Dave Barron

Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Guide in Richland Center, Wisconsin

Dave Barron


Dave Barron is a full-time guide specializing in fly fishing for spring-creek trout in the waters of southwest Wisconsin, and warmwater species on the waters of both southwest and northwest Wisconsin. Our experienced guides are all Federation of Fly Fishers-certified fly-casting instructors who will guide you from your first cast through more advance fishing techniques. We have the knowledge and desire necessary to provide a quality experience, regardless of your level of expertise. If you care to brush up on your technique or want to learn to fly fish, we can help you with the fundamentals and assist in the selection of appropriate tackle.

Date Range

Our trout season opens the first Saturday in March and runs until the last Sunday in September. Our warmwater season starts around mid-May and ends in late October.

What is Provided to Customer

All trips include:
Personal instruction.
Lunch, snacks, and drinks.
Transportation to and from the river.
Equipment is provided and includes all flies.

Region/Terrain Where You Fish

Tucked away in the coulee area of southwestern Wisconsin are many spring-fed streams that create the perfect habitat for trout. The excellent fishing opportunities, beautiful scenery, and quiet solitude have garnered new respect for this area. These small streams, once undiscovered jewels, have gained national recognition through articles published in magazines and books. Wild brown trout are the primary quarry on these true limestone spring creeks. These aggressive fish, which naturally reproduce, sport beautiful coloration. Catch-and-release areas have allowed numbers and size of fish to increase, and fish up to 18 inches are not uncommon.

Wisconsin is blessed with many clear, free-flowing rivers full of smallmouth, pike, and muskie. Spend a day floating down one of these rivers in the comfort of one of our driftboats with fly rod in hand. Your day will start with the mist coming off the water and the fish ready to attack your fly. Somewhere around midday, we will pull off on one of the many gravel bars for one of our famous shore lunches. After lunch, the best fishing time of the day awaits. The river is warmed and ready to show you what it is made of. After an enjoyable day of fishing and instruction, your day will end leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction.

Typical Weather by Season

Early Season (March - April) Weather can be cold and there is always a chance of snow. We always have a few days of warm sunny weather to help cure cabin fever. This is one of my favorite times of the year; you can have the stream all to yourself and the fish are hungry after a long winter. The water conditions can be cold and sometimes cloudy. At this time of year we do not need to get to the stream early. We try to time our fishing to the most pleasant time of the day. The bugs and fish like warm sunshine just like you do, so fish when you think the weather is the best and you will have a great day.

Late Spring / Early Summer (April - June) Weather will be cool in the morning and warming up as the day moves along. We will have some very warm days in May and June. Some days may be rainy so bring along your rain gear. With the warmer days the fish are starting to look up. Hatches are getting in full swing. This is the time of year we fish mainly dry flies. Most of the area hatches are in full swing. We do fish nymphs at this time of year, but we fish them as they emerge. Starting in June the weather will be hot and sunny. Most of the late spring hatches will be finished and we start to fish mainly terrestrials and caddis, beetles, hoppers, ants, and small nymphs.

Summer (July - August) July and August will see spring-creek temperatures getting into the high 70s and low 80s. When temperatures get this warm, we shift our fishing to the warmwater species. Trout do not handle higher water temperatures well, but the smallmouths just love them. We fish from a driftboat and sometimes wade the flats and sand bars of the rivers we fish. Equipment will be a 6-, 7-, or 8-wt. rod in 9 ft. length. Most all the fishing is done with a floating line. Flies range from crawfish to baitfish imitation. Most all the strikes are on the surface or near it. It is very exciting to see a smallmouth explode on your surface fly.

Fall (September - October) The weather is starting to change from the hot days of summer. The temperatures will be cool in the morning and evening. Many days will be sunny and pleasant. Fall colors will be starting, making the landscape come alive. The streams will be low and very clear. The fish will be looking up, feeding on terrestrials, late season mayflies, and small caddis. The fish know this is the end of the season and are feeding heavily for winter. Our trout season closes at the end of September. October shifts our focus back to warm water and we start hunting muskies and pike.


What Should Customers Bring?

Appropriate clothing for the season
Sunglasses and a hat
For wade trips, you will need to bring waders or hip boots


Dave Barron
Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Guide
32491 Jaquish South Road
Richland Center, WI 53581

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