Enrico's Flex Squid

Be prepared to hang on when these squid flies hit the water.


Nothing a big predator like a striped bass loves more than squid. When the squid are in, the fishing is usually spectacular. Enrico's Flex Squid flies offer a unique and remarkably realistic tie that is perfect with a depth charge line for fishing the rips. Cast these flies across the flat water parallel to the rip line and let them sink and drop into the rip in a wet fly swing. Feeding bass will annihilate these squid flies. Make sure to have both colors on hand. Color, White, Orange.
Squid fly in sizes: 2/0, 3/0.

Cannot be shipped outside the US. Gift packaging not available.


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    Enrico Puglisi Flies

    Innovative durability with castability

    If you haven't fished an Enrico Puglisi Fly, there are two hallmark characteristics you'll notice right away that give you the edge: durability and castability. EP Fibers are made from synthetic materials that stand up to a lot of abuse, yet they shed water and dry off with your first backcast. That makes them as light as a dry feather. Their ability to shed water ensures that these flies will make a silent entry, which can make all the difference when targeting spooky fish. This attention to detail makes EP Flies successful when other flies may not be, and why once you try them you'll be convinced they make a difference.

    Most expert anglers agree that Enrico Puglisi is one of the most innovative and astute fly designers in the world today. All his flies are tied on Gamakatsu™ hooks.

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