HVO Stealth Cat

Our polarized fishing sunglasses are designed for great visibility and a comfortable fit.


Glass lens envelops all vision angles around the eye. Precision frame designed to remain comfortably in place. Amber lens color (non-prescription only) has green mirror-coated lenses for contrast and clarity. Italian manufactured frames and glass lenses. Black frames not available with green-mirror-coated amber lenses. Ideal for fly fishing and other water sports, these sunglasses have an eyebrow wrap frame that provides full range of protection. HVO Optical glass provides 100% UV and IR sun protection and surpasses the DBT (Drop Ball Test) by 3.3 times the international standard, making HVO glasses some of the most durable and safe glass lenses anywhere. If you demand the best vision possible while on the water, there is no other choice than these ideal sunglasses. Best for average face shapes. Cleaning is easy. Water beads off. Anti-reflective coating keeps eyes fresh and relaxed. 99.99% polarization efficiency, the best in the industry. No distortion or shifting of as your vision shifts. Fishing sunglasses lens color in gray. Italy.


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  • 3/5

    Very nice glasses. - 5/25/2011
    By: from New York, NY

    I got them on sale mail order. They are reasonably lightweight but sturdy and the clarity of the orange lenses is very good. I wore them fishing on an overcast day and they provided great contrast in the flat light. My only complaint is that the fit isn't perfect--they are a little narrow for my face and started to pinch after a few hours of wear.

  • 5/5

    HVO Stealth Cat Prescription Sun Glasses - 5/10/2011
    By: from Richmond, VA

    The HVO Stealth Cat prescription glasses were actually my second choice. When my original order arrived and the glasses just didn't fit, customer service went out of their way to exchange my glasses even though they were prescription lenses. The Stealth Cats turned out to be a great fit and the lens quality is excellent.

  • 3/5

    Good but not Great - 1/24/2011
    By: from seattle, wa

    First of all let me say I absolutely insist on having high end glass lens, polarized, sunglasses with Italian frames. I am very persnickety when it comes to my glasses and have learned that I have to spend the money to get the quality I want in my glasses. I had lost my long time glasses that I loved on a very brushy river here in Western WA and was forced to shop for another pair. For starters, I will say that the optics are clear and crisp as one would expect of this price category of glass lens sunglasses. The frames however feel a bit low in quality especially for the price. I always buy Italian frames and these frames leave something to be desired in material quality and workmanship. From the feel of them, I would not have guessed they where Italian frames. Overall I think these are fair but there are better quality glasses out there in this price category.

  • 4/5

    Solid Buy - 11/16/2010

    Great lenses, durable frame, good looking glasses for a good price. I wish these glasses had rubber nose inserts to help keep them in place. While the frame fits well enough to keep them secure most of the time, they tend to slip on hot days while fishing the Northeast in the summer, and especially in the Tropics. These glasses are a no-brainer, even with that minor complaint.

  • 5/5

    ''The Best" sunglasses - 4/29/2009
    By: from Newaygo, MI

    I purchased a pair of these sunglasses about a year ago now... and there is not one scratch on the lens! Surely not because I'm careful with them, because I'm not....but because these are the best pair of sunglasses I have ever purchased...and I've purchased many over the years. Finally, a pair of sunglasses that will be around for a long time, if I don't step on them.

  • 5/5

    Best fit around - 2/26/2009

    I finally bought a pair of these glasse about 3 years ago and absolutley love them. I have looked around at buying new glasses but can't find any other brand that fit as well as the Stealth Cat's. These glasses fit well and block out more light than other glasses leaving my eyes relaxed even after being on the water all day.

  • 5/5

    The best prescription sunglasses available - 10/10/2007

    Finally, after years of searching for prescription sunglasses I've found the best. If you're like me [over 40] and your once 20/20 vision is a thing of the past you are in luck. I had given up on finding prescription glass lens bifocal sunglasses. Every time I inquired at any of several eyeglass centers it was always the same answer. "Sorry, no one makes glass lens prescription sunglasses anymore." Wrong, Orvis does. If you haven't looked through glass lenses in a while you will be shocked by the clarity of Stealth Cats. Combine that with your bifocal prescription and polarization and you have the eyes of your youth back. There is no comparison between these glass lenses and the plastic lenses you are used to. Simply put, these are the finest glass lens prescription sunglasses available at any price.

  • 4/5

    finally satisfied - 10/9/2007
    By: from Ontario, CANADA

    I've been fishing for over 20 years for a variety of species. I like to get a visual of the bottoms & also pick out weed lines or pockets. Conditions are not always optimal so I have been looking for an all round high quality fishing glasses. The change from sunny to cloudy days does not affect the Stealth Cat's ability to cut through the water. The amber lens seems to sharpen every detail. I'm spotting fish before my buddies do. The fit is so comfortable that I'll forget them on even after I get off the water.


How to Order Prescription Sunglasses

First, please choose single-vision or bifocal lenses. Then send us a copy of your order number (which you will receive upon completion of this order) and your prescription, which must include pupillary distance (PDs) measurement and be signed by your optometrist within the last 12 months. Send these forms to us in one of two easy ways:

  • Fax it to us at 540-343-7053 or scan it and send it by e-mail to orderimages@orvis.com.
  • You can also call in your order at 888-235-9763 and then send in your prescription forms via e-mail or fax.

Please allow three to four weeks for delivery.

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