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The headwaters of the Connecticut River offer some of the finest fly fishing in New England and the East! Whether this is your first time fly fishing or fly fishing has been your passion for years, the Upper Connecticut River offers good accessibility and a variety of fishing opportunities. The trophy stretch of the Upper Connecticut River, a short distance from our shop, is a 2-mile stretch of the river that is fly fishing only. In this stretch of river you'll find native landlocked salmon, brook trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout.

We're here to help! We offer a full-service Orvis Fly Shop, complete with fly suggestions, rental fly-fishing gear and knowledgeable Orvis-Endorsed fly-fishing guides to show you the river and teach you how to fish it successfully.

Our fishing season stretches from early May and stays consistently good until the season ends October 15. Our good, consistent fishing is thanks in part to two tailwater dams which keep the river flowing cold all summer long. Diversity is another great asset!

Do you like to float the river? The Connecticut River and the Androscoggin offer great fly fishing and we offer driftboat guide services on both rivers.

We can outfit your entire northern New England trout fishing vacation! Check out our cozy cabin accommodations; we have a cabin for every angler's taste and budget. We have been in operation since 1929.

Date Range

We are open for outdoor adventure year-round; however, our fishing season is best from the beginning of May to the season's end, October 15.

Region/Terrain Where You Fish

At the northern tip of New Hampshire you'll find the headwaters of the mighty Connecticut River. Starting as a trickle near the Canadian border in Pittsburg, New Hampshire, the Upper Connecticut River forms a chain of lakes—the Connecticut Lakes—before making its 400-mile journey to Old Saybrook, Connecticut. The Connecticut Lakes are deep, coldwater lakes, home to lake trout and landlocked salmon.

The Upper Connecticut River itself holds native brook trout, rainbow trout, and large brown trout. Landlocked salmon make their way into the river during spring spawning runs of baitfish and during their fall spawn. The river has fly-fishing only regulations on 5 miles of river. Most of the river is open to lure and bait as well. Two tail-water dams provide cold river water for miles downstream making summer fishing on the Upper Connecticut River excellent.

Remote ponds with good brook trout populations—some with fly-fishing only regulations—dot the wilderness and are accessible by car using well-maintained logging roads. Diversity and abundance of quality fishing water make Pittsburg and the Connecticut Lakes Region a favorite fishing destination.


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52 of 53 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

  • 5/5

    A World-Class Experience - 9/25/2014
    By: from Campton, NH, USA

    In some 45 years of flyfishing I’ve had the opportunity to fish with guides in many states, a few countries, and a couple of continents. I think I’ve seen the full range of the good (most of them, happily), the bad, and the ugly (stepped on and broke my rod, miles from nowhere) when it comes to guides, and I know and appreciate a great guide when I see one. Greg Inglis qualifies for that classification and then some. We spent a few days a Lopstick – in Eastwind, a great little cabin – planning to fish the Connecticut mostly on our own and also take a 1-day float trip further downriver. Greg convinced us that, given the conditions and time of year, we’d be better driving over to the float the Androscoggin, and he was right on the money. We had a wonderful day on the Andro, with something like two dozen fish to the boat and several more that managed a long-line release. But catching fish is only part of what guides are about, and the one part they really can’t control. What’s more important is quality of equipment, professionalism, knowledge, boat handling skills, willingness to work hard, and other intangible qualities that make it pleasant to spend a long day with someone in what is, after all, a relatively small space. Greg has all of that in spades and also provided one of the best freshly cooked shore lunches I’ve ever had. All in all, an experience equal to what one can expect on many of the internationally famous rivers featured in flyfishing books and on the covers of the national magazines, thanks in large part to Greg. We will be back.

  • 5/5

    Exceptionally Fine Trip - 9/25/2014
    By: from Campton, NH

    Greg gave us a fantastic and memorable day of fishing on the Androscoggin, and my husband and I heartily recommend him. We were rewarded with multiple trout (thank you Greg!), including my 17-inch rainbow. I am not as experienced as some, so greatly appreciated Greg's encouragement, pointers, and steady advice to "keep the rod tip down" or in other cases, "keep the rod up." Greg is extremely knowledgeable, personable, pleasant, patient, fun, and interesting (basically, the perfect guide), and is also a wonderful riverside griller (lunch was FANTASTIC). He also has a lot of strength and stamina - we were with him 12 solid hours - and he did everything except carry me back to the car at the end of the day. He provided us with the kind of experience that makes you reflect upon how great it is to be alive and fishing on a gorgeous river. Thank you.

  • 5/5

    sept 2014 - 9/13/2014
    By: from Pittsburg, NH, USA

    Great time as always. Highlight was a 23" brown trout, thanks Bill. Caught on one of Bill's as he calls them "junk" flies. Already booked up for a number of outings with Bill for next season.

  • 5/5

    Best guide!! - 9/9/2014
    By: from Pittsburg, NH, USA

    We had a marvelous day with Bill Bernhardt, he is very professional, courteous, patient, knowledgeable to the area and best spots to catch fish(did I mention he was patient). He knew exactly what flies to use and quickly assessed our capabilities. He helped us with why we were not catching fish, sharpened our skills in rapid water, which neither of us knew the correct way to fish,(did I mention he was very patient) giving us the opportunity to catch fish in fast water.

