Safe Passage® Trout and Flats Pack

This fly-fishing waist pack will keep you on top of your game for any angling adventure.


The Safe Passage Trout and Flats Pack is the perfect fly-fishing waist pack for the angler who fishes small streams or wades the flats. Gear stays out of the way and the weight is carried on the belt. Two compartments, lots of interior pockets, and a key clip for storage. Padded waist belt. Durable Hypalon patches for zinger attachment with magnetic tool anchor to keep tools secure. Convenient padded forceps pocket on back panel. Removable foam fly patches attach to top of pack or inside of front pocket. Front pocket opens wide for easy access to boxes. Keeper hardware for excess webbing. Comes with adjustable ergonomic neck strap for optional use as a chest pack or hip pack. In cloudburst, digital camo. 12"L x 6½"W x 4½"D; 351 cu. in. Weight: 1 lb. Imported.

Fully Loaded Pack:

  • Mini Nipper
  • SS Knotless Leaders 2 pack (1 each, sizes 3,4, and 5)
  • Floatant Combo Pack
  • Mesh Leader Wallet
  • Perfect Drift Strike Indicators
  • Wire Cord Zinger
  • M2 Lock and Load Fly Box
  • SS Tippet Material 40M Spool (sizes 4,5,6)
  • 20 Best Selling Trout Patterns
  • Tungsten Putty
  • Micro Scissor Forceps

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    Overall: Show Rating Distribution 3.5 / 5 based on 4 reviews


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    • 5/5

      Great Product - 6/24/2013

      Purchased this Pack to compliment my Safe Passage Day Pack. It's the perfect size to hold several fly boxes and all the neccessary gear for a day streamside.

    • 4/5

      Just what I wanted - 9/6/2011

      Perfect size. Had a fishpond that was too larger and heavy. This pack holds all that I Can (and should) take while wading.

    • 1/5

      MUCH less than Perfect - 6/25/2011
      By: from Va

      The pack looks great. Lots of room and well made. The problem with this pack and most of what Orvis offers is the skinny width belt. It is most uncomfortable, cutting into your back. It appears that they recognize this as the sides immediately near the pack are wide and padded but the back portion belt is only 1.5 inches wide. Also, the buckles do not stay in place very well once fastened. They need some "gripper" features to keep it from slipping. And the little clips to hold the tag ends is nice but pretty much useless unless your waist is the exact size which will enable them to be slipped into the pockets toward the sides/front. And lastly, while the neck strap is well made, it is not comfortable IMO. If you can wear a neck strap like this your better off with a vest. The biggest problem with this pack could be fixed with a back strap belt that would be at least 3 to 4 inches wide, padded with some filler to give more support....sort of a combo pack back support belt. I'll only conclude that I would not have purchased this product if I would have woren it once for several hours. It looks good in the store but it's just plain uncomfortable. To make it even worse, I got two of them and she don't like her's either!

    • 4/5

      More fly patches - 3/2/2011

      Nicely constructed but expensive waist pack. Nice lining with inside pockets. The "details" implies ( by using the plural) "removable foam fly patcheS" that at least two patches are included, but only one was included. Two would be nice, since there are two hook and loop attachment patches on the item.

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