Ultimate Upland Vest

Our upland hunting vests are designed for comfort and versatility.


Constructed of Sahara Cloth, our 9-oz. 100% cotton poplin fabric is more substantial than that of our Plantation Vest for the thickest cover. Dry-wax finished to repel water and help keep you dry. The blood-proof rear game bag loads from front and rear for easy storage of birds, and zips open for simple cleaning. Hand-warmer chest-high pockets with zip closures. Bellowed main pockets with shell loops close with hook-and-loop strips. Mesh panel allows ventilation. Upland hunting vest in tan/blaze. Washable. Imported.
Sizes: XL(46-48).

"I have owned this vest for well over 10 years. I have been guiding upland birds in Montana for over 20 years and have worn this vest guiding an average of 55 days a year. Covering an average 6 to 10 miles per day while going through our coulees that consist of wild plum, chokecherries, rose hemp and snowberries and not one time over the years did the vest tear from these thorny bushes... I did finally wear holes in the pockets from carrying extra leads and shells. I found that a size larger than you usually wear is great for packing a lot of birds long distances when guiding. And when I got a chance to hunt on my own, it did not hamper the shouldering of the gun. The game bag with the front and back loading makes for easy access, and has held up over all the years. It's hard to retire–"
–Nick Forrester – Owner, Forrester's Bighorn River Resort


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Sahara Cloth

Comfortable in all conditions

Orvis Sahara Cloth is a tightly-woven cotton poplin that’s made with an imperceptible dry-wax finish. Woven at a small mill in England using the first of the season’s cotton—always the best quality—the cloth receives the unnoticeable dry-wax coating that makes it impermeable and never in need of refinishing.

More than 100 years ago, fishermen who worked in the rough North Sea and Atlantic developed a way of waterproofing their canvas smocks. By rubbing linseed oil and wax into the fabric, they discovered a formula that made the cotton impervious to rain and wind, a potentially lifesaving development that protected them from hypothermia.

This homespun fabric treatment was quickly adopted by several British firms who made waterproof jackets and pants for the British Armed Forces stationed in India, Africa, Australia, and at home. The popularity of these garments took off with the general public as well, and the demand for waxed outergarments grew exponentially. Some of the same formulas developed a century ago are still being used today.

Orvis Sahara Cloth vests and pants are instant favorites—as resistant to wind as they are to rain. This dry-wax-treated clothing is the ultimate in durable weather wear, perfect for outdoor pursuits and travel. Flexible and breathable, Sahara Cloth is comfortable in all conditions.

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