Helios 2 6-weight 11' Fly Rod—Tip Flex

Our 6-weight switch rod is ideal for swinging streamers and heavy nymphs.


4⅜ oz. 11', 4-piece, Tip Flex fly rod for 6-wt. line.

There's a bit of magic involved in the perfect drift. Intense coordination between your line, your rod, your hands, and a host of ethereal, unseen forces can fool even the most cynical and steadfast fish. Instead of relying on the fickle nature of the mystical, give yourself 11 feet of pure, unadulterated advantage. Cast it with one hand or two, watch the perfect drift materialize, then thank your lucky stars you had a Helios 2 switch rod in your hands. Proudly made in Manchester, Vermont.

Why would we take the world's best fly rod and change it? The answer is simple. We're driven by constant improvement. Put this rod in your hands and feel the rush. You'll completely understand.

  • 20% stronger than the original Helios
  • 20% lighter in hand
  • 100% increase in tip-impact strength
  • Fine-tuned tapers for unrivaled tracking, accuracy, and lifting power

    Rod outfit includes:

  • Helios 2 116-4 Tip-Flex Fly Rod
  • Mirage IV Reel - Black nickel
  • Hydros 3D Switch line
  • 200 yards of 20-lb. Dacron backing
  • Made-in-USA aluminum rod tube and cloth rod sack

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