

  • Dove: all year long, no bag limit ("dove-only" shoots are not available during the mixed-bag season)
  • Duck: May - mid August, limit - 20 per person per day
  • Perdiz: May - mid August, limit 7 per person per day

2015 Pricing & dates for Argentina mixed bag and dove only shooting packages

3-day Mixed Bag: duck, perdiz, dove, 3 days shooting
(2 full days and two half days), 3 nights lodging
4-day Mixed Bag: duck, perdiz, dove, 4 days shooting
(3 full days and two half days), 4 nights lodging
Single supplement (mixed bag shoots) $700/per night
Non-shooter $1100/per night
Dove Shoot: 3 or 4 days of shooting (two to eighteen shooters;
no extra charge for the fourth day of shooting)**
Single supplement (dove shoots) $850/per night
Non-shooter, sharing a room (dove shoots) $1500/per night
**Groups of 4 or more shooters traveling between September to January and the month of April receive a discounted rate. Call Orvis travel (800) 547-4322 to ask about this special rate.

Shooting Days

You will shoot a half day on arrival and departure days. Four shooting days means you have three full days of shooting plus two half days; Three shooting days equals two full days and two half days.


Transfers from Buenos Aires to Los Ombues are either overland or by charter airplane and can be done directly from the international airport on arrival or from a hotel in Buenos Aires if you overnight in the city. The drive takes about four and a half hours, depending on traffic. The direct charter flight takes just over an hour to the lodge’s landing strip. *Please note that the landing strip at the lodge is grass and excessive amount of rain can affect charter flight plans on arrival or departure.

Orvis Travel will arrange your transfers to Los Ombues. This is not included in the price of the trips and varies depending on how many people are being transported, fuel costs and the current exchange rate. Transfers will be done by Los Ombues unless you would like to arrange something on your own.

Estimated Transfer Cost By Vehicle

Rates are per person, round trip
$1,000   1 person
$500       2 - 5 people
$400       6 - 14 people

Transfer Cost By Charter Aircraft

Air charter costs start at approximately $2500 per airplane one way from Buenos Aires or back. A Beechcraft King Air E-90 is around $5200 one way, and holds 4-5 passengers. We will quote you a firm price for the transfers based on party size, aircraft and exchange rate.


Deluxe accommodations with all meals, beer, and wine; guided shooting each day.

Not included:

International Flights between the U.S. and Argentina, hotels and transfers in Buenos Aires, transfers to and from Los Ombues from Buenos Aires, 12 or 20 gauge ammunition (about $13-$17 per box, please request 28 or 410 ga. well ahead of scheduled trip), gun rental (Beretta and Benelli shotguns can be rented for approximately $60 per day), gun Permit, hunting license ($100 per person, payable at the lodge), gratuities - the lodge manager will collect a minimum $100 per person/per day tip to distribute to the lodge staff and field gun assistants.


Overall: Show Rating Distribution 5.0 / 5 based on 44 reviews


44 of 44 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

  • 5/5

    Orvis Team feedback - 8/19/2011

    We had the entire lodge reserved with 13 hunters from 4 different states, coming in 3 different days on 4 different flights and leaving on 2 different days on 4 different flights! I was trying to be in charge, but there was NO way I could have done it without Jodi. She is unbelievably organized and knows everything there is to know about the trip! She now recognizes my voice when I call. We are already starting to think about going back in 2 years. I felt some pressure, because I was the one who was telling the new ones how great it was and inviting them to go. It could not have been better. Everyone said they had a great time. Thank you so much to the Orvis "team" and Los Ombues.

  • 5/5

    Simply the finest - 2/22/2011
    By: from Covington, LA

    We just completed our 8th visit to Los Ombues and the experience improves each year. It is difficult to fathom the number of birds. Twelve hunters in eight hunts took over 50,000 dove. The accommodations, food and service are superb. You hunt ten minutes from the lodge in rolling fields of sunflowers overlooking a river delta. The views are spectacular. Someone meets you at the airport in BA to assist with the gun transfers upon arrival and at departure. You could not ask for a better experience.

