Steve Grossman, MN

Orvis-Endorsed Wingshooting Guide located in Staples, Minnesota.

Steve Grossman, MN


Steve "Grouseman" Grossman, ruffed grouse guide, professional pointing dog trainer, and breeder of English Setters dating back to 1979. Starting Little Moran grouse camp in 1987, it has been called a "Destination of Distinction" and "A Church in the Wildwood" because of the loyalty of clients who flock back each year (Mike Gaddis - Sporting Classics Article September/October 2006). Ruffed Grouse and woodcock have been Steve's niche for the past 24 years, starting the grouse camp in 1987 with many hunters returning for the past 20+ years. Our dogs, the greatest asset they hunt the gun, remain steady and find birds. Steve was a guide for the Grand National Grouse Hunt in Grand Rapids, MN for 12+ years and the Grand National Quail Hunt in Enid, OK.

All the Double Gun Bird Hunts are 100% wild birds. Steve brings 33 years of habitat knowledge, guiding expertise, and dog work. We seek those who appreciate good dog work, a true love of the sport, and an appreciation for fine guns. The hunts are limited to two guns per guide with double guns only. Our Minnesota ruffed grouse camp is our signature hunt. We guide 30-40+ days a year throughout some of the best grouse cover one can imagine. As Michael McIntosh wrote, "I believe there are more grouse in Minnesota than anywhere else on earth". Steve and the guides keep daily ruffed grouse and woodcock flush counts which can be found on the double gun website. Join Steve as his setters dig deep for the grey ghost of Minnesota.

South Dakota
Guiding out of "Browns Hunting Ranch" in Gettysburg SD you'll find a piece of bird hunter's heaven. The SD ranch takes in 100,000+ acres of Native prairie, coulees, draws and river bottoms. You will also find miles of sunflower, corn and wheat stubble creating a bird hunting sanctuary.

Steve begins the fall guiding from September 1st through late September on the prairie for sharp-tail, prairie chicken, and huns. Then back to Minnesota for ruffed grouse the month of October and back to the SD Ranch November 1st. The ranch offers two lodges, one east river, the other west river with everything inclusive. There's a sea of habitat offering a lifetime of bird hunting, this truly has the makings of a world-class bird hunting destination.

January - February 15th finds us hunting Bobwhite Quail in SW Kansas and the Oklahoma pan handle. Our leases total 12,000+ acres all Taylor made for quail hunting. Here the dogs can roll through the country side in search of bobwhite. Our ranches are located in the heart of whitetail country, where deer hunts prevail. The big game season ends in late December giving way for the last month of quail hunting. Hunting pressure on these birds has been nil, it's a great way to end the season.

Steve's passion for the sport is contagious. As an upland guide in all these areas, you can be assured of good dog work, top quality habitat, wild birds, and hospitality.

"It is not a matter of taking the game, but how the game is taken."


    Steve Grossman
    Orvis-Endorsed Wingshooting Guide
    Double Gun Bird Hunts
    44357 Red Oak Road
    Staples, MN 56479

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