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Stay out in the field longer with our lightweight upland hunting chaps.



Solve the two biggest problems of conventional chaps—weight and water. The Ultimate Upland Chaps solve both using our rugged and highly breathable Endura™ wader fabric to offer waterproof protection with remarkably reduced weight. Nothing takes the joy from hunting like heavy, wet legs covered in waterlogged canvas. The cumulative walking effort and discomfort can suck the pleasure from any hunt. The Ultimate Upland Chaps seem weightless in comparison and repel not only briars, but water as well. They don't absorb an ounce. The result is all-day dry comfort and exponentially less expended effort. These chaps are to conventional chaps as breathable waders were to neoprenes. Two-strap fastening system and a heavy-duty cuff zipper for easy on-and-off over boots. In tan.
Sizes: 29" inseam.


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  • 5/5

    BEST - 2/25/2013

    I maintain lawn sprinkler systems. These chaps are the BEST I have owned. Weightless, waterproof, and my knees do not get wet or muddy, while making repairs. I hate to get wet...THANKS ORVIS!

  • 1/5

    Not so Ultimate.... - 1/21/2013
    By: from Oregon

    So i purchase a pair of Ultimate Upland Chaps and had them shipped 3 day because the price wasn't that much different than standard. Total cost was $98.95. Pulled them out of the package. Way to short. Belt loop straps not long enought to attach to my belt. Very limited adjustment. I'm 6'2". Every bird hunter must be shorter than that. I folded up the chaps and put them back in the package and attached the UPS Return lable to it. Sent it back. Just got my refund. Refunded $72.05. Cost me $26 to find out the Unltilmate's weren't too Ultimate.Had them in my possession for 3 hours. I don't think I will be ordering from Orvis any longer.

  • 5/5

    Great Chaps - 11/14/2012
    By: from NW Florida Panhandle

    Just got these and already tried them out on a warm. wet morning chasing quail. Jeans stayed completely dry underneath and I did'nt overheat in them. Very comfortable in the brush. Tolerated heavy blackberry bushes with out any problems.

  • 5/5

    Light and tough - 10/26/2011
    By: from Massachusetts
    Top 250 Contributor

    I just came back from quail hunting in GA using these chaps and was very pleased with them. They held up to some tough cover, repelled water well and kept me cool in 70 and 80 degree weather. My friends all mentioned getting thorns through their cordura fronted pants, but these chaps seemed to turn everything back. Another good Orvis product!

  • 5/5

    worth having - 10/4/2011
    By: from Miami, FL

    light and protective, very comfortable to wear, well worth the price.

  • 5/5

    lightweight, waterproof, and breathable - 9/30/2011
    By: from Shushan, NY

    These chaps provide oustanding protection from brush/briars and keep you dry in the processs. I've worn them in rain storms, snow, and they keep you very dry without absorbing and water and extra weight. I've also worn them in warm/hot conditions and was impressed with the breathability. These are way more comfortable and much lighter in weight than the filsons or and other wax cotton or nylon chap. Great product!

  • 5/5

    Love them - 11/29/2010
    By: from Vermont

    These beat the pants off of my Filsons. Lightweight, durable. I use them in New England to go after grouse, and on the High Plains to chase pheasants. They are up to the task regardless of where I go, and are much more comfortable than the waxed canvas pants I used to were before I got these. I will agree they can be a bit noisy (as a previous reviewer complained), but I'm not stalking anything with them, so I don't care. Great product, and if I know Orvis stands behind them if I were to ever have a problem.

  • 5/5

    Does what it says - 11/26/2010
    By: from Georgia

    Went through the toughest terrain in Kansas and eastern Montana without a problem. Most of all keeps you dry in the wet weather, and not too hot when it warms up. Just got them so I haven't had time to tell about how long they will last but so far so good.

  • 5/5

    Orvis Ultimate Chaps - 10/8/2010

    I have used these chaps for two years and they have lived up to my hopes and expectations 100%. They keep me dry, are very lightweight and comfortable. I recommend them to everyone that may be looking for chaps. I checked out a lot of other products before I bought these and, consistent with Orvis products, these are the best.

  • 5/5

    Good chaps just needs a little tweek. - 3/25/2010
    By: from North Carolina

    After looking all around for chaps I decided on these. I thought they were going to be a little heavier than they are, but they are just breathable wader material. They did work well for thorns and brush but I cannot attest to how long they well last in real heavy nasty cover, I think they will be ok but I would like to see a more rip stop face on the outside to prevent rips. They do keep water off very well (they should since they are just wader legs). They one thing I did not like about them was the belt loop/snaps. I needed the longer version because of my legs, but the snaps were not placed very well. There are too many snaps toward the top of the loop to be useful. You would have to have 38 inch long legs to to use the snaps. To me they just get in the way. I would like to see a few more lower on the loop so you can customise the fit better if your legs are not that long. The fit is good in the thigh and overall quality appears ok. Would like to see them in a darker color as they were very dingy after a couple times out.

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