  • 5/5


    Eight friends of mine joined me at Los Ombues for wing shooting the week of February 4-11, 2011. We flew the Buenos Aires arriving on Sathuday the 5th. We spent the 5ht in Buenos Aires staying at a hotel arranged by the lodge. The hotel met and exceeded our requirments which included quality of accomidation, gun storage/safety, and excellent meals. We traveled to Los Ombues on the 6th and shot that afternoon, the next 2 days and the morning of the 4th day before we departed for our return to the States. Los Ombues is a beautiful estancia, well appointed with very comfotable rooms and baths. The staff could not have been more accomodating and gracious. Juan Pablo joined us for every meal and shoot. He is delightful company and very knowlegable on many subjects making conversation easy and enjoyable. The shooting was close to the lodge and very sporting. The food and wine were supurb. In short we had a ball and I highly recommend Los Ombues to anyone intersted in shooting in South america.

  • 5/5

    outstanding lodge/outstanding hunt - 2/10/2011

    Los Ombues offers everything an avid sportsman would put on their list for a perfect day. Food and lodging is excellent but more important the hunting is exceptional as is the natural beauty of the region.

  • 5/5

    Always Fantastic - 2/9/2011

    This was our 9th annual trip to Los Ombues and it just gets better every year…. Great shooting and excellent accommodations with a superb staff. There are no long trips to the field (we had experienced much longer transport in Cordoba) and the lodges proximity to Buenos Aires makes travel a breeze. We are a group of 16 and everyone can’t wait to come back next year.

  • 5/5

    spectacular setting/shooting - 2/8/2011
    By: from new york, ny

    i have been to Cordoba 3 time and have not been back after visiting Los Ombues. We have just completed our 9th visit and have rebooked for next year. the setting and beauty of the countryside is unrivaled..wonderful rolling hills of corn, sunflower and soy with rivers and marsh coupled with azure blue sky. NO shortage of Dove. there is no such thing as a disapointing morning or afternoon shoot...all of which are no more than 10 mins from the Los Ombues Lodge.

  • 5/5

    Can't be any better - 7/30/2010
    By: from California

    This was my 4th. trip to Los Ombues. That speaks for itself. Better bird hunting can't be found anywhere. A professionly managed operation and friendly staff. Great accomadidations, excellant food and relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend the lodge.

  • 5/5

    Fantastic Mixed Bag Hunt and Service - 7/29/2010
    By: from Houston, Tx

    June 2010 - Our group of 8 had a fantastic experience at Los Ombues. Transfers between Buenos Aries and the lodge went without any issues as they arranged an esscort to meet us at flight arrival and transfer thru the airport to the air charters.The 'Mixed Bag' hunt of ducks in the morning, Perdiz mid day and doves in the afternoon was great. Birds were plentifull and almost over whelming. Juan Pablo's very accomodating field guides ensured the field experience was as good as it gets. Especially meeting up in the evening for a beverage, conversation of the day's hunt and viewing the river flats with a beautifull sunset backdrop.The Lodge staff and accomodations were inviting, they took care of every detail and they ensured you felt 'at home'. Great meals matched with Juan Pablo's superb Malbec wines and conversation added to an overall FANTASTIC MIXED BAG HUNT.

  • 5/5

    Great Shoot - 7/29/2010
    By: from New York

    Carlos, Gustavo and all the Ombues people run a fabulous place. They have superb service, are fun people, arrange for amazing shooting in spectacular settings with no other shooters any where to be seen. Seems they are the only people to have figured out EntreRios is one of the best places to shoot in the world. The food, service, and setting of the lodge are all 5 star. And the post morning shoot, pre-lunch fishing expeditions were a great added fun bonus. I can not recommend Los Ombues more highly, although I don't want anyone else to know about this jewel, as I want it all to myself and my friends! Great place, great value and a wonderful shoot!

  • 5/5

    I shall return with reinforcements - 7/29/2010
    By: from Austin, Texas

    I had the pleasure of hunting at Los Ombues in Februray of 2010. I have been blessed to hunt in many locations in my lifetime. Los Ombues was the most organized and professionally run hunt that I have ever been on. The lodge was spectacular. I am a food critic originally from New Orleans so it really takes alot to impress me regarding food. The food was terrific. The staff all take pride in their work and do their best for you. Juan Pablo constantly asks if you need anything and questions how he can improve his operation. On leaving I told him that the only way that he could improve his operation is if he accepted Credit Cards. That is truly all that I could come up with. They are constantly trying to do better and improve but they are already tops! The bird hunting is phenominal. This was my first trip to Argentina. I can't wait to bring my Father and Son back with me.

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Los Ombues Lodge
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800-547-4322 | 802-362-8790

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