Frequent Flyer 9-weight 9' 7-piece Fly Rod

This fly rod is ready for all your travels.


Travel-ready, the Frequent Flyer™ fly rod packs right into your backpack, saddlebag, even your briefcase. This fly rod is so great to travel with. Carry the fly rod onto any plane to forever end any and all worry about your fly rod making it to your final fishing destination. Keep it right in your vehicle, out of the way, for quick fishing getaways at lunch, or pack it into the backcountry far easier than even a four-piece fly rod. Seven-piece rods for fresh and salt water, all in the most affordable, high-quality, high-performance travel rods on the market today. Built to our exact taper design, component, and production specifications, every step of the overseas production is supervised by Orvis. Take a Flyer!

Rod outfit includes:

  • Frequent Flyer 909-7 Fly Rod
  • Access V Reel - Titanium
  • Hy-Flote Extra Silver Label WF Floating Line - Yellow
  • 250 yards of 30lb Dacron backing
  • Cordura rod tube with internal dividers

Fly rod details:
  • 9 foot, 7 piece, Tip Flex fly rod for 9 weight line, 4 5/8 oz.
  • Packable seven-piece design, 16"-17 3/4" collapsed.
  • Aluminum oxide stripping guides, chrome snake guides.
  • Hard chrome tip-top.
  • Fly rod has alignment dots for easy assembly.
  • Reel seat: Freshwater--silver anodized aluminum with dark green woven graphite spacer. Saltwater--black, hard anodized aluminum.
  • Protective Cordura-covered hard case with sleeve dividers.
  • Guaranteed only against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • 30-day Risk Free Trial

    The most affordable, high-quality, high-performance travel fly rods on the market today. Our Frequent Flyer fly rods are built to our exact taper designs, component, and production specifications. Saltwater configuration. Crisp Tip-Flex action to throw larger flies in any conditions. This fly rod is targeted for fishing saltwater species 6-30 lbs.

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  • Reviews

    Overall: Show Rating Distribution 4.7 / 5 based on 14 reviews


    13 of 14 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    • 5/5

      Tough rod - 1/1/2014
      By: from Hessen, Germany
      Top 500 Contributor

      I own the 9-weight FF for almost ten years now (and the 8-weight, which I reviewed accordingly). Snake, tip and guide rings are of good dimensions and quality, and all of the hardware is saltwater suitable (with a little bit of care and maintenance). Unlike it's #8 brother this rod is more versatile: It is perfect with the designated 9-weight line of any type and it can handle a #8 and a short #10 as well. It was a perfect match for numerous hard-fighting bonito in La Gomera, and is very suitable for SWFF in high wind conditions and for pike here at home. This rod has guts, as a completely satisfying primary rod for heavy freshwater and light saltwater use or as the perfect backup rod for my ZG and Helios gear. I strongly recommend it. As a previous reviewer noted: It would be great if Orvis added a 10- and 12-weight to the line. I'll buy the 5-weight with the rest of my christmas budget anyway.

    • 5/5

      Great rod - bad tube - 12/29/2013
      By: from UK

      The previous reviewer said " Plus you don't have the hassle of a separate sleeve, as the travel tube has dividers – which saves a heap of time when it comes to setting/packing up". I utterly refute this. The first time I used my FF (several years ago) I couldn't get one section out of the tube as the stripping ring had lodged itself beyond the bottom of the dividers. I was forced to cut the stitching at the bottom of the tube to extract it. Orvis did immediately replace the tube, but obviously did not take on board the points I made at the time. I have 3 further grouses regarding divided tubes. First if for space reasons I want to avoid the bulk of tube I have no separate sock, Secondly the dividers inevitably become impregnated with salt and cannot be washed. Finally with multiple sections it is much easier to check you have stowed all sections with a separate sock. Death to divided tubes they are bad design and simply trivial cost cutting.

    • 5/5

      pure workhorse - 11/26/2013
      By: from Dublin, Ireland

      Okay, so I've been using this rod for around 8 years now, and what can I say? I've caught double figure Scottish salmon, some cracking Spey sea trout, several mackerel and pollack and mullet, a few sea bass and dozens of pike (to 20lbs) with it. It breaks down so neatly it's ridiculously easy to pack and take with you, be it on a hike into the hills or on the bike or in a backpack to the beach. Plus you don't have the hassle of a separate sleeve, as the travel tube has dividers – which saves a heap of time when it comes to setting/packing up. The action is very fast. With some practice you can make good Spey and roll casts, especially if matched with 10wt lines (ie. go up a size). It probably isn't a rod for beginners, simply because your timing needs to be pretty spot on to load it properly, but otherwise I really can't think of a bad thing to say about it. I did in fact break the top section a few years ago (getting it out of a car fully set up – my own fault) and it cost a nominal fee (around £25 I think at the time) to replace that section. Easy. I own a 4wt too, which I also bought around 8 years ago (I got a deal for the two together). It's a lovely little rod: not nearly as fast as the 9wt, so super user friendly, for beginners and old hands alike. I've used it to catch trout and chub and dace and roach all over the UK and Ireland, plus trout (cutthroats, browns, rainbows, brookies) and largemouth bass and bluegill in 8 US states. Heaven knows how many fish I've landed with that thing. Never had a single problem with it, and enjoyed every moment I've had it in my hand. These are truly great rods. They're exceptional value for money, durable, and incredibly easy to travel with. I wish Orvis would make some switch rods to add to the range, as I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

    • 5/5

      A Good Rod - 10/4/2013
      By: from Mid-Sussex

      Having read reviews in the angling press & online I opted for a 9wt Frequent Flyer to cover both saltwater and trout fishing on holiday. In theory these requirements are a little bit different but yesterday I put the rod to the test with a 7wt line whilst chasing rainbows and was delighted with the result - rod & line did not seem mis-matched at all and good distance casts were achieved whilst retaining the sensitivity required when playing fish.

