Orvis Guide to Small Stream Fly Fishing

Discover the rewarding pastime of small-stream fly fishing in this comprehensive guide book.


By Tom Rosenbauer - The definitive and comprehensive guide book to fishing small trout streams throughout North America. Tired of the famous and crowded rivers, today's anglers have a greater desire to get close to nature while staying closer to home. The Orvis Guide to Small Stream Fly Fishing provides all the information for finding and fishing unspoiled gems found everywhere from wilderness areas to suburban backyards. These often overlooked streams are abundant throughout the United States, and range from the Appalachians from Maine to Georgia to northern Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, the Black Hills of South Dakota, the entire Rocky Mountain region from Montana to northern Arizona, and the Cascade and Sierra Nevada ranges. As more fishing is done close to home, small trout streams, or third-order streams as described by hydrologists, are thirty times as abundant as the bigger, more famous trout streams, and most of them are on public land, making them more accessible. This beautifully illustrated and definitive resource explains the small-stream environment, how to find these streams, how small-stream trout behave, how to read the water, special casts, fly selection, and how to present the fly in all types of small streams. With this stream fly fishing guide book, anglers can find and catch wild trout far off the beaten path. Hardcover 8½" x 11.
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  • 5/5

    Informative - 9/16/2014
    By: from Hudson Valley, NY
    Top 1000 Contributor

    Lots of practical insight on how to fish a small stream. A lifetime of knowledge in one book

  • 5/5

    Great Book - 9/24/2013
    By: from Manchester, CT

    Loved the book, it's beautiful, and loaded with great information. Read it cover to cover now I will refer back as a reference. I live in CT and mainly fish small streams so this book is invaluable.

  • 5/5

    Fantastic Book - 8/8/2013
    By: from Atlanta, GA

    Yet another fantastic book by Tom Rosenbauer, this book has great advice and beautiful photography that has earned it a permanent place on my coffee table. The chapters are logically organized, starting with how to find small streams and ending with care and ethics for small water areas. The book contains great information on fly selection, approach, and fighting the tireless enemy that is drag. As someone who avidly fishes the small streams in the southern Appalachians, I am glad that Tom took time to outline information relevant to the southern fly fisher, as many other books sadly focus more on northern and western areas. I would recommend this book to anybody who enjoys fly fishing.

  • 5/5

    Great Book on Small Streams - 6/14/2013
    By: from Houston, TX
    Top 100 Contributor

    Tom shares a lot of insight and information on the dynamics of small stream fishing. It reads very easily, and has great pictures and diagrams.

  • 5/5

    Can't wait till spring - 2/7/2013
    By: from New Brunswick, Canada

    after reading the first page of this book, i cant wait for spring to arrive to visit the streams with my flyrod that normally i would only go to during hunting season.

  • 5/5

    Small Stream fly Fishing - 9/25/2012
    Top 25 Contributor

    Another great book from Orvis. Tom did an excellant job writing this book.

  • 4/5

    like it! - 4/15/2012
    By: from South Carolina

    we were very pleased with this book. Will order another for my son.

  • 5/5

    Great Book - 3/14/2012
    By: from San Jose, CA
    Top 10 Contributor

    This is a fantastic, well-written, very informative book about fishing small streams, which is much harder than most people think it is. Tom makes the information very easy to digest with very little personal bias about how to fish small streams. Excellent read. Pick one up!

  • 5/5

    Good Reading - 2/22/2012
    By: from Mukilteo, WA

    An excellent book for easy explanation, wonderful pictures, and just the right amount of technical information-- you can get as complex as you want, or just remember the basics. An enjoyable book.

  • 5/5

    Great Read, Excellent information - 1/17/2012
    By: from Auburn Hills, MI
    Top 1000 Contributor

    I purchased this book because most of Michigan's rivers are closer to streams then big open rivers. The information Tom provided is worth its weight in gold. This book focuses on many different aspects of stream fishing. Some topics that are covered:effects of climate, terrain, surrounding vegitation, human activity, casting techniques, go to flies, and much more. If you've never picked up one of Tom Rosenbauer's books, your missing out on one of the best fly fishing authors/teachers ever. I could not put this book down. The way he writes gives the reader the impression that he his talking to you face to face. I ended up purchasing "The Orvis Pocket Guide to Nymphing" by Tom Rosenbauer after and was impressed by that read also.

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