Steinbock Walker Jacket

This wool Walker jacket for men is ideal for those who love the outdoors.


The term “Walker” can be traced to the 9th century, when it was used to describe a person who spent a lot of time outdoors in nature. In the days before woven fabrics, artisans knitted very large coats and boiled them until they shrank, becoming more dense and durable in the process. This method, creating what we now call “boiled wool,” is still practiced in the Dolomite Mountains between Austria and Italy. The tightly packed wool fibers retain heat better, yet breath well in warmer weather. This boiled wool jacket and vest, descendants of the region's traditional garb, features real horn buttons and corduroy-microvelvet trimming. In loden. Shell: Pure virgin wool. Dry clean. Imported.
Regular even sizes: 44.


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