Frequent Flyer 8-weight 9' 7-piece Fly Rod

At last, a travel fly rod that you can truly carry anywhere.


Travel-ready, the Frequent Flyer™ fly rod packs right into your backpack, saddlebag, even your briefcase. The fly rod carries onto any plane to forever end any and all worry about your fly rod making it to your final fishing destination. Keep the fly rod right in your vehicle, out of the way, for quick fishing getaways at lunch, or pack it into the backcountry far easier than even a four-piece fly rod. Seven-piece fly rods for fresh and salt water, all in the most affordable, high-quality, high-performance travel rods on the market today. Built to our exact taper design, component, and production specifications, every step of the overseas production is supervised by Orvis. Take a Flyer!

Rod outfit includes:

  • Frequent Flyer 908-7 Fly Rod
  • Access IV Reel - Titanium
  • Hy-Flote Extra Silver Label WF Floating Line - Yellow
  • 200 yards of 30lb Dacron backing
  • Cordura rod tube with internal dividers

Fly rod details:
  • 9 foot, 7 piece, Tip Flex fly rod for 8 weight line, 4 1/2 oz.
  • Packable seven-piece design, 16"-17 3/4" collapsed.
  • Aluminum oxide stripping guides, chrome snake guides.
  • Hard chrome tip-top.
  • Fly rod has alignment dots for easy assembly.
  • Reel seat: Freshwater--silver anodized aluminum with dark green woven graphite spacer. Saltwater--black, hard anodized aluminum.
  • Protective Cordura-covered hard case with sleeve dividers.
  • Guaranteed only against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • 30-day Risk Free Trial

    The most affordable, high-quality, high-performance travel fly rods on the market today. Our Frequent Flyer fly rods are built to our exact taper designs, component, and production specifications. Saltwater configuration. Our best selling and most versatile saltwater line weight. This fly rod is targeted for fishing stripers, bonefish, bass.

    Outfits include fly rod, reel, line and case. Just 16" to 17 3/4" collapsed, these fly rods fit in carry-on luggage so he can take it with him. The most affordable, high-quality, high-performance graphite travel rods on the market come fully equipped with a Battenkill Mid Arbor reel, and make a great gift for beginners and experienced fly fishers alike. The fly reels are ready to go, loaded with new Wonderline Generation III and Dacron backing. A terrific value. Outfits include a protective Cordura rod case.

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  • Reviews

    Overall: Show Rating Distribution 4.6 / 5 based on 14 reviews


    13 of 14 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    • 5/5

      Great little Mikado - 1/1/2014
      By: from Hessen, Germany
      Top 500 Contributor

      I own the 8-weight FF for almost ten years now (and the 9-weight, which I will review accordingly). It is surprisingly light for a seven section rod. Snake, tip and guide rings are of good dimensions and all of the hardware is saltwater suitable. Once assembled it casts a standard 8-weight WF line well, but on long casts or with (even intemediate) sink-tips it feels more at home with a 7-weight. This is all right for me. If noit air travelling, it lives together with it's #9 companion under the driver seat of my car in the vicinity of two reels with a spare spool and a minimalistic pack of flies, leaders and tippet material. This may be an analogy to the city manager who drives a Land Rover just in case he should get stuck in the desert... but honestly, it gets used from time to time as a completely satisfying primary rod and always acts as a comforting backup rod for my ZG and Helios gear. I intend to spend the rest of my christmas budget on a 5-weight, but I'll have to use the shotgun seat for this one. Oh, btw, you can also use it for a game of Mikado on a boring storm day in the cabin ;–) - and here's the only shortcoming: It's hard to tell the sections apart, when two rods got mixed up.

    • 5/5

      Excellent choice, maybe the best - 12/26/2013
      By: from Copenhagen, Denmark

      I have got a wonderful rod, nearly for all purpose around Denmark. I'm very satisfied

    • 5/5


      casts great, fits in my daypack. my 6 piece 8wt. from another co. broke mysteriously. orvis quality seems better.

    • 2/5

      Not a great rod - 11/4/2013
      By: from Chicago, IL
      Top 50 Contributor

      My least favorite Orvis rod, it casts poorly because of its 7 piece design and the 8 weight version casts worse than the lighter versions by a large margin. It should be considered specialty equipment for the hardcore backpacker that must have compactness at all costs.

