Ergonomic Snips

Ergonomic stainless steel fly-fishing nippers for cutting small tippets with comfort and ease.


The larger size and rubber padding on the handles of our new stainless steel fly-fishing nipper make them easier and more comfortable to use. Specially designed pad to fit the thumb. Made of 420-grade stainless steel. Imported.


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  • 4/5

    Ergonomic Snips - 10/26/2015
    By: from Swiss

    Ergonomic Snips I always precise cuts and long-lasting. I collect knives and I know that steel C 420 is great: why butchers professionals use steel knives C 420. The needle to clean the eyelets of the Flies put side is a great idea.

  • 5/5

    Sharp! - 12/31/2014
    By: from Rochester, NY

    I didn't realize how dull my old snips had become until I tried these babies! Compact, good feel and sharp. What more could you want?

  • 4/5

    Good and better - 10/16/2014
    By: from Western NC
    Top 1000 Contributor

    This is comfortable and is very sharp. I am hoping that it holds up to much use.

  • 5/5

    Ergo Snips - 9/16/2014
    By: from Colorado

    This is my second set of these snips. I had the first set for 7 years, so they're definitely worth the price. They stay sharper than any other snips I've owned.

  • 5/5

    Simple and effective - 8/23/2014
    By: from Grapevine, TX

    Just bought these snips and really like the grip. If they last a long time, it will be a bonus.

  • 5/5


  • 5/5

    Good Simple Product - 7/16/2014
    By: from SLC, UT

    Sharp snips! My old pair of snips (no name brand) struggled snipping line so I upgraded to Orvis snips and they haven't failed me. They're good looking and sharp.

  • 5/5

    Easy nymphing - 6/26/2014
    By: from Sonoma
    Top 1000 Contributor

    I love these snips... easy to tie and the best if you want to use two flies. Great for nymphing! Try them on.

  • 5/5

    These are THE snips! - 5/20/2014
    By: from North Carolina

    The Orvis Ergonomic Snips do a great job of clipping of the tag ends of threads, shortening wings that are a little too long, clearing eyelets of excess head cement, and that's about it... They are designed for a simple purpose, and execute their job flawlessly!

  • 5/5

    Great nippers - 5/14/2014
    By: from missoula

    These are comfortable and easy to use. Just what nippers should be.

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