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Tie better flies with this rotary fly tying vise.


True rotary tying for under $100! Rotational vises offer the fly tier unlimited access to all sides of a fly, but such convenience has been expensive until now. Our new Delrin® and steel rotary vise is economically priced, with the essential features of far more expensive versions. Cam-operated jaw accepts hook sizes from 28 to 2/0, and the jaw is adjustable to allow both large and small hooks to be placed on the center axis with ease. Crank handle permits quick, precise rotation, and the fully adjustable tension mechanism allows resistance-free rotation. Vise stem is adjustable to a full 6½". ⅜" shaft. Vise clamp is padded to protect surfaces. Thread bobbin rest included..


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  • 4/5

    good value - 3/12/2013
    By: from washington state

    As a lifelong fly tyer of modest means the chance to own a rotary vice is very nice. So far the vice has worked great on many flies from size 4 to size 16. table clamp is best i have ever used.

  • 5/5

    Rotary Vise - 5/8/2012
    By: from Laconia, NH

    Excellent vise - light weight, easy to use and a great value. After using a non rotary vise and trying this one, it was really fantastic. I have no reservations in recommending this item. It is light weight and easy to transport and install anywhere. It is a great all around vise for home or travel.

  • 1/5

    Looked Good Turned out Bad - 4/23/2012
    By: from Orange ,CT

    The vise is poorly balanced very top heavy this cause a feel of unbalance when rotating. Also the clamp for the hooks is very weak. I sent it back poor design. Yes I am a mechanical engineer and perhaps more critical than others. However do yourself a favor and buy a better vise. I would recommend Renzetti I bought it from orvis and love it !!

  • 3/5

    Good Travel Vise - 3/26/2012
    By: from Exeter, NH
    Top 100 Contributor

    I travel extensively overseas for work and I often take this vise with me to pass the time while in hotel rooms. Lightweight, this rotary vise is fairly well built, sturdy and functional. White it certainly isn't a beauty, the price is right and gets the job done. If you're new to tying or just need a virtual bullet proof vise as background, you could do worse than this Danvise

  • 5/5

    great vice for the money - 9/26/2011

    this is a very functionable vice with a decent rotory function for less then a hundred bucks . have noticed that when tying 24 and under the jaws and cam device get in the way i do belive the maker has an extension to alleviate this problem. as to the issue with jaws breaking or bending. despite the fact that the majority of this vice is a very hard plastic from what i understand the cam mechanism is so strong that a lot of people over tighten the vice and break or bend their jaws. so make sure you are using the proper method for locking a hook in place and not the thompson ram it home modle as this vice will destroy its own jaws if you dont FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS

  • 4/5

    Pretty Good Vise - 6/4/2011
    By: from Hawaii

    This vise is a great overall item for the money. I read the other reviews and think maybe the problem is either a quality control one or most likely some people are just asking too much of the vise. Been using this vise constantly for about two years and it's just like new. I tie both fresh and salt water paterns and use a heavy set of jaws made for the salt water patterns. I certainly don't ask the vise to go beyond design capabilities and so far it's done everything I have asked of it. Never had a problem, only successes.

  • 3/5


    I have been using this vise for ~2 years now. It has served me pretty well and is easy to use. A couple of months ago however the main assembly and the shaft seperated making it very hard to tie on. The issue was resolved by drilling straight through the junction and placing a bolt through.

  • 4/5

    Great vise with one disappointing surprise... - 4/28/2011

    IT'S PLASTIC! I bought this vice because it looked like a nice sturdy metal vice. Turns out the vice is made of plastic! It's a great vice and overall I'm very happy, but you can imagine my confusion when I realized it was made of plastic. (A very sturdy plastic, but plastic none the less). Overall, it's a great vice but know its not made of metal before buying it.

  • 1/5

    Spend some extra $ - 1/28/2011

    I bought this thinking it would be a great way to have a good look vice. The jaws on the item broke, I sent it back. The jaws on the new one broke again. So I sent it back again and upgraded to another brand that was only $100 more. Glad I upgraded. Orvis service was great throughout this back and forth. I will continue to buy from Orvis, but this product is not worth it.

  • 1/5

    I guess I'm the exception! - 12/3/2010
    By: from North Carolina
    Top 1000 Contributor

    Top Rated? I guess I got the lemon! I like the idea of this vise and had high expectations when I first received it but, I was let down within a few weeks. I've been tying for several years on a regular basis. The metal jaws on this vise began to distort within tying less than 2 dozen flies. The final straw was when I clamped on a hook and heard/felt the jaw snap. I tied mostly size 18-22 small emerger patterns and a few size 10 buggers. Yes, I know how to adjust the jaw properly especially, after reading about other people breaking jaws on the Danvise. It didn't help. Obviously, the jaws were soft. Typical of this vise or did I get the exception/lemon? Your guess is as good as mine. I sent it back.

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