Silver Sonic Convertible-Top Waders

These convertible welded waders offer ultimate convenience and bomb-proof welded seams.


The most versatile welded waders on the market today. Fish dry, and know you'll stay that way. Featuring the patented Orvis SonicSeam technology, all thread and stitch holes are eliminated and seams are double reinforced, prolonging the life of the waders dramatically. These are hard-wearing, breathable, everyday waders for the serious angler. Main wader is made of the same durable 4-layer nylon fabric as the Pack and Travel waders, while the upper is a lighter weight 4-layer nylon, the same fabric used in the Pro Guides. An innovative suspension system allows you to convert them to waist-highs without removing suspenders, a perfect feature for warm spring afternoons. Front zippered pocket is highly water resistant and an ideal storage place for fly boxes, while a flip-out interior waterproof pocket can hold cameras, cell phones, or fishing licenses. Attached gravel guards feature a quick-drain panel to keep you moving. Anatomically correct, sculpted neoprene booties for comfort. Strategically placed lower leg seams run up the back of the wader, reducing abrasion. Wader is cut higher in the front on women's model to provide a more comfortable fit. Wader belt and traditional suspender option included. In overcast/taupe. Outer shell: 100% nylon. Imported.
  • Features the patented Orvis SonicSeam® technology
  • Constructed with a durable 4-layer nylon outer fabric
  • Innovative suspension system easily converts the waders to waist-highs without removing suspenders
  • Anatomically correct neoprene booties for additional comfort
  • Flip-out interior waterproof pocket with touchscreen capabilities for smartphones
  • Attached self-fabric gravel guards with quick-drain mesh panel

Winner of a 2013 Field & Stream Best of the Best Award, as chosen by the editorial staff.


Overall: Show Rating Distribution 4.5 / 5 based on 190 reviews


172 of 190 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

  • 4/5

    TOP WADERS - 11/17/2014

    Looking forward to using new my new Sonic Silver Waders in mountain streams of North and South Carolina.

  • 5/5

    really happy with staff/purchase/product - 11/4/2014
    By: from Worthington Ohio

    went to store in Worthington Ohio needed waders for fishing trip scheduled two days later satff in worythington offcie got corporate on the line and virginia made sure i rec'd waders via fed exp next day even though past 4:30 deadline. Waders kept me warm/dry/comfortable in 45 degree water for 4 hrs. have pics to document. went fishing and had best catch ever. Thanks Orvis in Worthington, OH and Virginia

  • 4/5

    Silver Sonic Convertible Waders - 11/3/2014
    By: from Archdale NC

    Ordered size small online Thursday and received them following Tuesday. Size small was too small therefore I took them to local Orvis store they quickly exchanged them no questions asked. Although I have yet to try them on the water, I have initial impressions. The quality of the build is excellent. I am of small stature being 5'7 130lbs. For my size, there seems to be a lot of extra unneeded material particularly in the chest area. Not sure I am going to be a fan of the convertible aspect of the waders. Seems a little much to me and in fact, I removed the straps that are used to make them convertible replacing them w the included extra straps. These (using traditional straps and not the convertible straps) seem a lot less "fiddly" in my opinion. I like the idea of the included dry pouch. However, this pouch is not as easy to close as one would expect. It works like a sandwich zipper bag but again, does not zip easily. On the other hand, it is a robust bag and I am confident it would keep valuables dry even if dunked in the water. At the end of the day however, one only wants to be dry and warm when wading and I have no doubt these waders will perform as such. I am assigning 4 stars based solely on the fact the fit is not as trim as I would like. I give them 5 stars for quality.

  • 4/5

    like these waders - 10/14/2014

    Just purchased a pair of convertibles. The convertible feature is great. Wore them down until it got cold or when I needed to wade deeper. Also, it made it much easier to relieve myself! I had a pair of orvis waders previously which did not wear very well (leaked at the seams). Hopefully these will wear better. Will see how they do over the next year.

  • 5/5

    Awesome - 10/9/2014
    By: from New Jersey

    What a pair of waders. Why did I wait so long to buy a pair of waders from Orvis. These are a must for any serious angler looking for new comfortable waders.

