Protect your catch and your hands from harm with this Bogagrip fishing tool. Made in USA.


The original. The best. Land, weigh, and photograph any fish while minimizing harm to the fish. The ultimate catch-and-release tool. Great in cold water or for toothy fish. Accurate and durable scale can be certified by IGFA for your potential world-record catches. 15-, 30-, and 60-lb. models available (please specify). Made in USA.


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  • 5/5

    Don't Settle for Anything Less! - 2/13/2013
    By: from Cleveland, OH
    Top 500 Contributor, Expert

    There are many imitations out there on the market, but only one true "Boga." Anytime I am fishing for fish of any size or those with teeth, my boga is on my belt. It is a solid piece of gear that won't fail you and will hold your fish under any situation. With the ability to weigh your fish and even have it IGFA certified, what else do you need in a grip! My 30lb model will be with me for many years!

  • 5/5

    Great, but be careful - 7/27/2012
    Top 1000 Contributor

    The Boga is the ultimate tool for handling toothy fish like pike and musky and for dealing with fish with tough lips such as bass and carp. It's extremely easy to operate with one hand and once attached, it doesn't come off no matter how hard the fish thrashes. However, be careful using it fish with soft mouths as the Boga's jaws may pierce the mouth. This is particularly true of trout. If you want to use this for trout, I recommend--as another reviewer has already done--that you put the fish in a net and weigh it in that then subtract the weight of the net. All in all, I love this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a scale that is built well, will last a lifetime, and is easy to operate.

  • 4/5

    By: from Upstate NY
    Top 25 Contributor

    The Boga is a great tool. An absolute necessity when fishing for toothy critters like pike, musky, or bluefish. Handy to have for carp, bass ... any species one might weigh. The jaws do not let go. I WILL NOT use a boga on trout or steelhead. I've seen too many steelies bleed from the soft, underside of the jaw after having been handled with a Boga. If I want to weigh a steelhead, I put the boga on the net and subtract the weight of the net.

  • 5/5

    Quality item - 5/15/2012
    By: from Cardiff

    It's the first time I've used your company and I must say that I was really impressed ! Easy to use from logging on , finding the product I was looking for down to the payment . After purchase care was also first class , being able to track the product from America which I thought would take weeks but after just 1 week it arrived . Thank you again for a first class product and customer care . Will use again.

  • 5/5

    Expensive, but great tool - 11/21/2009
    By: from Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan
    Top 10 Contributor

    This tool is too heavy for wading, but if you own a drift boat, this tool is a must have. It is a great way to hold the fish while removing the hook and for taking pictures. It is amazing how well it holds the fish. I has the benefit of allowing you to remove the hook and take a picture without harming the fish in any respect. A great catch and release tool. I went with the medium size for Great Lakes Steelhead and Salmon. On the prcey side, I would consider this a luxury item.

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