Location X - DVD

See why the sport is gaining in popularity in this exciting tarpon fly-fishing video.


No maps. No GPS coordinates. Just the finest tarpon fishing ever caught on film is offered by this tarpon fly-fishing video. We blindfold world-class anglers. Fly them in. Drive them to the water, and share shocking footage of unwary tarpon swimming at the boat in clear water - daring us to cast a fly. The location will not be revealed out of respect for the fishery, but we show you every sparkling detail. The DVD includes extended fight scenes, special tarpon-to-fly luring footage, behind-the-scenes footage, and more. The Location X DVD also includes things not seen on TV, including new tarpon action on the fly, off-boat interviews, new extended fight footage of "Greg's Giant", behind-the-scenes footage, and more! Note on DVD exclusive: The Location X DVD tarpon fly-fishing video also includes two special-edition how-to fly-tying tutorials (the Toad and the Location X Floating Fly) with master tier Matti Majorin.
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