    • 5/5

      Great Travel Rod - 8/27/2013
      By: from Old Bridge, NJ

      I travel a lot and needed a rod I could take with me for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. This rod meets all of my requirements, and absolutely exceeds my expectations. It casts easily and can handle large saltwater flies. It will be in my carry-on bag on every trip I take. A great travel rod.

    • 5/5

      Awesome rod! - 5/16/2013

      I have the FF 9 weight as my saltwater rod. It casts like a rod three times the price and fits in my hand luggage. It can handle almost all fishing conditions. If you only buy one saltwater rod to use for everything from bass to small tarpon, this is it.

    • 5/5

      Extremely versatile - 12/18/2011

      I bought a #5 FF tip flex about 3 year ago. I use it from delicate presentation a # 16 dry fly to long cast big flyes for Dorado, and it respond amazingly. I fly fish for the last 35 years, i have much other roods like a #3 Orvis Hydros, but I ensure you that FF is one of the best fly rod i ever use...

    • 5/5

      Wonderful rod - 8/1/2011
      By: from CABA Argentina

      I do have not only the FF number 9 but also the number 8. My learners for fly casting (I´m a FFF certified fly casting instructor) having the number 5 and 6 feel the same I do. Wonderful rod!!!! Please I ask Orvis designers to include also the number 10 and number 12. I am a Tarpon fisherman and I would be very glad to have these rods for travelling!!! I know that many Tarpon and flats in general fly fishermen are eager to have these rods in the market. I did tried the #8 and #9 on Bonefish and freshwater Dorado and performed beautifully. Thanks much to Orvis!!!

    • 5/5

      Good cast - 6/15/2011

      I have my nine weight rod for over a year now and finally I had the change to try it out on a beautiful lake in the Lake District UK. With a nine weight it casts very smooth and fighting the fish it has a very nice backbone. after a day casting with it I even was not tired at the end of the day. very good rod.

    • 1/5

      Bad quality - 3/15/2010

      I got the frequent flyer rod 9wt about two years ago. I like the rod and the concept of the seven pieces making it super easy to pack and bring with you. However this fall I realized that the connections points (where one piece slides over the other) between the rod pieces had starting getting cracks, on several of the rod segments. I have always been very careful disassembling the rod. To be fair I’ve often used the rod cold weather casting big flies but this seems like something the rod should be able to handle. So I went and talked with the people at the Orvis store in central Boston, Quincy Market, to ask if they had any warranty for this. I was told that this was not the case and that they actually had no type of warranty for these rods. The guy in the store said he had a rod with a similar problem from another customer that he had tried to return to Orvis for replacement but that Orvis would not replace that either. This was another rod model that I would assume from this didn’t have such a great warranty either. The guy in the store said that other Orvis stores might be more generous with their warranties. So I can’t really say if this is the warranty policy of that store or Orvis, the store however is an official Orvis store. So the seven-piece concept just turned into extra weak points that could break in my experience, I’ve never seen this in any other rod that I have owned. So with this in mind I will give an otherwise nice rod a bad rating as a product in whole… Maybe the bad rating should just go to the Orvis store in Boston or the warranty policies of Orvis? Karl

      Response from: Orvis Customer Service Team
      Posted: 10/28/2010 10:47:54 AM

      The Orvis Frequent Flyer Rod series is covered for life against defects in materials and workmanship. Any Frequent Flyer rod returned to our repair facility will be repaired or replaced free of charge if our repair specialists determine that the rod was defective.

    Learn More

    Frequent Flyer Fly Rods

    The Frequent Flyer Goes the Distance
    by Orvis Endorsed Guide, Capt. Dale Fridy

    Orvis sent me an early sample of the Frequent Flyer rod. I'm able to recommend it highly to my customers who are gearing up for the salt. The Texas fishery that is my stomping grounds, the Lower Laguna Madre, is becoming more well known in the fly fishing world. For those headed to Port Isabel, Texas and the miles and miles of wadable flats harboring sizable trophy trout and tailing reds, it’s a great and affordable trip. So I get a lot of trout anglers on their first sight-casting, saltwater adventure. The price of gearing up for the trip with a Frequent Flyer rod doesn't scare them off. And I know they're setting themselves up for success with the Frequent Flyer. They'll make the casts they need to make, put the fly to the distance they need with accuracy and touch even with the persistent Gulf winds. On the Lower Laguna Madre, the opportunity is here to tag into a trophy sized trout or redfish. The Frequent flyer has enough backbone to play a fish, no problem. Another great benefit to the Frequent Flyer rod is that it’s designed to travel, just pack and go.

    There is a side benefit to the Frequent Flyer for me: Those anglers that make it down here a day or two before their luggage at least have their rod with them!
    - Captain Dale Fridy, Port Isabel, Texas. 954-943-7666.

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