  • 5/5

    Fabulous Float Trip! - 9/8/2014
    By: from East Hampton, CT

    Had a wonderful 1/2-day float trip. Greg was extremely knowledgeable and worked very hard to ensure an enjoyable experience. He knows the water thoroughly and was always offering tips and suggestions. On a quiet day insect-wise, we caught 8 nice fish, mostly on subsurface imitations. I learned a variety of new tricks that were essential to my success and look forward to booking with Greg next year.

  • 5/5

    All one wants in a fishing float trip - 9/5/2014
    By: from Pittsburg, NH, USA

    Bill Bernhardt is a complete guide, just what one expects when seeking an Orvis guide. Bill's knowledge gave me the opportunity to learn technics new to me and we caught many fish. On several occasions when I did not catch fish in an area that Bill fully expected us to, he rowed the boat back up stream, we changed flies and presentation and we caught fish. The shore meal was also very well done. The total experience, thank you Bill.

  • 5/5

    Great 2 days FF - 8/25/2014
    By: from Pittsburg, NH, USA

    Bill took us floating the Conn. River for 2 days and it was a GREAT FF experience . Bill was very knowledgeable about every part of the river and fishing it. Everything from getting in the drift boat, to fishing, to having lunch(which was awesome), to fishing the rest of the day was absolutely perfect!

  • 5/5

    A Good Day - 8/7/2014
    By: from Pittsburg, NH

    I spent a day with Greg on the Trophy Stretch of the Ct River. The water was pretty warm, and the fishing slow but I caught some decent fish and lost even more(my fault, not his!). Greg was a perfect guide, thoughtful, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable. He also served an amazing lunch. I look forward to another day next year.

  • 5/5

    Not your everyday outfitter. - 6/24/2014
    By: from Greenland nh

    I really like Bill and Greg and the Lopstick experience and have been coming to Lopstick for many years. I often am hesitant of Guided trips because many are cookie cutter 'adventures' that are essentially scripted (same routine over and over) but not with these guys. They are laid back but know their waters and the insects/fish activity quite well, and customize their trips to what you want - which in my case is more wild, native, remote, and unique fishing experiences. Pittsburg is known for their trophy stretch which is chock full of big stocked fish, and I've been guided there by Bill and taught some terrific nymphing techniques that I use on my own to this day. It's a great piece of water for fly fisherman to have a field day exploring. But there is SO much more diverse water in Pittsburg. I went on three trips with these gentleman this last trip (2014) and here is a run down of my experiences - drifted the CT through rolling farmland, was the only boat/human on the water, and cast dry flies and emerges to rising fish on dead calm waters, spooky fish where presentation really matters, and I humble myself when I realize I am not as good of a fisherman as I think when a 40 yard cast needs to be drifter perfectly. Caught (and missed) a slew of rainbows and my only Brown of the trip here with bill. Greg got me out on my feet and hiked me up to a remote pond that is only stocked with fingerling trout, landing a decent sized 12+ inch brookie that had grown and flourished in the wild - darn near native and a trophy in itself. He also taught me how to 'bow and arrow cast' through tight vegetation to stalk wild fish. He introduced me to the Hex hatch on Back Lake, and even though it wasn't in full swing I had an awesome time fooling bass, rainbows, and brookies into thinking my gigantic hex pattern was the real deal. He showed me the prolific fishing opportunity for wild brookies at beaver dams and tributaries that hold an amazing amount of fish you'd never expect, how to wade fish the CT with Buggers and streamers downstream, and we stalked spooky rising fish in a blowout caddis hatch where technical casting was required. Looks easier than it is so the challenge was exciting (I got the skunk - this can be a good thing when being guided, you can lead a fisherman to water but you can't make his presentation any better than it is). Unlike many fishermen - they aren't stingy with their information on where to fish, without giving out secrets, and provide a lot of tips and techniques on how and where to fish for those who are interested. They are prompt, punctual, and efficient, you fish the whole time unless there is a drive to the fishing site. So remembering that we all have different expectations on the water, especially on a guided trip, I would highly recommend using their services and taking advantage of their open, collaborative style - make a list of experiences or water bodies of interest, then seek their advice on where to target your trip based on conditions and let them show you 'how it's done' - both guys are very unpretentious, easy to talk to, and very passionate about their jobs. In all fairness the only cons I can think of is the poor guys are working everyday through June so as the season rolls on they get a little tired and what I would call 'punch drunk' which actually can be quite amusing. They burn the candle at both ends when the fish are lively and it's just the nature of the beast so don't take it personally if they tell the same story twice! All in all I would highly recommend the Guide services at Lopstick and there is a reason they Won the Orvis 2013 Guide if the Year. An amazing feat for New Hampshire with its sketch weather, fishing season, and finicky fishing.

  • 5/5

    excellent experience - 6/23/2014

    My grandson and I had 2 excellent days fishing with Greg. Hayden had never fly fished before and with Greg's patients and skills Hayden caught several trout on the first afternoon.

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