Saltwater Fly-Tying Kit

Our saltwater fly-tying kit has all the essentials you need. Made in USA.


All that's needed to tie Deceivers, Clousers, Sea Ducers, Flats Candies, and Crazy Charlies. Contains complete step-by-step illustrated instructions, #450 saltwater vise; super bobbin; extended whip finisher; stainless scissors; bodkin/threader; pearl midge flash; saltwater holographic; V rib; pearlescent poly flash; 210 thread in black, white, and hot pink; peacock herl; cactus chenille; deer body hair; tan craft fur; green everglow tubing; juicy legs in 3 colors; ultra hair in 3 colors; E-Z Eyes Gold; saltwater saddle in black, chartreuse, and white; large pearl tubing; water-based head cement; #24 mylar® tubing in silver and pearl; 4 assorted foam poppers; CCT body fur in white and chartreuse; 5 saltwater hooks each in #6, #1, #1/0; dumbbell eyes in gold and black; bucktail in 4 assorted colors; hackle patch in 4 assorted colors. Made in USA.
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  • 5/5

    More & Better Learning - 3/10/2013
    By: from Newark, DE

    This is just another great product from Orvis. I am now learning how to tie salt water flys. This will be another fly-tying skill so that I can cover both fresh & salt water fly fishing.

  • 2/5

    Mismatched tools - 2/28/2013

    I was initially pleased with this kit until I attempted to tie a fly. The vise will not hold a hook firmly but even worse, the threader does not fit through the bobbin so I ended up ruining both of those tools simply because they were not matched to each other. The scissors and other supplies were fine and met my expectations. Someone needs to actually try using these kits before selling them since the shortcomings could easily be remedied without the need to disappoint a customer.

  • 3/5

    Great kit, but shame about the bucktail - 7/29/2012
    By: from Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Very happy with the kit. The only problem was the bucktail; there was still some flesh attached to two of them and the smell was so bad I had to bin the lot.

  • 4/5

    fly tying vise - 2/14/2012

    The vise I received was defective from the very first fly ...I think someone sent this vise back broken and was shipped to me in that condition....I worked in the auto industry for 40 years and I'm used to using a vise..This vise was un useable.When I received my replacement kit I realized the first vise wasn't even in a bag like the second vise was and there was some parts in the second kit that wasn't in the first kit. Orvis did replace the kit and I was happy the way they handled the situation.

  • 3/5

    needs more instruction - 1/15/2012
    By: from apex, nc

    Lots of stuff....materials look like great quality...but if I had known it would take so long for delivery I would have also ordered a fly tying resource manual of some kind. For a beginner kit I was expecting a better manual. Unless you already tie flies, this kit will be full of instruments and materials that you have no idea what to do with. Order or find a decent manual before you get this product.

  • 5/5

    awesome place to start - 1/11/2012
    By: from Al - Paxton , Ma

    if your looking to start tying saltwater flies this is a must have. it comes with enough material to pay for itself several times over.the vise is just what you need, not their top of the line ,but not $700 either.i'll get many years of use,for sure. also if theres' ever a problem these folks bend over backwards to make it right. great product , great value,great company.

  • 5/5

    Very good purchase - 11/17/2009
    By: from Charleston , South Carolina

    This fly tying kit came with more tying materials than i could of ever bought for that price.. Everthing including tools,and materials were better qualitly than i could of ever asked for..I would highly suggest if your looking for a Saltwater tying kit to start with this one....Two Thumbs Up....

  • 4/5

    good for the money - 7/26/2009

    I bought this 3 years ago and its still holding up the only thing that is bad about this kit is that the vise broke after 20 flies

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