Battenkill® Rolling Magnum Duffle Case

Rolling duffle bags make sporting gear transport easy.

Battenkill® Rolling Magnum Duffle Case


Made of our popular, rugged, and handsome 18-oz. cotton canvas. Use the top compartment as a big, spacious duffle and the reinforced bottom to haul sporting gear or to keep pressed clothes neat. With durable web pull handle and built-in protected wheels. Leather luggage tag included.

  • Main section is 35"L x 15"H x 15"D, 7,875 cu. in.;
  • Bottom section is 35"L x 15"W x 5"D, 2,625 cu. in.; 10,500 total cu. in.

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    11 of 11 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    • 5/5

      Large Rolling Duffle - 11/7/2014
      By: from Charlottesville, VA

      I bought one of these large rolling Battenkill duffles, but it came with a beautiful aluminum locking gun case! It had the original sticker, US-made, and is super well made. It appears to have been an Orvis option, but I don't see it offered these days.

    • 5/5

      Great luggage - 9/20/2014

      My wife and I bought the magnum because her parents have used it for many years. So now that our family has grown, suitcase space is very important. Any road trip we do we can pack my wife's, son and my clothing. We are looking forward to using it on my trips.

    • 5/5

      Most Awesome rolling duffle - 12/2/2013
      By: from Charleston SC

      I have owned this duffle for many years and used it for family travel. My wife and I share it as our only piece of luggage. It is well made, sturdy, and robust. It holds a tremendous amount of stuff and is flexible enough that you can sit on it to zip it closed when necessary. When packing, keep in mind the areas under the top ends, it turns out that one can stuff lots of clothing in those areas. One caveat, the very study zippers will damage delicate fabrics if the fabric gets caught in the zipper. I love mine and strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a very large rolling duffle.

    • 5/5

      Terrific choice for a large duffle - 11/29/2012
      By: from CT

      We bought several different pieces of Orvis luggage and this might be the most useful for checking in at airports. It is large and good for a family. Highly recommended in terms of quality and durability. We might buy another.

    • 5/5

      One subtle change - 1/20/2011

      The only needed feature to make this product more versatile is an elastic/adjustable 4 point strap in the upper compartment that would allow contents to be strrapped down when less than full capacity. When full it doesn't matter. The large capacity of this bag was amazing. It will be great for our summer hiking trip. Hiking poles and gear will be easy to pack.

    • 4/5

      Takes a licking but weighs a ton - 7/11/2009
      By: from CT

      I have had this bag for years. It has been on many hunting trip and overseas vacations. It carries all you need plus some. It's exterior shows a few scars but it is as good as ever. Quite frankly, this bag will be functional long after I am not. But, sad to say, its flying days are over due to weight restrictions.

    • 4/5

      Functional, Large Capacity but heavy - 4/7/2009

      We've had this bag for two years and are generally happy with it. It's durable and rather well crafted however, we did have to send back to have one of the bottom skids (rivets popped out) and some stitching replaced. Perhaps you can consider this normal wear and tear. The good news was they paid for shipping in both directions. Also, the nice leather pulls which are attached to the zippers can come off with ease and get lost. Pro Durable, well crafted, lots of room, good looking, good warranty Cons Heavy. Not listed on their site however, it is 15lbs empty, (I called to find out) so with the current 50lbs weight limit with U.S. air carriers you have to pack with care, i.e. you have a lot of space however, you could wind up pay $50-$75 in overage fees

    • 5/5

      Second Best Purchase After my Battenkill Duffle - 6/25/2008
      By: from Seattle, WA.

      I have had one of these rolling duffles for the past two years. It has stood up to airport baggage handlers, used as a seat when delayed for flights, filled to the brim and stuffed even further. The zippers and fasteners are smooth and responsive while holding well against the abuse. This duffle has out-lasted other duffles and bags that just didn't have the structural integrity. With the foldover flap and zippered enclosures, I have not lost anything I have stuffed inside, even when the TAS people have gone through it. I think that it has also discouraged them from going through it and that the secure fastenings has caused them to just scan it with the viewers to pass my luggage. This has not been the case with other luggage. I would suggest this luggage to any frequent traveler, and to those who only travel occasionally. Originally, I thought the price was very high. While I still think of it as expensive luggage, that I would not want ot lose, it has paid for itself a few times over. On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I packed everything in my Battenkill rolling duffle. The baggage handlers tried to do something to the bag, but it looked the same except for a faint scratch on one of the leather pieces. Even with the abuse, everything was safe and sound, even the Christmas presents for the family.

    • 3/5

      Good bag, but HEAVY - 1/27/2008

      The bag is an excellent item for travel by car or train. It has held up wonderfully and takes a tremendous amount of abuse. It is too big and heavy for air travel. the unladened weight is enough that, when packed, it far exceeds most airlines weight limits, resulting in charges for a "heavy bag".

    • 4/5

      Could it be too big?? - 1/19/2008
      By: from Cleveland, Ohio

      I purchased this duffel in anticipation of a pending quail hunt in South Carolina. I picked this duffel because it would hold not only my shotgun, but what seemed to be a fair amount of gear. I was wonderfully surprised when it actually held ALL of my gear. That's 2 pair of boots, 2 more pair of shoes, heavy hunting coat, chaps, gloves, hats, clothing for 4 days and all the other goodies we sportsmen tend to carry. I actually had room left over! This thing is a monster! Love it.


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