Floral Shirt Jacket

Our women's linen shirt jacket brings an elegant style to any summer outing.


Perfectly versatile, this handsome linen design for women serves double-duty as a comfy big shirt or lightweight jacket. Neatly styled with a notched collar and darts for shaping. Notched cuffs at the long sleeves make it easy to roll or scrunch up for a more casual look. Straight hem with 1¼" side vents. Unlined. Women's linen shirt jacket in washed slate. Pure linen. Washable. USA.
Sizes: XS(4), S(6-8), M(10-12), L(14-16), XL(18-20); about 24" long.


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    The original natural fabric

    Linen fashions for women from OrvisThe oldest fiber known to man, linen is also the most natural and most environmentally friendly fiber in the world. From the blue-flowered linum (or common flax) plant that is native to temperate climates of the Northern Hemisphere, flax has been grown for thousands of years without any damage to the environment.

    The Power of Flax

    Flax is a completely renewable resource and every part of the plant is used, therefore eliminating any waste. The fibers are used for textiles or paper, the resulting linseed oil is sought after for oil paints and soap, flax seeds and flax seed oil are prized for their nutritional value.

    Fortitude - In and Out of Soil

    A hearty plant that thrives in many diverse environments, flax requires very little fertilizer or pesticides—many times less than cotton. The resulting linen fabric is also fully biodegradeable and can be totally recycled.

    Linen Through the Ages

    Linen is thought to have originated in ancient Mesopotamia. The ancient Egyptians wrapped their mummies in linen strips, taking advantage of the fabric’s inherent natural strength. The strongest of all vegetable fibers, linen is two-to-three times stronger than cotton. It is actually stronger when wet, which is why it washes so well and is so durable.

    Built to Last

    Linen becomes softer and more comfortable with age. It absorbs moisture far better than cotton and dries more quickly, making it ideal wear for humid summers and tropical climates. Highly breathable and anti-allergenic, linen has UV-protection properties as well. Linen holds dyes and prints with excellent color fastness, so it is available in every color and print imaginable.

    Ancient History to Modern Day

    Today, linen is widely used for clothing, bedding, upholstery fabrics and household tablecloths, napkins, and towels. Keeping our commitment to conservation efforts and sustainability is easy with this truly renewable natural fabric. Orvis offers a full range of men’s and women’s apparel in classic, breathable, and eco-friendly fabric.

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