    • 5/5

      Frequent Flyer 908-7 rod - 11/1/2013
      By: from Rhode Island

      This will be my go-to rod when I pack my carry-on bag to do a little saltwater fishing. The finish was excellent. It casts like a dream for a 7 piece rod. I love it.

    • 5/5

      Surprized but very pleased - 9/30/2013
      By: from North Kent UK

      This is my 6th 8wt 9' rod for saltwater but only my second Orvis, my other being a 9' 2 piece ZG. To be honest I wasnt expecting much for the price paid, I just wanted a passable carry on multi section rod for travelling. I am really pleased with it, very well finished, excellent quality and I couldn't tell it had seven sections. Light, crisp powerful rod that casts just a fraction less well than the ZG but that did cost a LOT more! I really can't fault it, really good value for money. The right size haywires (too many saltie rods have too small eyes) and the stripping guides are good quality. I'd just say to the development team, that I would prefer a matt blank and perhaps suggest that the rod is best rated as 7/8, it likes some of my 8wt lines but struggled slightly with long bellies (as indeed we all do)

    • 5/5

      Very good product - 5/18/2012

      It is just what I wanted when trawelling. I like the action of the rod and handle. I am very pleased with it.

    • 5/5

      A great Florida rod - 8/30/2011
      By: from Chicago, IL
      Top 50 Contributor

      I loved this rod for use in Florida. Easily packable , it worked well on largemouth bass and then could easily be brought out to the ocean for redfish and snook. (small tarpon too) Unfortunately, my Florida cottage was robbed and this was what the thieves took. Unbelievably, the thieves passed over all my other gear and grabbed the frequent flyer rod and my matching large arbor reel instead of taking anything else. I guess that is a telling sign, even a thief knew the best gear I had and wouldnt accept anything less! I'll be getting another one of these eventually. I strongly suggest personalizing it to reduce it's saleability if ever stolen.

    • 5/5

      perfect rod in any sense - 8/12/2011
      By: from CABA Argentina

      "I do have not only the FF number 8 but also the number 9. My learners for fly casting (I´m a FFF certified fly casting instructor) having the number 5 and 6 feel the same I do. Wonderful rod!!!! Please I ask Orvis designers to include also the number 10 and number 12. I am a Tarpon fisherman and I would be very glad to have these rods for travelling!!! I know that many Tarpon and flats in general fly fishermen are eager to have these rods in the market. I did tried the #8 and #9 on Bonefish and freshwater Dorado and performed beautifully. Thanks much to Orvis!!!"

    • 4/5

      Frequent Traveler - 7/20/2010
      By: from Salem, OR

      I used my 5 weight Frequent Flyer Rod today on the North Fork of the Flathead. I hooked into about 9 whitefish ranging from 12 to 17 inch and had no problems. I have used it for 2 years now and I am very happy. I want to get an 8 Weight since the bull trout in Oregon seem to be a little much for the 5 weight. If you need a rod that packs well in a suit case or for a backpack trip this is the one. Don't bother with any others brands right now. It is money well spent and I am cheap just ask my wife.

    Learn More

    Frequent Flyer Fly Rods

    The Frequent Flyer Goes the Distance
    by Orvis Endorsed Guide, Capt. Dale Fridy

    Orvis sent me an early sample of the Frequent Flyer rod. I'm able to recommend it highly to my customers who are gearing up for the salt. The Texas fishery that is my stomping grounds, the Lower Laguna Madre, is becoming more well known in the fly fishing world. For those headed to Port Isabel, Texas and the miles and miles of wadable flats harboring sizable trophy trout and tailing reds, it’s a great and affordable trip. So I get a lot of trout anglers on their first sight-casting, saltwater adventure. The price of gearing up for the trip with a Frequent Flyer rod doesn't scare them off. And I know they're setting themselves up for success with the Frequent Flyer. They'll make the casts they need to make, put the fly to the distance they need with accuracy and touch even with the persistent Gulf winds. On the Lower Laguna Madre, the opportunity is here to tag into a trophy sized trout or redfish. The Frequent flyer has enough backbone to play a fish, no problem. Another great benefit to the Frequent Flyer rod is that it’s designed to travel, just pack and go.

    There is a side benefit to the Frequent Flyer for me: Those anglers that make it down here a day or two before their luggage at least have their rod with them!
    - Captain Dale Fridy, Port Isabel, Texas. 954-943-7666.

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