Ventile® Field Pants

Our waterproof upland hunting pants are cool, pure cotton.


Ventile is a remarkable pure cotton fabric so tightly woven it is waterproof. The instant water touches the fabric, the fibers swell and eliminate any penetration of moisture. The result is a waterproof upland hunting pant without the weight of traditional moisture barriers. A double layer of Ventile fabric at the front leg and back calf gives these classic field pants an added ruggedness perfect for temperate conditions. Ventile is the world's sturdiest all-cotton poplin and the dense weaves aids in pushing aside brush and briars. Diamond gussetted crotch for maximum mobility and comfort. Front security pocket. Pure cotton. Washable. Imported.
Even men's pants sizes: 32, 44, 46. Inseams plain finished to your order up to 34" with wear-resistant mock leather hem.


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Ventile Cloth

The great outdoor fabric's wartime beginnings

Winston Churchill didn’t hunt New England partridge, but he nevertheless inspired the world’s greatest hunting gear: Orvis Ventile.

Ventile clothing resulted from Churchill’s demand for a material to protect his pilots when they ejected from their Hurricane or Spitfire planes into the frigid North Atlantic. Survival time to get into a life raft was two minutes. Not enough to save most pilots. After many trials, scientists at the Shirley Institute in Manchester U.K. developed Ventile. The original Ventile immersion suits proved impenetrable to arctic winds and icy water, extending survival time tenfold and saving 80% of ejected pilots. The suits remain in use by British Royal Air Force today. No other fabric offers the uncompromising performance of Ventile. It has been to Everest, K2, and Antarctica. It’s used in the greatest upland hunting clothing fabric we have ever offered.

Named after ventus, Latin for wind, all-cotton Ventile is windproof, waterproof, and endures extreme variations in weather and temperature conditions. It’s rugged enough to turn back the nastiest thorns and tight upland cover, yet lightweight and breathable for the utmost comfort in the field.

Made of long staple cotton fibers woven into a tight, dense fabric. The weave is just large enough to allow air molecules to pass through – for breathability – while water is blocked out. Most importantly, the gently spun cotton fibers swell and close up the tiny gaps in the fabric when drenched by moisture. But they remain just large enough to allow body vapor out. Ventile can withstand twenty-four hours of constant immersion in water without leakage.

Charging through dense thickets is remarkably easy – no more rips or tears, no more thorns catching jackets or pants.

Ventile Hunting Clothes are an investment in yourself and your passion for wing shooting. Guaranteed to make it more than one generation. In fact, they could very well last as long as your fine double-gun.

Weatherproof. Waterproof. Thornproof. Lightweight. Breathable. Quiet.

Fiber: Ventile uses long staple fibers found in only the top 2% of the cotton produced worldwide, to guarantee cotton’s natural benefits of breathability and durability.

Yarn: Great care is taken in spinning and doubling the yarn at a time when the raw cotton fiber is in its most vulnerable state. Such care means the weave will perform as expected.

Weave: Woven using 30% more yarn than in other cotton fabrics. At the first hint of moisture, the special weave expands to lock out dampness, while it maintains breathability. The dense weave makes Ventile waterproof, windproof, thornproof, and extremely durable.

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