Hand-Colored Dog Print

This handsome Hand-Colored Dog Print is a terrific gift for dog owners.


This hand-colored black-and-white illustration of your favorite breed is hand lettered with information on its traits and temperament. The hardwood frame is hand finished with an antiqued patina that works well in any casual environment. Each is signed by the artist. US. 16¾"H x 13¾"W x ¾"D.

This item ships directly from the manufacturer and requires a physical street address for delivery.
Shipped to contiguous 48 states only.
Express shipping/gift packaging not available.


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Hand-Colored Dog Prints

The handsome Hand-Colored Dog Print is a terrific gift for dog owners. Each is signed by the artist and comes with a hand-finished hardwood frame.

Ordering Your Hand-Colored Dog Print

In the "Buy It Now" box, there is a "(name of section)" section. Use this section to enter the following information:

  • Enter Code
  • Enter Breed

Use the following chart to find the appropriate Code for your selected breed. For example, if you want to order a dog print for a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, you would enter "Chesapeake Bay Retriever" in the Enter Breed field and "HS5" in the Enter Code field.

Chart of Breeds and Codes

Note: If you do not see your preferred breed listed below, please contact Orvis Customer Service at 1-888-235-9763. Additional breed choices are available that are not shown on this list.

Breeds Breed Ordering Codes
Basset Hound HS1
Beagle HS2
Bernese Mountain Dog HS24
Bichon Frise HS25
Boston Terrier HS26
Boxer HS27
Boykin HS3
Brittany HS4
Bulldog, Red & White HS28
Bulldog, White HS29
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Blenheim HS30
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Tri-Color HS31
Chesapeake Bay Retriever HS5
Chihuahua, Long Hair Blonde HS32
Chihuahua, Long Hair Black & Tan HS33
Chihuahua, Short Hair Blonde HS34
Chihuahua, Shirt Hair Black & Tan HS35
Cocker Spaniel, Blonde HS36
Cocker Spaniel, Black HS37
Corgi, Blenheim HS18
Corgi, Tri-Color HS19
Dachshund, Black & Tan HS38
Dachshund, Red HS39
English Setter, Orange Belton HS6
English Setter, Blue Belton HS7
English Springer, Liver / White HS8
English Springer, Black / White HS9
French Bulldog, Brindle HS40
French Bulldog, Fawn HS41
German Shepherd HS10
German Short Hair Pointer HS11
Greyhound, Black HS42
Greyhound, Brindle HS43
Greyhound, Fawn HS44
Golden Retriever HS12
Jack Russell, Rough Black & White HS45
Jack Russell, Rough Brown & White HS46
Jack Russell, Smooth Black & White HS13
Jack Russell, Smooth Brown & White HS14
Labrador Retriever, Black HS15
Labrador Retriever, Chocolate HS16
Labrador Retriever, Yellow HS17
Maltese HS47
Pointer, Black / White HS20
Pointer, Brown / White HS21
Poodle Puppy Cut, Black HS48
Poodle Puppy Cut, White HS49
Pug, Black HS50
Pug, Fawn HS51
Rottweiler HS52
Shetland Sheepdog HS53
Shih Tzu, Black & White HS54
Shih Tzu, Blond HS55
Schnauzer HS56
Scottish Terrier HS57
Vizsla HS22
Weimaraner HS23
Wheaten Terrier, Soft Coated HS58

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