  • 5/5

    A real good product - 10/9/2014
    By: from Pittsburg, NH

    I am on the river 5 or 6 days a week guiding or doing "market research". A pair of waders usually last me about a year, more or less. I'm finishing my second year on my Super Sonic Convertible waders and plan to wear them until they wear out. That could be a while.....

  • 5/5

    So far so good! VERY nice waders! - 10/7/2014

    Update to my review last week on the Sonic Convertibles. I know it's only been a short time since my first review but I get on the water or in the creeks a lot and so far I've had them out at least 7 or 8 times for an average of 4-5 hours each time. So far these waders are great! Ive had to hike with them, walk through knee deep creeks littered with downed limbs, rocks etc. and these have performed very well. I can't stress enough the "comfortability" of these waders. The suspender system is so convenient, it takes me seconds to get everything on compared to a couple minutes with my old pair and when your "combat fishing" every second counts to help get your spot in the madness of Steelhead fishing. My feet usually get very cold even in 50 degree water but these are paired with Simms liner and wading sock and Simms boots and my feet were warm and dry all day!

  • 4/5

    Great fitting waders - 10/3/2014

    Here's my .02 cents. I like to give as detailed reviews as possible because I hate reviews like "fits great" or "works well" and that's all that's said....really!? So here goes. My local fly shop sells Orvis, Simms and Redington for waders and I was drawn to these first off because of the looks... I know but it is what it is lol. As far as size goes Im 5'11" 210lbs 30-31" inseam and a size 10 for shoes. If I went by Orvis's size chart I would be a size XL. I tried an XL but they were too big and the yes the booties were too big as well so I then tried a size Large and the fit was perfect! There is plenty of room for layering but not too big. With me having a size 10 in regular shoes the booties were fine, they have some extra room (maybe like 1/2-3/4") but when I put my boots on I didn't notice any bunching like others have, in fact everything was very comfortable. For the price point and features you get you can't beat them! Convertible system, 1 large exterior water tight pocket, 2 interior pockets one being water proof and detachable, the suspender system makes it a lot easier to get everything up and on without searching and reaching for straps like typical waders, the fabric they use is heavy duty yet these are very light and comfortable! The shop I bought them at had me kneel, step up and down and in every way I moved they were very comfortable, no binding or pulling in any way. I can easily see myself walking some distances, walking through brush, over obstacles etc. with these and have no worries they are that comfortable. What else can I say these are very, very nice waders!

  • 5/5

    Great Waders - 9/16/2014
    By: from Ohio

    I just spent a week in AK salmon fishing with these and loved them. Very comfortable and easy to get around in. Warm without being too bulky. The convertible top was nice and made them easy to get in and out of. The waterproof bag worked perfectly and kept my camera dry when I did everything I could to get it wet. Most importantly, no leaks! Only two real complaints: 1. SImilar to other posts I found the booties way too big. I bought an XL (6'2", 240) and the waders themselves fit great, but the booties were huge. I wear a size 12-13 shoe and the booties were still large. Made getting into the wading boots a little difficult at times. The shaped feature in the booties was nice, just needs to be sized down a little. 2. The gravel guard was not particularly effective. I have found better luck with the neoprene guards or maybe adding a latch in the back would help as well.

  • 5/5


Size Chart

Wader Sizing Chart: Stockingfoot
Body Size Chest Inseam Range Bootie Options Height Range Weight Range
Small 34-36 28-30 7-9 5'5"-5'8 130-160
Medium/Short 38-40 28-30 7-9 5'5"-5'8 140-180
Medium 38-40 30-32 8-10 5'7"-5'10 140-180
Medium/Long 38-40 32-34 9-11 5'10"-6'1 140-180
Large/Short 42-44 28-30 8-10 5'7"-5'10 180-220
Large 42-44 30-32 9-11 5'10"-6'2 180-220
Large/Long 42-44 32-34 10-12 6'1"-6'4 180-220
Large/XLong 42-44 34-36 10-12 6'5"+ 180-220
XL/Short 46-48 28-30 9-11 5'7"-5'10 210-240
XL 46-48 30-32 10-12 5'10"-6'2 210-240
XL/Long 46-48 32-34 12-14 6'1"-6'4 210-240
XL/XLong 46-48 34-36 12-14 6'5"+ 210-240
XXL/Short 50-52 28-30 10-12 5'7"-5'10 220-260
XXL 50-52 30-32 12-14 5'10"-6'3 220-260

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