Vintage Denim™ Pleat-front Skirt

Classic style is upgraded in our pleated, Vintage Denim skirt.


So comfortable and versatile, you'll reach for this basic pleated denim skirt again and again. Flirty front pleat. All-cotton 8-oz. Vintage Denim pre-washed for softness. Classic no-waist styling. Side zipper closure. Hidden back elastic. Back darts for smooth fit. Pleated denim skirt in washed bark. Pure cotton. Washable. Imported.
Sizes: 12, 20; about 28" long.


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    Vintage Denim

    The Practical Fashion of Vintage Denim

    Vintage Denim from OrvisFew fabrics can boast the tradition and the colorful history that denim claims. From gold miner’s staple to the darling of high fashion, this down-to-earth indigo twill has worked its way into our hearts and into our closets. Our signature version, Orvis Vintage Denim is a traditional mid-weight denim made of pure cotton.

    The Rugged Outdoor Fabric of Choice for Centuries

    No other fabric is as quintessentially American as denim is. Used for the sails on Christopher Columbus’s ships, it first arrived on our shores in 1492, but the rugged textile had already been known in Europe for centuries. From the original serge de Nîmes, denim had been manufactured in France since 300 A.D. ad the outdoor fabric of choice for workers and farmers throughout Northern Europe.

    Orvis Vintage Denim: The Toughness of Original Denim, but Prewashed for Softness

    This sturdy cotton fabric derives its toughness from the weave — twill is the strongest of all of the fabric weaves, with threads woven in a tight diagonal pattern for increased strength. This diagonal pattern, or twill line, makes the fabric very durable and prevents it from tearing or ripping easily. The steeper the twill line, the higher quality the fabric; this is because the steeper weaves have more yarns per inch. Woven in this strong pattern, our 8 oz. Vintage Denim is prewashed for softness and will only get better with age.

    Great for Travel

    Orvis Vintage Denim is ideal for travel. Our sturdy, easy-care skirts, pants, and dresses are as stylish as they are comfortable, resist wrinkles, and the mid-weight fabric is suitable for year-round wear. Because our Vintage Denim is so versatile, practical, and popular, we offer a wide variety of styles for women in traditional denim blue, plus a range of wardrobe-expanding colors.

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